Armie Hammer shares video of pre-Oscars chest wax and we love it

It’s Hammer time | Photo: Today Show Armie Hammer may be one of the sexiest men in showbiz, but even he needs a good pre-Oscars ritual to prep for the big day. The Call Me By Your Name actor shared his makeover ahead of the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday (3 March) on Instagram . He shared an image of him getting his hair done and also getting his skin buffered and polished. They tell me this will give me super powers… The next image showed what appears to be him getting his hairy chest deforested. But his sexy video actually showed a practice known as Fascia scrapping. The painful technique is said to go deeper than a massage or roller, hitting the connective tissues around your muscles that may feel tired and strained. ‘This looks painful AF,’ wrote Insecure star Jay Ellis. ‘…Who is seeing your chest at the Oscars?’ The actor replied: ‘Depends how well I play my cards…’ However, poor Armie never made it to the Independent Spirit Awards after all that pampering. He came down with a mysterious bug, meaning he was laid up at home. I may be too sick to be at the […]