Why didn’t we see this coming?  Kraft Food buy our beloved Cadbury’s for £11.5bn in 2009.  Six years later the British public are vying for blood!  Our traditional Easter treat, the Cadbury’s Creme Egg has been re-worked! (And yes I WILL use the “S” Cadbury’s  always used to have until some clever little marketing ‘genius’ waded into their head office!)

In recent days, Cadbury’s have confirmed they have used their ‘generic’ (cheaper) chocolate in place of the usual Dairy Milk.  The travesty doesn’t end there boys and girls; oh no!  They’ve made our Creme Eggs smaller!  Oh, and there’s one final blow – they no longer do a 6 pack; they’re now sold in packs of 5.  I wonder if the real hen laid egg industry will follow suit and do away with their traditional half a dozen eggs?  We shall wait and see.

In the usual tradition of channelling our anger into something positive we’ve had a little brainwave.  Why let Kraft dictate what chocolate should be on our Creme Eggs?  So here’s what we’re going to do about it – make our OWN Cadbury’s Dairy Milk coated Creme Eggs!

It’s really not that difficult – and we’ve also found some similar sized egg mould’s to help you achieve a more polished look.  If you prefer taste over looks you can always shape the creme filling by hand or with a couple of desert spoons, it’s really up to you.  All we care about is getting the Dairy Milk back onto our Creme Eggs!  Let’s get started…


Daily Milk Creme Eggs



170g liquid glucose (or you can use golden syrup)
55g butter at room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract
375g icing sugar
2 tsp water
A few drops of yellow food colouring
200g Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate



1. First put the liquid glucose into the bowl of a free-standing mixer with the butter and vanilla extract and whizz them together. You could do this with a wooden spoon instead, but the liquid glucose is quite stiff — you might need to pop the tube into hot water to loosen it up a bit first if you are mixing by hand.
2. Once you have a creamy mixture, add the icing sugar and a teaspoon of water. Mix in carefully or your kitchen will disappear in a cloud of sweet white powder.
3. Now, already, you have your fondant (the filling)! So far, so really simple. But here is your first opportunity for disaster. Make sure the fondant is really thick. If it is too runny, you are setting yourself up for a big mess later, so add more icing sugar until you could stand a wooden spoon up in the bowl without it falling over.
4. Now, separate the fondant into two bowls with three-quarters in one bowl — the white — and a quarter in another. Add yellow food colouring to the smaller bowl to make the yolks.
5. Put your bowls in the freezer until the fondant is good and firm. This could take half an hour depending on how thick your fondant is to start with.
6. When the fondant is solid, take it out of the freezer. Use a teaspoon to divide the yellow fondant into small chunks. Roll these into little balls and place them with a teaspoon on a baking sheet lined with baking parchment. And on another do the same with white balls, only make them larger. If they have gone too soft, put all the balls back in the freezer for ten minutes or so.
7. Then, take a white ball and flatten it in the palm of your hand. Put a yellow ball in the middle, and wrap the white around the yellow, so the yellow is completely covered. Mould gently into the shape of an egg.   Use a pre-made mould, a couple of desert spoons or your own hands – the choice is yours.
8. Do this with all the white and yellow balls and put back in the fridge — or freezer — to go completely solid again (fondant softens quickly). I would do this overnight next time, as they went a bit sticky.
9. In the meantime, melt your chocolate. I used chocolate chips which melt very easily, and simply popped them into a heat-proof bowl within a pan of simmering water.
10. Using a fork or a wooden stick, skewer your egg shapes, and then dip them in the chocolate, turning them to coat evenly. This is tricky and messy. Balance the sticks or forks in a glass or in an egg box, or hold them until they are dry. It takes only a few minutes.



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