A deaf genderqueer artist has documented his full transition on YouTube

Chella Man has documented his experiences of transitioning in the hope that other genderqueer and disabled people won;t feel marginalised (Picture: Instagram/MaryV) A deaf, genderqueer artist has documented his entire transition process on his YouTube channel. 19-year-old Chella Man felt isolated due to a lack of deaf, POC genderqueer visibility as he was growing up. But he documented his personal transition in order to help youngsters who identify as genderqueer with a disability. He also wants to tackle dysphoria and help others enduring the hardships he suffered growing up in middle America. Chella Man uses he/his pronouns. Tackling stereotypes of non-binary gender Through his work on Instagram, YouTube and more, Chella Man is offering a first hand education on subjects such as trans visibility, diversity, queer culture and living with a disability. Speaking to i-D, the New Yorker – who also writes a column for new Conde Nast publication them – offered the magazine his notes on beauty. ‘I am Chella Man, a 19-year-old deaf, genderqueer artist currently transitioning on testosterone. ‘I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, basically in the middle of nowhere. The atmosphere there is extremely narrow-minded. ‘To help people understand it, I always tell them Trump […]