Bill and Melinda Gates pledge $170 million to women’s economic power

The power of good. | Photo: Pixabay/Skeeze Bill and Melinda Gates have always been both generous and liberal with their wealth. On Monday (5 March), they proved this once again. In an op-ed written by Melinda Gates for Quartz , she revealed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is donating $170 million to women’s economic empowerment worldwide. The donation is meant to challenge the way women and girls are undervalued in society. In her piece, Gates posits that economic power is ‘among the most promising entry points for gender equality’. ‘Simply put when money flows into the hands of women who have the authority to use it, everything changes.’ How the money works Gates explains how empowering women economically benefits themselves and others. She writes that women use money to help their families more than men. ‘In Niger, for example, when women had more financial autonomy, their families ate more meat and fish,’ she says. ‘One of the most astonishing statistics I’ve seen is that when a mother has control over her family’s money, her children are 20% more likely to survive.’ It also helps women’s roles in society at large evolve — for the better. Gates hopes this […]