US Congress introduces first ever resolution honoring the Stonewall Riots

US Congress introduces first ever resolution honoring the Stonewall Riots

The Stonewall Inn | Photo: yosoynuts/Flickr Senate Democrats introduced a resolution on Wednesday (26 June) honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots . This is the first time Congress has ever formally acknowledged the events that kicked off the modern LGBTI rights movement.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) , the first ever openly gay candidate elected to the Senate, led the resolution’s introduction.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), who’s running for president, also joined Baldwin.

The resolution boasts several other co-sponsors, including presidential hopefuls . Some of them are Sen. Kamala Harris (CA), Sen. Cory Booker (NJ), Sen. Michael Bennet (CO), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

‘Stonewall is a story of those who came before us and let their voices be heard. Those that bravely stood up and spoke out so that others wouldn’t feel compelled to live in silence,’ Baldwin stated in her introduction.

‘When we look back at the Stonewall uprising and activism that grew out of that moment, even the most basic progress seemed like it would take a revolution to achieve. So we had one. And that’s how we’ve made such enormous progress over the last 50 years.’

Gillibrand added: ‘Fifty years after the Stonewall Uprising, we all have a responsibility to keep fighting until we finally secure full equal rights for the LGBTQ community.’ What does the resolution say?

‘During the time around the opening of the Stonewall Inn, many State and local governments, including New York City, criminalized how LGBTQ individuals express their identities and relationships, which resulted in LGBTQ individuals frequently being harassed by law enforcement, including the New York City Police Department (NYPD),’ the resolution states , providing context for the riot.

When the resolution details what happened on the evening of 28 June 1969, it specifically mentions transgender women of color.

‘Brave individuals, particularly transgender women of color, stood up to injustice the night of June 28, 1969,’ it reads. ‘Which sparked an uprising against the NYPD, with confrontations and protests at the Stonewall Inn and the surrounding area lasting until July 3, 1969.’

The resolution describes the event’s impact on the LGBTI community.

It states the Stonewall Riots ’empowered’ LGBTI people to ’emerge from the shadows and come out publicly as they stood up for their community’.

It also acknowledges what has been done leading up to the 50th years, including the NYPD apologizing and artists erecting monuments .

Finally, the document concludes by resolving to mark the anniversary of Stonewall and condemn violence against the LGBTI community.

Tomorrow morning (27 June), Baldwin will deliver a speech commemorating the Stonewall Riots. See also

George Takei recommends a new LGBTI children’s book

George Takei recommends a new LGBTI children's book

George Takei | Instagram @georgetakei George Takei has a new recommendation for all you readers out there, no matter the age: The Soulfire Chronicles .

From author Chaz Harris (of the Promised Land tales ), Soulfire is a new fantasy series aimed at young readers and representing the real diversity of youth around the world.

‘When I was growing up, there were no stories with LGBTQ protagonists going on quests, saving the world, falling in love or living happily ever after,’ Harris wrote on the book’s Kickstarter page, which is a couple thousand dollars away from its goal.

‘Those are the kind of stories I desperately needed in the 1990s, and two decades later they’re still sorely lacking on bookshelves for young readers now.’ A ringing endorsement from George Takei

Openly gay actor Takei posted about the book on Facebook.

‘Representation matters and queer kids need heroes, too,’ he wrote.

‘The author of this new fantasy novel is giving young readers the kind of heroes many of us needed when we were growing up. The Soulfire Chronicles seems destined to become a classic.’ What is Soulfire about?

‘On the eve of George Grimes’s thirteenth birthday, a man with a forked beard and a crooked nose clambers out of the Grandfather clock in the upstairs hallway. The man claims to be from Mythika – a world that George thought only existed in his Grandad’s tall tales,’ the synopsis begins on Kickstater.

The story’s antagonist is Lord Helwrath, ‘once a boy who lost his imagination’, and who now murders artists.

When George enters the world of Mythika, he joins with a group of artists to stop the evil Lord Helwrath.

Harris said it was always his intention to put artists front and center.

‘In bringing the world of Mythika to life, I wanted to create a fantasy world and a magic system based on creativity itself,’ he explained. ‘I wanted to highlight the importance of artists and creativity for young people, and their role in keeping imagination alive. I also wanted to explore why it could be dangerous thing to lose.’

The Kickstarter ends on Friday, with the book expected to be published in October. See also

Children deserve more LGBTI stories – like Maiden and Princess, a new lesbian fairy tale

Gay couple spat on, clawed and violently attacked in Essex pub

Gay couple spat on, clawed and violently attacked in Essex pub

Marcus Rilet (top left) and his partner, Nate Taylor were left bruised and beaten after a brawl in a pub in Essex, Southeast England | Pictures: Facebook A gay couple suffered a torrent of homophobic insults before being spat on, clawed and physically attacked in an unprovoked attack in Essex in southeast England .

Marcus Taylor and his partner , Nate Harlan, were drinking with friends in the beer garden of the Purple Dog, Colchester, on 22 June when a man began abusing them.

The couple took to social media to share what happened to them, but Facebook later removed it due to a user reporting it. What happened?

According to Taylor , who posted his account of what happened on Facebook, a man approached him and his partner and began calling them ‘queers,’ ‘poofs,’ and ‘snowflakes.’

However, the incident spilt into violence when someone threw a pint of beer over them and a second man as well as a woman joined in.

The pair then clawed and kicked Taylor, while Harlan suffered a suspected fractured wrist. ‘She clawed at my neck and ripped my top off ‘

Taylor, a project manager aged 33, said: ‘They were going for about ten minutes when the woman spat – that’s when it got violent.

‘She clawed at my neck and ripped my top off and snapped off my watch.

‘One of the men then grabbed hold of me and pushed me against the fence. I fell down and I was pushed between two picnic tables and forced down and kicked.

‘The other male was hitting my partner.’

He added: ‘Can you image if it was someone less able to defend themselves?

‘It shouldn’t be happening in this day and age.’

Staff escorted the trio out of the pub premises. An Essex police officer arrived to take details of the attack which left pub punters appalled. But it was also an incident which left the pair shaken , They documented their injuries on Facebook and went to hospital. However, to Taylor’s disbelief, a user reported the post which site moderators quickly removed.

Gay Star News contacted Facebook for comment.

Friends and family of Taylor and Harlan rallied on the post to show their support of the pair.

However, according to Taylor and police, someone working at the hospital where the pair were being treated saw the post and alleged they saw the female attacker.

They had seen the woman arrive into A&A with injuries. As a result, Marcus rung the blue light authorities. But the suspect had left by the time officers arrived to the scene. Essex Police respond

An Essex Police spokesman said: ‘We were called with reports two people had been assaulted and subjected to homophobic abuse on Saturday at 8.40pm.

‘Our nearest officer, a PCSO who was patrolling nearby, attended the scene shortly after the assault being reported.

‘The suspects had left the scene. Further PCSOs were deployed to help with enquiries.

‘We received a call at 5pm on Monday with reports one of the people involved had been seen at Colchester Hospital.

‘We attended the hospital a short time later, but the suspect had left.’

Furthermore, LGBTI hate crimes are soaring in the UK as a specter of statistics haunts the nation.

A group of men assaulted two queer women on a London bus as they came home from a date. The crimes bubbling in a nation deeply divided by its withdrawal from the EU.

Also, analysis by the Guardian found LGBTI hate crimes across England and Wales rose by 144% . See also

Willow Smith: ‘I love men and women equally’

Willow Smith: 'I love men and women equally'

Willow Smith | Photo: Facebook Willow Smith has came out to her mother and grandmother on camera, saying ‘I love men and women equally.’

The star discusses her sexuality on an episode of Facebook web series Red Table Talk.

Willow is the daughter of movie stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Joining Willow and Jada at the talk was Jada’s mother, Adrienne. ‘Personally, male and female, that’s all I need’

The trio were discussing polyamory and ‘unconventional relationships’. Speaking on the latest episode which aired last night, Willow explained to her relatives: ‘Personally, male and female, that’s all I need.’

Jada responded: ‘Well, there it is… I think my stomach just [jumped].’

She furthermore added: ‘Listen, you know me Willow, whatever makes you happy.’ ‘Monogamy, I feel, actually inhibits you’

Speaking about polyamory, 18-year-old Willow added: ‘This is the scariest thought that people shy away from. The feeling the person you love is falling in love with somebody else. That insecurity and fear just eats us alive.’

She furthermore continued: ‘But insecurity and fear is something we need to overcome and evolve out of. And transmute that into something new, helpful and help us love more freely. ‘Monogamy, I feel, actually inhibits you from learning those skills of evolving past those feelings of insecurity and jealousy.’

As well as lending her voice to shows like Neo Yokio, Willow is known for the hit single Whip My Hair. See also

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Meet the 41 out gay and bi soccer stars in the Women’s World Cup 2019

Meet the 41 out gay and bi soccer stars in the Women's World Cup 2019

Madrid’s right-wing government accused of censoring Pride Ali Krieger is a soccer star on the US team | Photo: Instagram It is still a hostile world to be a LGBTI athlete.

Thankfully, the Women’s World Cup is here to show that you can be both LGBTI and excellent in your sport.

This year, there are at least 41 openly gay or bisexual women in the World Cup in France this year.

While the game may appear more welcoming, there are undoubtedly soccer stars that don’t feel able to come out – with valid reasons.

Some may be from homophobic countries like Cameroon and are concerned for their safety. Others may be concerned about sponsorship.

But let’s celebrate these women who are inspiring others around the globe: Lorena Benítez (Argentina)

Lorena Benítez and her partner, who recently gave birth to twins | Photo: Instagram

Even at age 20, Lorena Benítez is considered one of the most outstanding football players in the world. She made her senior debut as part of the Argentina squad in just March this year.

On 6 May, shortly before the tournament began, her wife gave birth to twins. Sam Kerr (Australia)

Sam Kerr, 25, is the captain of the Matildas (Australian national side).

She is the only ever Australian to score a hat trick at a World Cup when she scored four times against Jamaica in the group stages of the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

After a thrilling defeat against Brazil in the previous game, Kerr famously told her ‘haters’ to go and ‘suck on that one ’.

Kerr is in a relationship with her Perth Glory and Chicago Red Stars teammate Nikki Stanton. Chloe Logarzo (Australia)

The talented 24-year-old plays midfield for Sydney FC and is currently on loan to Washington Spirit.

Logarzo once told the Lifted Brow she was not worried about revealing her sexuality because, ‘if it was going to tarnish my image then it’s not the image I want because I’m not telling the truth’.

She has been in a relationship with US softballer Jasmine Peters since 2017. Tegan Micah (Australia)

Tegan Micah, 21, is a goalkeeper for the Matildas and the UCLA Bruins in the United States’ National Collegiate Athletics Association.

She said playing for the national side has been a lifelong dream.

‘I was completely surprised and it was definitely the best moment of my life. It was also such a relief knowing that all the sacrifices that I have made have been worth it,’ she told the LA Times. Tameka Yallop (Australia)

Tameka Yallop (neé Butt) married her Klepp IL teammate, Kirsty Yallop, in New Zealand earlier this year after a double proposal in 2017.

Yallop has played for the Matildas since 2007, but has also played professionally in Australia, the US, Japan, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Kadeisha Buchanan (Canada)

At the last Women’s World Cup in 2015, Kadeisha won the Young Player World proving herself as one of the best defenders.

Kadeisha played college soccer at West Virginia University, where she co-captained the team, and won numerous awards. She then went onto three different smaller teams before ending up at Olympique Lyonnais.

She was also called up to the Canadian national team when she was still in high school.

Kadeisha is currently dating a track and field star. Stephanie Labbé (Canada)

A men’s team was so desperate for goalkeeper Stephanie Labbé to play for them, but sadly she couldn’t because of her gender. In response, she filed suit against the team.

In 2009, she was scouted by Swedish team Piteå IF – playing for the highest league in women’s football.

With the rest of the team, she won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics.

She recently moved in together with Georgia Simmerling, an Olympic cyclist. Rebecca Quinn (Canada)

Duke University coach called Rebecca Quinn the ‘best player [he’s] coached in 17 years’.

She’s dating girlfriend Jill, who she met while studying in North Carolina. Kailen Sheridan (Canada)

Goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan also plays for Sky Blue, a team in New Jersey.

She made her debut to the national team in 2016. Fernanda Pinilla (Chile)

25-year-old Fernanda Pinilla plays as a defender for Spanish club Córdoba CF, as well as the Chile women’s national team.

She also has a degree in Physics from the University of Chile.

Pinilla publicly came out as a lesbian last year via social media and said it’s getting better in Chile for LGBTI rights but the country still has a long way to go.

On living life as an openly lesbian soccer player in Chile, Pinilla said in an interview this year: ‘Many parents do not let their daughters play soccer because they say it’s an environment in which there are many lesbians. They see homosexuality as a danger.’ Beth Mead (England)

Forward Beth Mead has represented England at every age level from under-15.

She started her football career aged 10.

During her final year of University, she agreed to work as a barmaid in her local pub during the off-season. This was because the owners had previously provided her with sponsorship funding.

She is in a relationship with Dutch player Daniëlle van de Donk. Jodie Taylor (England)

Striker Jodie Taylor is currently on loan to Melbourne City.

In the 2017 Euros, she won the Golden Boot award for her five goals.

She is married to New Zealand player Emma Kete. Karen Bardsley (England)

Born in California, Karen Bardsley became Manchester City’s goalkeeper in 2013.

She is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Sports Directorship at Manchester Metropolitan University. Lucy Staniforth (England) Born into a footballing family, Lucy Staniforth plays as a midfielder for Birmingham City as well as the national team.Former England coach Mark Sampson called her ‘one of the best young players in Europe’. Rachel Daly (England) While playing at St John’s University in New York, in just three years Rachel Daly set the school’s career records for both goals (50) and points (111).She is dating fellow Houston Dash player Kristie Mewis. Manuela Giugliano (Italy) Manuela Giugliano as part of a Nike campaign | Photo: Instagram21-year-old Manuela Giugliano is a midfielder for A.C. Milan in Italy’s women’s Serie AGiugliano made her senior debut in a 2–1 win against Ukraine in October 2014. This is Giugliano’s first time competing in an international tournament as a senior player.Last February, she shared a sweet shot with girlfriend Ambra Capotosto on her Instagram.‘I’ve chosen you. And I will continue to choose you, again and again,’ Giugliano said. Anouk Dekker (Netherlands) Anouk Dekker plays as midfielder/forward for HSC Montpellier.The 32-year-old was on the Dutch team when they won the European title in 2017.Dekker is reportedly dating American professional footballer Genessee Daughetee. The two have been teammates at HSC Montpellier for two seasons. Vivianne Miedema (Netherlands) Vivianne Miedema is dating a Scottish football star | Photo: InstagramMiedema plays for English WSL club Arsenal.During this year’s Women’s World Cup, Miedema has become Netherlands’ all-time record international goalscorer at the age of 22. She also has a European title under her belt.In an adorable video where she answers questions posed by children, Miedema revealed she is in a relationship with Scottish footballer Lisa Evans, with whom she shares a passion for Harry Potter.The two play together for Arsenal and won the Women’s Super League in 2018-19. Sherida Spitse (Netherlands) Sherida Spitse is currently playing for Vålerenga Fotball in the Norwegian Toppserien.She was part of the Dutch winning team of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 and played in all matches.The midfielder is in a relationship with Jolien van der Tuin. The two welcomed baby Jens in 2017. Merel Van Dongen (Netherlands) Merel Van Dongen plays as a midfielder for Spanish club Real Betis.She made her senior Netherlands women’s national football team debut in 2015 against Thailand.Van Donger is currently dating Real Betis teammate Ana Romero, known as Willy. Daniëlle van de Donk (Netherlands) Daniëlle van de Donk is a midfielder for English club Arsenal.Van De Donk was selected as part of the Dutch squad for the 2017 UEFA Women’s Championship to be held at home in the Netherlands where the team ended up winning the first place.She is in a relationship with Arsenal teammate Beth Mead. Hannah Wilkinson (New Zealand) 27-year-old Hannah Wilkinson plays as a striker for Swedish soccer club Vittsjö GIK.After a serious knee injury in August 2015, she took some time off playing to recover, but came back fighting fit.Hannah is an ambassador for LGBTI advocacy group, Out For The Win.She is currently dating Swedish footballer Clara Markstedt, who also plays for Vittsjö GIK. Emma Kete (New Zealand) 31-year-old Emma Kete most recently played as a centre forward for Canberra United.She is also married to English soccer star Jodie Taylor.In a sweet Instagram photo last month, Emma wrote: ‘Same dream, different team. I get to play at a World Cup with my wife.’ Katie Duncan (New Zealand) Duncan (née Hoyle) plays as a midfielder for Onehunga Sports in Auckland, as well as represented New Zealand three times in the Olympics.She also has a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Auckland.Katie married fellow New Zealand footballer Priscilla Duncan in 2015. Earlier this year, they also announced they were having a baby, due in July. Isabell Herlovsen (Norway) Midfielder and striker Isabell Herlovsen plays for Norwegian club Kolbotn after moving home from China where she played for Jiangsu Suning.She’s the daughter of former footballer Kai Erik Herlovsen and became the youngest goal-scorer in the UEFA Women’s Euro in 2005.She also came out publicly as a lesbian in 2011 after being out in her private life. Shannon Lynn (Scotland) Goalie Shannon Lynn has been capped 30 times for Scotland since making her international debut in 2010.She won the Scottish Players’ Player of the Year award in 2011. She previously played with Scottish Club Hibernian, English team Chelsea Ladies, and American clubs Fort Wayne Fever and F.C. Indiana.Lynn currently plays for Swedish team Vittsjö GIK, alongside her partner, Sandra Adolfsson (who just missed out on playing for this year’s Swedish national team). The couple also became engaged in 2015. Nicola Docherty (Scotland) Alongside her international career, defender Nicola Docherty plays for Glasgow City in the Scottish Women’s Premier League.She was awarded the Scottish Building Society SWPL 1 Player of the Year award in November 2018.Docherty also works as a dementia carer for the elderly in Falkirk; she commutes to work almost every day from her home, 26-miles away, in Edinburgh.Docherty is in a relationship with her partner, Stephanie, who is a train driver for Scottish transport firm, ScotRail. Janine van Wyk (South Africa) Janine van Wyk, who is a defender, is the most capped South African football player of any gender.Also the captain of the national team (which exited the Women’s World Cup on 17 June after losing a game to Germany 0-4), she […]

Lego is hosting the world’s smallest Pride parade to celebrate Stonewall 50

Lego is hosting the world's smallest Pride parade to celebrate Stonewall 50

Lego is going small to celebrate Stonewall | Photo: Lego Lego is hosting the world’s smallest Pride parade this year.

The parade at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester, New York, was created for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

It all takes place in MINILAND, the creation of parts of New York City.

There are two floats: Pride and Love is Love.

There is also an oversized Stonewall 50 billboard. Look out for the many cute outfits that the Lego people wear in the recreation of Times Square.

The display took 25 hours to conceptualize, sketch, virtually build and construct.

The Stonewall 50 mosaic is comprised of 750 Lego bricks — the same amount used for the entire parade below it.

Marketing executive Nicholas Hurst said MINILAND was the ‘perfect place’ to reflect on Stonewall.

‘Playing is a universal way for every child and family to connect,’ Hurst said. ‘LEGOLAND Discovery Center really makes sure all kids can come and not have any kind of stigma or judgement, and just be there to have a great time with their family and friends.’

Master model builder Willis Reifsnyder compared LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s commitment to diversity to the building of the installation itself.

‘There are approximately 60,000 different Lego elements in different shapes, in different sizes and colors,’ Reifsnyder said. ‘Each one’s unique, is important and serves a purpose… to create such vibrant art.’ Will Lego get a permanent LGBTI set?

Recently, an amateur LEGO designer has proposed a Will & Grace version of the iconic toy set.

The idea, currently available to support on the LEGO Ideas website , was submitted by Australian Mark Fitzpatrick under the username SeeMarkGeek.

Fitzpatrick previously submitted the idea for a RuPaul’s Drag Race set in 2017. However, the idea failed to get picked up for production.

The toy company requires 10,000 online signatures in order for the Fitzpatrick’s latest idea to be considered for production.

20 Democrats are debating this week – here are their stances on LGBTI issues

20 Democrats are debating this week - here are their stances on LGBTI issues

Madrid’s right-wing government accused of censoring Pride Two Democrats running, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg | Photo: Wikimedia Twenty Democrats are heading for the debate stage this week, spread across two separate nights. Before watching the numerous candidates put forth their various policies, find out where they stand on LGBTI issues .

The current Democratic field for the 2020 Presidential Election is crowded — there are 25 official candidates running so far.

While there are consistent frontrunners in the polls , it is still largely anyone’s game. This week’s debates, however, the first of the Democratic primaries, will likely help narrow the field for voters. Beyond the fact that only 20 candidates qualified, for some voters, this will be a first-time look at candidates directly discussing a wide range of topics.

The debates, taking place in Miami, will air tonight (26 June) and tomorrow (27 June) on NBC.

Candidates qualified one of two ways. They either — or both — received at least 1% support in three polls from an approved pollster list and received campaign contributions from 65,000 unique donors, including 200 each from 20 separate states. First debate night’s Democrats

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)

Most recent HRC Score: 100

What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: N/A

Warren has a long history of supporting LGBTI rights.

She supported the repeal of both the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT). She also co-sponsored the Student Non-Discrimination Act. Last year, she co-signed a letter of 19 senators to Trump demanding LGBTI health information remain on federal websites.

In 2015, she joined over 80 other members of Congress in a letter to the Food and Drug Administration. The letter asked for them to lift the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood.

Warren wrote a book, A Fighting Chance, and detailed an exchange she had with a father of a transgender child. She had given a speech on fighting for children’s futures and the father asked her if that included transgender kids, to which she responded: ‘We build a future for all our children. And that means transgender children. ALL our children — no exceptions.’

Like other candidates, she’s apologized for past comments about not supporting gender confirmation surgery.

Most recently, she proposed reparations for same-sex couples and celebrated Pride . Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (TX)

Most recent HRC Score: 100

What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: Has an entire page, outlining a plan dedicated to LGBTI equality, which includes using executive action to protect LGBTI people.

Not many people knew O’Rourke’s name outside of El Paso, Texas before 2018. Then he burst onto the scene with his run for US Senate. Though incumbent Ted Cruz narrowly beat him, O’Rourke still emerged as a new, progressive hero for the Democratic Party, supported by the likes of Beyoncé.

Though O’Rourke supports LGBTI rights, he does not have the extensive record of some other candidates. However, the Human Rights Campaign endorsed O’Rourke’s senate campaign and also previously gave him a perfect score of 100 while he served in the US House of Representatives.

During his time in the House, he advocated for women’s rights and also supported pro-LGBTI legislation. In 2013, he co-sponsored the Student Non-Discrimination Act, prohibiting schools from discriminating on the basis of (perceived) sexual orientation or gender identity.

While running for Senate, O’Rourke was also vocally critical of anti-LGBTI judicial nominees from Donald Trump, such as Kyle Duncan .

O’Rourke is the only candidate who has published a plan for addressing LGBTI rights and equality if elected president. Sen. Cory Booker (NJ)

Most recent HRC Score: 100

What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: ‘Cory is leading the fight for equal justice for all Americans. He is an original co-sponsor of the Equality Act to protect the rights of LGBTQ Americans.’

Cory Booker has been a longtime LGBTI ally throughout his political career — and has been transparent about his evolving feelings towards the LGBTI community.

In 1992, he penned an op-ed for The Stanford Daily in which he did not cushion his past feelings towards gay people.

‘Allow me to be more direct, escaping the euphemisms of my past – I hated gays. The disgust and latent hostility I felt toward gays were subcategories of hatred, plain and simple,’ he wrote.

He also revealed in the same article that in listening to a gay counselor at Stanford explain the discrimination and violence LGBTI people face, he understood the similarities between black and gay people, both coming from marginalized communities.

When same-sex marriage became legal in New Jersey in 2013, he officiated several marriages after midnight. Before this, he refused to officiate any weddings as a way of ‘protesting the painful reality that I could not marry all citizens equally’.

As a senator, he’s supported legislation like the Employment Non-Discrimination and Equality Acts. He has also been tough on various Trump nominees regarding LGBTI topics.

Recently, he celebrated Pride in Iowa and remembered Pulse . Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary J ulián Castro

Most recent HRC Score: N/A

What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: N/A

Castro, whose twin brother is a Congressman, supports LGBTI rights. A decade ago, he was the Grand Marshal in San Antonio’s Pride parade. In 2011, while he was mayor of the city, he supported an effort to extend domestic partner benefits to couples.

Another action he took as mayor was signing the 2012 petition, Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.

When Trump first announced his transgender military ban, he tweeted his support to trans service members. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI)

Tulsi Gabbard, speaking at the National Guard Association of the United States conference | Photo: Wikimedia/Staff Sgt. Ryan Sheldon Most recent HRC Score: 100

What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: N/A

Despite a perfect score from HRC, Gabbard’s start to her presidential campaign was rocky due to criticism of past homophobic comments . These included calling the LGBTI community and activists ‘homosexual extremists’. She also worked with her father’s anti-LGBTI organization The Alliance for Traditional Marriage, which endorsed conversion therapy.

She spent a majority of the start of her campaign apologizing for these comments and actions.

At the start of her political career, she continued to express anti-LGBTI stances. In 2004, she opposed a bill allowing civil unions for same-sex couples in Hawaii.

More recently, she indicated she supports same-sex marriage and also co-sponsored the Equality Act . Washington Gov. Jay Inslee

Most recent HRC Score: 100

What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: ‘End harassment of, discrimination against, and denial of LGBTQ immigrants.’

Inslee comes from a state largely considered one of the most liberal in the country. Washington is also known for its progressive stances on LGBTI rights.

Inslee has maintained these progressive stances throughout his political career. When first running as a gubernatorial candidate in Washington in 2011, he publicly supported same-sex marriage. This was four years before the US achieved marriage equality nationwide.

Two years later, in 2013 when he was elected governor, he said marriage equality ‘represents the best of who we are as a state’.Most recently in 2018, Inslee signed legislation as governor protecting LGBTI youth in the state from conversion therapy.His campaign is focused on two main issues: climate change and immigration. His immigration plan includes policies specifically for LGBTI immigrants. He also recently remembered the Pulse shooting . Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN) Most recent HRC Score: 100 What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: N/A Klobuchar is a midwestern politician who supports LGBTI rights, though is not as liberally progressive as other announced candidates.She has supported numerous pieces of pro-LGBTI legislation, including both employment and student non-discrimination acts. She supported the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and supports same-sex marriage, first as a states issue and then nationally.Regarding LGBTI discrimination in places of public accommodation, she called it ‘bad for business’ and said it hurts the economy. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Most recent HRC Score: N/A What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: N/A De Blasio’s entire political career, starting in 2002, has remained in New York City. He started as a city council member and has been Mayor of New York City since 2014.While on the city council for the 39th district, De Blasio passed several pro-LGBTI laws. He passed the Gender-Based Discrimination Protection Law, protecting trans people, and the Domestic Partnership Recognition Law, giving same-sex couples the same benefits as heterosexual couples.He also published an LGBTI healthcare bill of rights and signed bills allowing transgender and nonbinary people new identification cards and birth certificates.Some LGBTI New Yorkers, however, have criticized him for not doing enough about police harassment and discrimination.He celebrated Pride in South Carolina this year. Former Rep. John Delaney (MD) Most recent HRC Score: 100 What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: ‘We have made tremendous progress in recent years, but the fight for full civil rights for all LGBTQ Americans isn’t over,’ on a page dedicated to LGBTI issues. Throughout his political career, Delaney has voted on numerous measures for LGBTI rights.In 2012, he indicated on a survey that he supports same-sex marriage. One year later, his first year as a member of the House of Representatives, he co-sponsored the Student Non-Discrimination Act. This act prohibits discrimination and the exclusions of students from school activities based on their perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity.Since 2017, he has also served as a member of the LGBT Equality Caucus.When he received a 100 score from the Human Rights Campaign, he responded : ‘I am honored to receive a perfect 100… No one should be discriminated against because of who they are or who they love.’During his campaign, he’s spoken about making schools safer for LGBTI students. Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) Most recent HRC Score: 100 What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: N/A ‘Our country has been divided for a long time,’ Ryan said on The View when he announced his candidacy. ‘The first thing we have to do is unify.’While his announcement to run has focused on blue-collar workers, his record shows an increasingly progressive stance on LGBTI rights. Previously, HRC gave him a 63%, indicating a mixed record on LGBTI rights.Since then, however, he has changed his position, now earning a full 100%.In Congress he’s signed numerous pro-LGBTI bills, including the Student and Employment Non-Discrimination Acts. He also voted no on constitutionally defining marriage as between a man and a woman.He also previously expressed a pro-life stance on abortion, but has since stated it is a woman’s choice. Second debate night’s Democrats Former Vice President Joe Biden Most recent HRC Score: 95 What their campaign website says about LGBTI rights: N/A Joe Biden is one of the most seasoned and widely known Democrats running for President, after he announced […]

Megan Rapinoe says she’s ‘not going to the f***ing White House’ and Trump isn’t happy

Megan Rapinoe says she's 'not going to the f***ing White House' and Trump isn't happy

Madrid’s right-wing government accused of censoring Pride Megan Rapinoe on the field in France with a teammate | Photo: Facebook/Megan Rapinoe It’s a tradition for the President of the United States to invite athletes to the White House . Whether it’s the Olympics, the winning team of the World Series or Super Bowl, or, like right now, the FIFA Women’s World Cup .

Not every player on the US Women’s National Soccer Team , however, would accept such an invite.

Megan Rapinoe , a midfielder and winger for the team, as well as one of the co-captains, declined in no uncertain terms even a hypothetical invite.

While speaking to Eight by Eight magazine, she stated incredulously: ‘I’m not going to the fucking White House.’ “I’m not going to the fucking White House.” – @mPinoe — Eight by Eight (@8by8mag) June 25, 2019 Rapinoe, who’s openly gay, added she ‘doubts’ Trump will invite the team at all.

The team is currently in France for the eighth annual tournament. After a 2-1 win over Spain in the Round of 16 earlier this week, the US takes on the host team on Friday (28 June) in the quarterfinals.

In the print version of the interview, Rapinoe expanded her thoughts.

‘[Trump] tries to avoid inviting a team that might decline,’ she said. ‘Or, like he did when the [NBA’s Golden State] Warriors turned him down , he’ll claim they hadn’t been invited in the first place.’

Similarly, Trump also canceled a visit by the NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles following their Super Bowl win last year when most players declined to attend.

During last year’s Winter Olympics, gay figure skater Adam Rippon said he wouldn’t go because he wouldn’t be welcome. Trump is upset by the White House decline

In response to Rapinoe’s comments, Trump angrily tweeted.

He stated ‘other than the NBA… owners, leagues and teams love coming to the White House.’ He also implored the owners of teams to tout his ‘accomplishments’ as President.

‘I am a big fan of the American Team, and Women’s Soccer, but Megan should WIN first before she TALKS! Finish the job!’

Then he took it upon himself to invite the team, ‘win or lose’.

‘Megan should never disrespect our Country, the White House, or our Flag, especially since so much has been done for her & the team.’

Trump’s comments likely also have to do with Rapinoe’s decision not to sing or place her hand on her heart during the national anthem at the World Cup.

He previously said he does not think the protest is ‘appropriate’ .

In 2016, Rapinoe became the first prominent white and female anthem to kneel during the anthem at games. She did it in solidarity with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who originally began kneeling as a protest of police brutality towards black people.

Trump’s comments about ‘so much’ being done for the women’s soccer team also seems to disregared their ongoing legal battle over equal pay.

He previously stated he hasn’t taken a stance on that issue, but he believes it comes to economics and who brings in more money. Over the past three years, US women’s games have generated more money than US men’s games. See also

The Killer Crooner And The Death Of A Thrill-Killer: LGBT True Crime Of The Past

The Killer Crooner And The Death Of A Thrill-Killer: LGBT True Crime Of The Past

Kenneth Neu, condemned killer, sang in his jail cell and told reporters he had "never felt better." Photo: AP

In September 1933, two men were murdered, 1,300 miles apart: Lawrence Shead, 35, a movie theatre manager, was found in his New Jersey apartment with his head beaten in by an electric iron; in New Orleans, days later, businessman Sheffield Clark, 67, was found in a hotel room, propped up in his underwear, beaten and strangled to death.

The perpetrator in both cases? Kenneth Neu. As explained in James Polchin’s new book, “ Indecent Advances: A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall ,” Neu, 26, was described by witnesses as dark-complexioned, with “movie-star good looks.” He was a singer, with Broadway-sized dreams, adrift on the East Coast.

His victims were both likely closeted homosexuals. When Neu was picked up by police near the Holland Tunnel, roughly a week after the discovery of Clark’s body, he had blood on his clothes. According to a contemporaneous New York Times article, when an officer asked about the blood, Neu smiling, promised him “a sensation,” if he were allowed to wash up.

He made good, and confessed to both slayings without blinking an eye or breaking his smile.

And, according to Polchin, Neu had good reason to maintain his calm demeanor, given his planned defense — and the times he was living in.

Neu was indicted in New Jersey for killing Shead, but police there, according to Polchin, “admitted a strong case of self-defense could be offered,” because of Shead’s sexuality. Neu claimed that the man 10 years his senior had tried to ply him with strong drinks, with “ulterior motives” — Shead “threw his arms around [Neu’s] waist,” and a fight ensued, which ended with Shead’s head stove in with the iron.

The killer crooner claimed to have been “terribly frightened,” and left the apartment in a daze, with Shead’s belongings; Neu would later wear one of Shead’s suits when he arrived under extradition in New Orleans to face trial for Clark’s murder.

According to Polchin, at his Dec. 13, 1933, trial, Neu wore Shead’s suit again, along with shoes that belonged to Clark. Onlookers flooded the Orleans Parish courthouse. Neu’s eerily calm — even cheerful — confession to both murders left only one question for the jury to decide: Was Neu sane at the time he killed both older, gay men?

The question was salient at a time when authorities and the press were conflating homosexuals with sex criminals.

“The idea was really taking hold,” Polchin told . “Local municipalities were creating their own sex-crime laws and the FBI was taking an interest in creating files on homosexual men. All homosexual men got wrapped up into this panic.”

Homosexuality itself was considered a menace close-to-par with someone like Neu, the killer crooner.

Ironically, Neu’s defense that he was resisting his victims’ advances — his defense attorney also argued that he had been “mentally abnormal all his life” — may have been the thing that sent him to the gallows. But not for the reason you might think.

“Killing another man who comes on to you, proved, [in the prosecutor’s words], ‘beyond doubt that Neu was a normal person,’” Polchin said.

After the guilty verdict was read, Neu asked that photographers shoot him smiling and, on his way out of the courtroom, sang a popular waltz ballad, according to Polchin.

“It was a disturbing moment in a disturbing case, in which the killing of a man because of his flirtation with another man was evidence of the killer’s sanity,” Polchin told

Death of a Thrill-Killer

One of the early 20 th century’s most notorious murders, the killing of 14-year-old Bobby Franks by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb in 1924, returned to the headlines more than 10 years later, when Loeb was slashed to death in the prison shower.

He, as well as Leopold, was serving a life-plus-99-years sentence for kidnapping and murdering Franks in what was apparently a “thrill kill.” The highly intelligent, aristocratic young men had a fascination with true crime, and decided to create “the perfect crime,” which would never be solved. American murderers Nathan Leopold (left) and Richard Loeb with state’s attorney Robert E. Crowe during the investigation into the kidnap and murder of 14-year-old Robert Franks, June 1924. Alfred Hitchcock based his popular 1948 thriller “Rope” on a contemporaneous play about the murder. Hitchcock’s film was coy, dealing only in hints at the fact that Leopold and Loeb were lovers; the press similarly skirted around the sordid edges of the story in 1924.

However, when James Day went to trial in 1936 for killing Loeb, the victim’s sexuality was front-and-center in the courtroom and in press reports. Reporters breathlessly painted pictures of “nude combatants engaged in a razor battle,” in detailing the 56 slashes that took Loeb’s life.

Day insisted that Loeb had the razor first, and came onto him in the shower — “He brought it on himself,” he told the court. Meanwhile, a newspaper declared that Loeb’s death came about because of Loeb’s “persistence in pursuing [him] over a long period with improper advances.” Another paper called them “indecent advances.”

“They were much more direct about describing him as a sexual pervert, to try to situate that crime within changing ideas about homosexuality as a criminal threat in the 1930s,” Polchin said. “The murder really gave the press the opportunity to recall the sensational crime and reinforce Loeb as a traumatizing force in society.” A phrenology diagram of Richard Loeb, one of the slayers of Robert Franks in Chicago. A prison doctor bolstered Day’s defense, according to Polchin, when he concluded that Day was suffering from a “panic reaction,” and reassured the court that Day was “sexually normal.”

Day was found not guilty and, according to Polchin, the courtroom erupted in applause when the verdict was read.

“I’m tickled to death,” Day was reported to have said. “I’ve known all along that I did what any other normal man might have done under the same conditions.”

‘Gay Panic’ Today

The “gay panic” defense did not die off in U.S. courts after Stonewall, or even into the 2010s, as sexualities and gender identities became widely accepted in mainstream society, however, according to Polchin.

“Straight panic is still a legal defense in most states,” he said.

According to a 2016 analysis by the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, such defenses have been documented in court opinions in about half of the states , although the defenses are not enshrined in penal codes.

“The gay and trans panic defenses are rooted in irrational fears based on homophobia and transphobia, and send the wrong message that violence against LGBT people is acceptable,” the study’s authors wrote.

The act of gay sex itself also remains a misdemeanor, punishable by a $500 fine, in Texas, according to the Texas Observer .

And, the LGBT Bar Association says that the defenses have been used successfully as recently as 2018 to mitigate murder charges down to criminally negligent homicide. Even if juries are told not to listen to the “panic” defenses, the “implicit homophobic bias of hearing the defense at all can still influence the jury’s decision,” according to the association. “For example, in cases where perpetrators are not acquitted as a result of a gay and trans ‘panic’ defense, the jury may still deadlock because it is unable to shake the inherent homophobia of the defense.”

This Pride Month marks 50 years since the Stonewall uprising. While it’s a time for celebration, some of the more grisly and shocking stories in Polchin’s book — as well as laws still on the book in the U.S. — are reminders that progress remains to be made.

“I don’t think we have forgotten, but we certainly have lost a sense of how acute the idea of queer criminality was in the decades before Stonewall,” Polchin said. “We have not escaped ideas of queer people as dangerous or threatening to society, even after achieving certain political and legal gains in the last 50 years. Queer people continue to experience the effects of this history, such as in housing and workplace discrimination, as victims of violent attacks and in the forcing of adults and children into the harsh practices of conversion therapy.”

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Despite LGBT Activists ‘Forcing’ Their Agenda on Americans, Young Adults Growing More Conservative on Sexuality

Despite LGBT Activists 'Forcing' Their Agenda on Americans, Young Adults Growing More Conservative on Sexuality

The push to normalize the LGBT agenda has been making headlines across the country for years, and it seems young people are the main target.

CBN News has been following the ongoing push to normalize LGBT ideology, week after week.

For example, a popular online homeschooling resource has been quietly promoting the LGBT lifestyle to children.

Some of Khan Academy’s free instructional curriculum is interwoven with a politically correct view of homosexuality, according to LifeSiteNews.

And over the past year there’s been a sudden spike in drag queens reading to small children in public schools, libraries, and even churches.

Another example involves indoctrination through children’s TV shows, like the ninth and final season of the animated series "My Little Pony" on the Discovery Family Channel, which features a lesbian couple.

That’s just the latest children’s program to target kids with the LGBTQ agenda. Last month, The PBS animated series "Arthur" featured a gay wedding, and "Doc McStuffins" featured a gay storyline two years ago.

With all of that in mind, it might surprise many that young adults are actually growing more conservative on the LGBT issue.

A new poll reveals that millennials appear to be more traditional on the subject.

The survey, conducted by the Harris Poll for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) among 1,754 non-LGBTQ American adults, found that 33 percent of Americans ages 18-34 say they would be uncomfortable having their child placed in a class with an LGBTQ teacher.

That’s an increase from 29 percent among that age group three years ago, and 25 percent in 2016.

Another 39 percent of young adults 18-34 say they would be uncomfortable learning their child had a lesson on LGBTQ history in school.

In fact, 39 percent of all adults say they would not want their child having LGBTQ history lessons, up from 31 percent in 2017.

Now LGBTQ activists are planning to double down on their efforts. "This year’s results demonstrate an urgent need for GLAAD to reach younger Americans with stories and campaigns that build acceptance," said GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis.

But Glenn T. Stanton, director of global family formation studies at Focus on the Family, says that might not work. In an interview with Christian Headlines, he said the data might be the result of a backlash.

"This year’s numbers actually show a continuation of what could be a trend," said Stanton. "I think it has to do with the fact that the gay movement continues to over-play its hand and that will certainly continue. Rather than simply being ‘live and let live,’ they are forcing Americans to embrace their politics, and often with overwhelming muscle and the life-crushing public accusations of a person’s so-called ‘bigotry’ and ‘hatefulness’ if they dare disagree."

Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy, is outraged about the increasing pressure to normalize identity disorders and she’s pushing back.

"’Gender Insanity’ is a term I coined which I believe is very fitting to describe a revolutionary and subversive movement to normalize gender confusion, sexual deviancy, erase gender distinctions and really bully any Christian or free thinker who is not willing to conform to this new gender paradigm," Johnston explained on a recent edition of CBN News’ Prayerlink.

Johnston encourages Christians to not be afraid to speak up for what they believe.

"Don’t be bullied into silence and compliance. That’s when they win."