Black gay men create sexual health campaign that represents them

This new campaign hopes to encourage more people to get a HIV test.

The campaign, called ‘ Me. Him. Us. ‘, from GMFA has been developed entirely by gay and bisexual men of colour.

Ian Howley, the Chief Executive of HERO – Health Equality and Rights Organisation, the parent organization of GMFA, says:

‘One of the issues that kept on coming up was the lack of representation. Especially in mass media health promotion campaigns.’

But in this new campaign – from the concept to the models and design – people of color made it ‘at a grassroots level.’


Marc Thompson is the Co-Editor of BlackoutUK and is an advisor on the campaign.He believes that although most of the health professionals don’t like to admit it, reflecting diverse audiences can be challenging for them. And that’s why you see less representation of black people in these style of campaigns:‘It’s difficult, especially if you don’t come from those communities or understand how to reach us effectively…. […]