Don’t Call It Rainbow Capitalism, The New Renault Ad Is The Queer Love Story We Need

Don’t Call It Rainbow Capitalism, The New Renault Ad Is The Queer Love Story We Need

Renault Call up the Academy; forget the Call Me By Your Name sequel and tell the cast of the L Word that the new show is cancelled – the Renault advert has arrived and surprisingly, it’s the queer love story that the world needs.

For those who don’t want to risk sobbing while watching the advert – which celebrates 30 years since the first Renault Clio hit the road – it tells the story of a same-sex relationship taking shape over three decades. A British girl embarks on a foreign exchange trip to France and meets her match in the girl she stays with.

A beautiful relationship blossoms over the years resulting in snogging in cars, frolicking in the sea and exchanging passionate love letters as the pair grow older. After a heartbreaking reaction from the British girl’s father, an emotional wedding and through-the-night drive through the Channel Tunnel, we see the lovers reunite and drive off (in a Clio, obvs) with a daughter of their own.

It’s beautiful, it’s romantic and it’s perfectly queer; but when the two-minute film came to an emotional end and revealed itself to be an advert for the All-New Renault, I was aghast. I’m a lesbian, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that representation of queer relationships is limited and frail; often inaccurate and oversexualised, lacking nuance and understanding. So how did a Renault advert featuring a whiny, melancholy cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall manage to reduce me to tears in seconds?

Perhaps it’s because I’m so used to being misrepresented and enraged by the popular media’s portrayals of queer people that my instinct is to launch into a rainbow capitalism debate – horrified that brands would consider my sexuality fair game to sell irrelevant products. We’re so used to wannabe-woke brands fighting to prove themselves to be inclusive while alienating the community they set out to capture; and it’s exhausting.

Representation is so important, how hard can it be to get it right? Changing your logo to a rainbow flag during Pride month but doing nothing else to support the community: wrong. Using Pride month as a hook to donate money to local LGBTQ+ causes a la Co-Op : right. Having Mr T throw Snickers bars and yelling “run like a real man!”: wrong. Creating a tasteful two-minute advert featuring a loving same-sex relationship without making the product the star of the show: absolutely, 100% right.

While I’m not suggesting that a single car advert (however magnificent) is going to be the trigger for radical social change; I do believe that for every LGBTQ+ love story we see on TV, we’re taking a step in the right direction. Growing up gay, closeted and frightened is isolating; and seeing people like you on TV – even just for two-minutes – is enough to let you know that you’re not alone.

And it’s not just important for us – it’s a stark reminder for everyone else that a world exists outside their own – one with little representation, and without the same love stories that dominate hetero-heavy popular media. It’s imperative that everyone is able to see queer relationships in all their glory.

It’s rare to find a representation so accurate, warm and emotional; one that doesn’t attempt to commodify LGBTQ+ people and profit from our culture, but rather to embrace and champion us in a love story that’s relatable – and that is truly something to be lauded.

Renault has managed to hit the sweet spot in advertising – managing to create a seriously beautiful, emotive and sensitive LGBTQ+ love story that doesn’t focus on product, but equally doesn’t leave it behind. The same-sex relationship in the ad isn’t there to sell cars, but rather to sell societal change and brand heritage with a beautiful subtlety that – unlike other brand’s ‘inclusive’ advertising – doesn’t make me insane with anger.

Renault have shown a beaming example of how sensitivity, respect and romanticism can be used not just to sell cars, but to sell the idea of real and emotive queer relationships to an audience who might not have seen that representation before. Other brands should take note and follow suit, or prepare to be left behind.

Sophie Brown is a freelance journalist. Mel B Tells Tesco’s CEO To Contact Her ‘Urgently’ After Seeing Ad Campaign Using Her Photo

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Labour Pledges £5.6bn For Flood Defences Over 10 Years

Labour Pledges £5.6bn For Flood Defences Over 10 Years

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn visits residents affected by flooding in Conisbrough on Saturday. Jeremy Corbyn has vowed that a Labour government would spend £5.6bn on flood defences if he wins the keys to Downing Street.

His party is pledging the new cash, to be spent over 10 years and focused on communities most exposed to flooding, as parts of the UK are left picking up the pieces from last week’s deluge.

Yorkshire and the East Midlands were hit hardest during the floods, which put the country’s readiness for extreme weather in the spotlight.

It comes as the UK prepares to go to the polls in the December 12 general election.

The Labour leader, who alongside Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has sharply criticised Boris Johnson’s response to the floods as “woeful”, said the cash will come from the £250bn “green transformation fund”.

Both have urged the prime minister to declare a “national emergency” over the floods .

Johnson is chairing a meeting of the government’s emergency Cobra committee to discuss the situation.

Claiming the government’s current funding package favours the South East, Corbyn said the new floods cash will be pumped into the North West, Yorkshire and the East Midlands as a priority.

An analysis by the party says flood defence spending has fallen 15% in the North West, 14% in Yorkshire and 3% in the East Midlands between 2016 and 2018. An aerial view of the flood water as parts of England endured a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours, in Fishlake, South Yorkshire, England, Monday, Nov. 11, 2019. Scores of people were rescued or forced to evacuate their homes. (Richard McCarthy/PA via AP) It also claims that, over the same period, the South East has seen a rise in spending of 14.5%.

“This last week has confirmed what we’ve seen over the last decade: the Tories always ignore the North’s needs,” Corbyn said, after visiting flooded parts of Doncaster alongside Labour candidate Caroline Flint last week.

“We need to do everything we can to help those families who have already suffered, and protect communities from further potential flooding.

“More must be done to prevent these crises from happening in the future. Every year we don’t act means higher flood waters, more homes ruined and more lives at risk due to climate change.”

Downpours last week meant several areas in Yorkshire and the East Midlands were struck by a month’s worth of rain in a single day.

The weather conditions also claimed the life of Derbyshire’s former High Sheriff Annie Hall, who was pulled from the River Derwent near Matlock on Friday.

In Fishlake, near Doncaster, about half the 700 residents left the village and those who stayed behind have faced waist-high floods.

Visiting Fishlake on Tuesday, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson accused the government of not taking it as seriously as it should.

She added: “It should be declaring a national emergency so they can open up the ability to apply to the EU for the emergency funds that are available at times of extreme floods.

“They are not yet doing that and they should be doing that.”

The Environment Agency (EA) said it had more than 200 staff on the ground in South Yorkshire supporting communities affected by the “devastating flooding”.

Since the disaster unfolded on Thursday, some 13,500 properties have been protected by flood defences , including nearly 5,000 in South Yorkshire, while flood storage areas are also being operated to protect 7,000 homes in parts of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, the EA added.

But it warned the flood risk remained high, with heavier bands of rainfall expected on Thursday and Friday this week.

Vatican Hosts Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT Rockefeller Foundation

Vatican Hosts Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT Rockefeller Foundation

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VATICAN ( ) – The Rockefeller Foundation, notorious for promoting abortion and the LGBT agenda, is sponsoring a two-day Vatican conference under the auspices of Pope Francis and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences .

The conference, titled " Reduction of Food Loss and Waste ," is being held at the Casina Pio IV on Nov. 11–12 and includes speakers from other pro-abortion bodies including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Nestlé, recently criticized for using aborted fetal cell lines to test artificial flavor enhancers in partnership with biotech firm Senomyx, is also a participant at the conference. Last week, environmental activists attacked the Swiss multinational food and drink corporation for its plans to bottle more than a million gallons of water a day from natural springs in Florida.

The Vatican symposium also includes climate alarmist groups like GreenFaith , who promote "eco-prayers and rituals" from diverse religious traditions and who have declared a " climate emergency ."

The European Commission and United Nations are also represented. Speakers will share their views on the role faith-based communities may play for halving food loss and waste by 2030.

"Beyond its economic and environmental toll, food loss and waste is also a moral and ethical issue," says Bp. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, in his address to the conference. Sorondo came under fire last year for claiming that Communist China best applies the social doctrine of the Church . The conference brochure quotes Pope Francis’ May 18 speech to the European Food Banks Federation: Wastefulness is the crudest form of discarding. I think of the moment when Jesus, after the distribution of the loaves to the crowd, asks for the scraps to be gathered up, so that nothing would go to waste. Gathering in order to redistribute; not production that leads to waste. To throw food away means to throw people away. Critics are questioning how the Vatican can allow the conference to be sponsored by bodies that discard as waste the most vulnerable human beings in the womb. Funding received by the USCCB from the Ford Foundation Edward Pentin, Vatican correspondent for National Catholic Register, who raised the question of Ford Foundation’s funding for the Brazilian bishops’ conference at the Amazon Synod, told Church Militant: "This approach opens the Vatican up to criticism because it gives the impression that it doesn’t really believe the Church’s teaching on such a grave issue as abortion, but sees it as one moral issue among many, and on a par with environmental concern."

He continued, "It seems to be saying: ‘Food waste is such an important issue that we’ll forget your views on abortion and gender ideology so we can work with you on it.’ That doesn’t wash with many Catholic faithful."

The Pan-Amazon Ecclesial Network (REPAM), based in Brazil and headed by Cdl. Claudio Hummes, controversial leader of the Amazon Synod, received almost $2 million from the pro-abortion and pro-gender ideology Ford Foundation since 2006, Pentin revealed .

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, denounced REPAM’s funding from the Ford Foundation. As one Catholic Bishop I denounce this disgusting cooperation with evil & urge every believing Catholic to join me, we are morally bound to speak for the voiceless unborn children……Pro-Abortion Ford Foundation Major Funder of Key Synod Organizations — Bishop J. Strickland (@Bishopoftyler) October 19, 2019 "As one Catholic Bishop I denounce this disgusting cooperation with evil & urge every believing Catholic to join me, we are morally bound to speak for the voiceless unborn children," he tweeted .

Church Militant found that from 2010–2015, Catholic Relief Services, the international charitable arm of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, also received over $3 million from the Ford Foundation, as revealed by financial statements in the charity’s database .

The grants were made available for "sexual and reproductive health and rights" and for civil and human rights, fair economies, education and scholarship, and urban and rural land management.

The Rockefeller Foundation "promotes big government solutions at every turn, encourages more regulation of the economy and more dependency on the government, and backs corrupt social engineering schemes aimed at trying to force Americans to be better, i.e., more left-wing, people," notes researcher Kirk McDonald writing for Foundation Watch.

Eduardo Cunha, the conservative lower house speaker of the Brazilian Congress, said in 2015 that U.S. charities like the Rockefeller Foundation were behind efforts to make abortion legal in his country and elsewhere in order to get rid of the poor and engineer demographic control. Melinda Gates has been a major proponent of In 2017, media reports exposed the Rockefeller Family Fund’s support for groups working to curb religious freedom. Also, the lesbian philosopher Judith Butler, a pioneer of the gender ideology movement, was a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Foundation supported the racist pseudoscience of eugenics in Nazi Germany and later funded America’s two most important sexual revolutionaries: Dr. Alfred Kinsey, father of modern sex education, and Margaret Sanger , founder of Planned Parenthood.

Melinda Gates, billionaire wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, told the Global Family Planning Summit in 2017 that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would funnel $375 million to population-control efforts over the next four years through abortion and contraception.

The Gates Foundation gave $46 million to Marie Stopes International in 2012 alone. It also provided funding to the tune of $71 million to Planned Parenthood of America, International Planned Parenthood Federation and Planned Parenthood of Western Washington from before 2009 through 2013.

Under Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano lambasted the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for securing $4.6 billion dollars over the next eight years to promote contraceptives, starting in Africa.

Church Militant contacted the Holy See Press Office for comment but received no response as of press time. Have a news tip? Submit news to our tip line .

Toronto Cardinal Caves to LGBT Agenda in Catholic Schools

Toronto Cardinal Caves to LGBT Agenda in Catholic Schools

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On Nov. 7, 2019, the Toronto Catholic District School Board — Canada’s largest Catholic school board, forming more than 90,000 Catholic children annually — voted to add transgender ideology as a protected ground for non-discrimination into its code of conduct.

The 12-member, elected board of trustees passed the anti-Christian motion by a vote of 8 to 4, which added the terms "gender identity" and "gender expression" as protected classes that must be "respected" throughout the school environment.

Campaign Life Coalition has been following this tragic situation closely, and in fact, we’ve been lobbying His Eminence, the cardinal-archbishop of Toronto, for quite some time, begging him to command the Catholic School Trustees to reject transgender ideology.

A clear directive from the spiritual leader in the diocese, Cdl. Thomas Collins, telling trustees to vote against gender ideology would have influenced at least a couple more trustees to vote in accordance with Catholic teaching, and defeated the motion to adopt gender identity theory in the schools. And even if they disobeyed him, it would have been a powerful teaching moment by the shepherd to encourage faithful Catholics to continue defending the Faith against this transhumanist heresy that attacks the image of God in creation.

Cardinal Collins didn’t even have to pronounce a direct edict on how to vote, in order for this evil policy to have been defeated. If His Eminence had simply issued a strong public statement declaring gender identity theory to be "incompatible with Christianity," it would have likely been enough to encourage a majority of trustees to defeat the motion. Moreover, the cardinal would have been taking on his proper role of leading this spiritual battle, instead of laypeople at Campaign Life Coalition having to do it.

However, Cdl. Collins did the opposite of what thousands of faithful Catholics were pleading with him to do by caving in to the heretical demands of the LGBT lobby and giving his approval to the addition of anti-Christian terms to the code of conduct.

Cardinal Collins has betrayed parents. He has betrayed children. And most importantly, he has betrayed the truth of Christ.

His Eminence has seen fit to bless as appropriate for Catholic schools the very same theory of gender identity that Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, Catholic doctrine, the Holy Bible and natural law have condemned as a sin and an "error of the human mind."

He has approved adding the insidious, anti-Christian ideologies of "gender identity" and "gender expression" to the Toronto Catholic School Board’s code of conduct, which will now treat the mental illness of gender dysphoria as a "human right."

As a direct result of this massive betrayal of Christ, Cdl. Collins will usher an anti-Christian climate into our Catholic schools. Faithful Catholics in Toronto will now have to watch in horror as sexually confused male teachers show up to class dressed in drag and present themselves as "women" to our children, thus undermining their belief in the teaching of the Church and Sacred Scripture.

We will now be forced to witness the spectacle of boys showing up to class wearing dresses and demanding that all students, teachers and parents use the opposite-sex pronouns of their choice, or other whack-a-doodle transgender pronouns, like "ze" and "zer," all the while condemning faithful Catholics as "bigots" and "haters." Catholic educators who dare teach the scientific and religious truth that there are only two sexes — male and female — will be found in violation of the code, disciplined, sent to re-education camp or fired.

Given his staggering approval of the LGBT agenda, we already know that the cardinal-archbishop will not lift one finger to defend these faithful Catholic teachers against the coming persecution. But it gets worse.

The code just passed by the majority of trustees extends beyond school grounds and beyond work hours. Teachers and students who speak against transgender ideology on their own time and off of school property can still be found guilty of behavior "that negatively impacts school climate." So if a faithful Catholic teacher, for example, speaks at a pro-family event, or writes a letter to the editor of the newspaper articulating Catholic teaching about transgender ideology, he or she can be found guilty of violating the code of conduct and be fired.

All of this will have the effect of destroying the Catholic faith in the hearts and minds of students, teachers and many parents.

And what about the children? Cardinal Collins is now guilty of material, if not formal, cooperation with evil. He has given permission for schools to encourage children to identify as the opposite sex and thereby to cooperate with their delusion. He has given tacit approval for schools to support and encourage children to pursue puberty-blocking, artificial hormone therapy and chemical castration.

Eventually, for some of these sexually confused children, it will lead to the amputation of healthy breasts and penises so as to impersonate the opposite sex. I have no other way to say this than to say it plainly: Cardinal Collins may be facilitating the sexual abuse of children by his approval of gender ideology. What he has done, whether he realizes it or not, is straight-up evil.

Campaign Life Coalition has started a petition and organized a pray-in outside the cardinal’s archdiocesan office calling him to conversion and to make reparation for this evil. We are calling on him to make reparations by publicly renouncing his support for gender ideology, and to make a public statement before the final vote on the code of conduct, in which he orders trustees to vote against adding gender identity/expression. This will be a solemn, quiet and peaceful prayer event we hope will soften the cardinal’s heart enough to allow the Holy Spirit in, to give His Eminence the courage he needs to confront this attack on the image of God in creation, and on God’s plan for humanity.

I cannot explain why Cdl. Collins has so consistently chosen a failed strategy of appeasement in dealing with the homosexual lobby’s incursions against the Church. It has been a problem from the first day His Eminence came to Toronto. Gay Mass in downtown Toronto led by Fr. Gilles Mongeau, SJ Under his leadership, he has allowed sacrilegious homosexual Masses to continue at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Toronto. The dissident priest who runs them has never been defrocked, and according to local newspaper reports, the cardinal has given his personal blessing for the "gay Masses" to continue. Under Cdl. Collins’ leadership, gay pride clubs were accepted into Catholic schools, and a militant, LGBT-focused sex curriculum was also imposed on all publicly funded schools, including Catholic ones.

Each time these assaults on the Church came, His Eminence ignored the pleas of faithful Catholics urging him to invoke Section 93 of Canada’s Constitution Act, which gives the diocesan bishop the constitutional right to reject any law, regulation or government directive that adversely affects the content of faith and morals. Each time, he bent the knee to these attacks on Catholic faith and morals.

Now because of his Neville Chamberlain-esque appeasement strategy, the Catholic school system has been brought to the precipice. It is almost completely de-Christianized, a process that has been underway for some time already. God-hating atheists in the media and some anti-Catholic politicians have been calling for an end to public funding of Catholics schools in Ontario, and to amalgamate the separate schools into the secular, public system.

As a result of Cdl. Collins’ betrayal, many faithful Catholics will now join that call in the hope that the bishops will be forced to create and fund a totally private, authentically Catholic school system.

All of this destruction and theft of the Church’s patrimony will be on the cardinal’s shoulders, not to mention the souls who may perish as a result of this evil ideology acquiring dominance in our "Catholic" schools and consequently leading some to reject God.

Jack Fonseca is the Political Operations Director for Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s largest pro-life, pro-family advocacy group. Have a news tip? Submit news to our tip line .

Cardinal Sarah: ‘Contraceptive mentality’ led to LGBT takeover of children’s schools

Cardinal Sarah: ‘Contraceptive mentality’ led to LGBT takeover of children’s schools

Cardinal Robert Sarah Twitter MADRID, November 12, 2019 (LifeSiteNews ) – Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah strongly criticized LGBT ideology that he said is overrunning governments and education centers while tracing the ideology to the root of the widespread acceptance of contraception about seven decades ago.

“The destructuring of sexual identity, which is often called ‘gender theory,’ against which Pope Francis has harsh words and an attitude of absolute intolerance, can be understood as the anthropological consequence of a practical mutation,” said Cardinal Sarah, the Vatican’s Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline, at a Nov. 7 conference at Madrid’s San Pablo University in advance of the 21st Congress of Catholics and Public Life of Spain. His talk was titled “ The importance of education in the Church’s mission today .”

Gender theory holds that male or female sexual organs do not determine an individual’s “sexual identity” but a person’s inner sense of being a man, a woman, or whatever it is that a person wants to identify as ( dozens of ‘gender options’ have been invented to help people identify how they feel about themselves). The theory holds, for instance, that a person born with a male organ of reproduction can choose to identify as “female” and that it’s discriminatory not to support the individual’s choice, including the male’s choice to use female pronouns. The theory also holds that a person’s "gender identity" is fluid and can change over time.

“The first link in the process involved women,” Cardinal Sarah continued: “In fact, the contraceptive mentality that has extended strongly after 1950 has made possible a profound disconnection between the woman and her body, a disconnection that has radically changed the way of understanding human sexuality, marriage, filiation and of course education.”

The Catholic Church reaffirmed its condemnation of contraception in the 1968 Encyclical Humanae Vitae . Pope Paul VI prophetically warned that widespread acceptance of contraception would lead to the "general lowering of moral standards" among other things.

The Cardinal credited French writer Simone de Beauvoir’s phrase “You are not born a woman, you become a woman” as summarizing the essence of gender theory.

“Let’s add that for de Beauvoir, the family, Marriage and motherhood are the source of female ‘oppression’ and dependence. The pill would have ‘freed’ women by giving them ‘control of their body’ and the possibility of ‘freely disposing’ of it. Under the feminist motto ‘my body belongs to me’ a deep alienation of the incarnated subject is actually hidden. In fact, behind this ‘freedom’ statement lies an instrumentalization of the body itself as a material available to the most indeterminate desires,” he said.

The Cardinal then showed the link between contraception and the distancing of a person from his or her male or female body.

“The contraceptive mentality has engendered a dualism between individual freedom seen as unlimited and almighty, on the one hand, and the body as an instrument of enjoyment, on the other. In that perspective, the sexed body can no longer be lived as a sign and instrument of the gift of self, whose purpose is the communion of the spouses. The intrinsic link between the two meanings of the conjugal act, the procreative dimension and the unitive dimension, is broken. This link becomes optional, and logically, sexuality ends up being considered only in its relational and pleasure-producing dimension. The destabilizing effects of such a mentality have not been long in coming,” he added.

The Cardinal noted that one of the major destabilizing effects of the contraceptive mentality was the “social legitimization of homosexuality.”

“In fact, if sexuality is no longer perceived in the light of the gift of life, how can homosexuality be considered a perversion, an objective and serious disorder?” he said.

Cardinal Sarah said logically accompanying these changes regarding sexuality was a “redefinition of sexual identity, considering it as purely constructed.”

“If the intrinsic link between the two meanings of the conjugal act is denied, the difference between the sexes loses the first foundation of their intelligibility.” From then on, he said, the “sexed body” can more and more be considered as a “material that individual consciousness can model to its liking.”

The Cardinal then explained the mechanism at work as “sexual minorities” publicly demand equality and freedom to live according to their perceived identities.

“In the name of the fight against the ‘discrimination’ of which the ‘sexual minorities’ would be victims, the agents of the anthropological subversion take the public authorities and the legislator hostage in their revindications. In the name of ‘equality’ and ‘freedom’, they demand that all social discourse, especially in schools and the media, be ‘respectful’ with the sexual indeterminacy of individuals and the free choice of their identity,” he said.

“Then, each one can affirm that it is by self-designation and proclaim: ‘I make my own choice. I am proud of it and I affirm myself in that choice. I do not admit that another or society tell me what I am. I do not receive my being and my existence from anyone but myself. I decide for myself who I am. Society must assume my choice and adapt to my orientation changes.’”

For the LGBT movement, the Cardinal pointed out, the battle is no longer about “claiming tolerance” but about “imposing a new conception of the human being” and creating a “new” human being.

“Under the guise of freedom, this deconstruction at the service of a radical constructivism can be compared with the totalitarian attempts to produce a ‘new man,’” he said.

“Its innocent victims are mainly children, whose parents, permeable to libertarian slogans and bewitched by contemporary sirens, do not support [authentic] human growth and the formation of their [genuine] sexual affectivity. All this presupposes an erroneous conception of freedom, understood as the fact of not being prevented from following your immediate desires. How far we are from true freedom, which is the realization of the person when he uses his free will to seek the truth and choose his true good,” he continued.

“The anthropological revolution violently disrupts intellectual and moral education, because it creates mental and social dispositions that separate people from themselves,” he added.

The Cardinal said that Catholics should be aware of the gravity of the crisis, “given the atheist atmosphere or of indifference to religious or moral issues which permeate education and school structures.” What should be understood is that the goal of education is for students to “acquire the virtues that permit them to unfold and structure their humanity and personality in accord with the truth that is intrinsic to them.”

He called for the Church to become more active in defending the truth about man in sectors of civil society where that truth has been abandoned, especially in education.

“As has been the case several times in history, the Church has a duty to assume a substitute role to compensate for the collapse of entire sectors of civil society and public authorities,” he said.

“The Church assumes this function of substitution through all its children who are present in this magnificent educational task,” he added. ‘Dirty and unhealthy’ environment destroys children

Following his presentation, Cardinal Sarah answered questions from participants who are concerned about secular influences upon their children.

Likening schools to aquariums where fish are regularly fed fresh food, he said, “But the water in the aquarium is dirty and unhealthy.” Despite the good food, he said, the fish are slowly poisoned and eventually perish. In the learning environment, “even while there are well-disposed students and dedicated teachers, there are substances in the environment that are toxic to the students mental health,” said the Cardinal.

When he was asked how the water in the aquarium could be made clean, he said, “What poisons the environment are dangerous ideologies,” citing “marxism” and “transhumanism.”

He continued, “If we cannot explain who is man, who it is that God wants him to be, logically the aquarium is contaminated.” The water can be cleansed by rediscovering, he said, “the identity of human beings created in the image and likeness of God.”

“Identity is not something we give,” he said, “God gives it to us.” The West, he said, arrogantly “refuses to accept” that identity.” “The great issue are the economic and media leaders who contaminate the environment concerning the identity of the human person.” This is, he said, “the rejection of God.”

Asked what the Church should do in an environment where God is excluded, the Cardinal said, “The Church should be the first to combat toxic ideologies.”

The Church, he said, should focus on “the unprecedented anthropological and moral crisis of our time which demands that the Church should assume a greater responsibility and commitment to propose its doctrinal and moral teachings in a clear, precise and firm manner.”

Singer Tamar Braxton says a man must be gay if he ‘doesn’t touch his girlfriend for three days’ in bizarre rant

Singer Tamar Braxton says a man must be gay if he ‘doesn’t touch his girlfriend for three days’ in bizarre rant

Tamar Braxton behind the judging table on RuPaul’s Drag Race. (Netflix) Tamar Braxton, the reality TV star, singer and less successful sister of Toni Braxton, said that if a man doesn’t sleep with his girlfriend for three to 10 days, it’s because he “wants d**k”.

Braxton was slated after unleashing a homophobic rant on Instagram.

“The truth is ladies that these dudes out here really be gay,” she wrote in a since-deleted story post.

“It ain’t enough money, beauty, hair, babies in the world to keep them!! They want d***!! Periodt!!

“It’s nothing wrong with you, but they will find EVERY reason in the world to make u not good enough!! #TamarBraxton getting some things off her chest tonight

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Nov 10, 2019 at 6:15pm PST “If he lays with you for 3, 4, 10 days and he don’t touch u, it’s NOT YOU!! HE WANT A MAN!! And that’s on my momma.”

Braxton’s words came as a shock to LGBT+ fans who accused her of disregarding the community she has pandered to for much of her career. Tamar Braxton worry about how you emulated your whole personality off of black gay men. Without them you would be as dry as your scalp.

— Ms. Wanda Yikes over here (@superflyhuni) November 11, 2019 Another day, another tragic reminder that Tamar Braxton only sees gay men as disposable scapegoats that she can use to justify why women like her can’t find real love.

How tragic. The irony is that her problem is right in the mirror looking back at her.

— Ernest Owens (@MrErnestOwens) November 11, 2019 Man fuck #TamarBraxton without mimicking gay men she wouldn’t have a personality and without gay men she wouldn’t have a damn career.

— Jay Kentrell (@THEE_Kentrell) November 11, 2019 Tamar Braxton is the example of a “fag hag” who benefits off of gay culture but secretly despises the community

— D A S H (@iamkingdash) November 11, 2019 Following the criticism, Braxton addressed her comments on Twitter.

“Y’all know I’m going live…. If you are in ya bag [upset], ya shouldn’t be.

“I shouldn’t have been in My feelings, & ranted on social media based off a conversation with my friends.” Y’all know I’m going live….If you are in ya bag, ya shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t have been in My feelings, &ranted on social media based off a conversation with my friends. I was talking about me but not me and David. I’ve been through a lot. This is why i stay on my fake page

— TAMAR BRAXTON (@TamarBraxtonHer) November 12, 2019 She failed to apologise for her homophobia, instead clarifying that she had “been through a lot”.

“I was talking about me but not me and David [her boyfriend]. I’ve been through a lot. This is why i stay on my fake page.” Tamar Braxton welcomes the pink pound.

Since returning to the limelight via Braxton Family Values , the reality show chronicling the lives of the singer and her sisters, Braxton has become a regular fixture at Pride events across the US.

In 2013 she released the single ‘Hot Sugar’, which reached a lukewarm 48 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts (it did not chart in the main Billboard 100).

The video for the track featured a number of queer men and borrowed heavily from gay culture, as Braxton generally tends to do for her public persona.

Braxton has also appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race on two separate occasions.

Our prayers to the gay gods have been answered… Michelle Visage will be voguing to Madonna on this week’s Strictly

Our prayers to the gay gods have been answered… Michelle Visage will be voguing to Madonna on this week’s Strictly

Michelle Visage and her Strictly Come Dancing partner Giovanni Pernice. (BBC) Michelle Visage is about to give the gays – and we cannot stress this enough – everything they want in this weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing .

After landing in the bottom two during last weekend’s Strictly , Visage and her dance partner Giovanni Pernice will bounce back on Saturday by performing a street/commercial routine to Madonna’s ‘Vogue’.

Though details are scant, it seems highly unlikely that Visage would choose the song unless she was going to serve us an authentic voguing routine.

The Drag Race judge was voguing for years before Madonna co-opted the movement for her 1990 single, picking up her stage name (Visage) in the ballrooms of New York because she gave “good face”.

She was a fixture on the scene throughout the early 1980s, and was taught how to vogue by Willi Ninja, star of the seminal documentary Paris is Burning.

“I could out-vogue any female who came for me, and most of the boys too,” she told Dazed in 2015.

Though Visage is a noted Madonna fan, she admitted to being “jealous” when the singer released ‘Vogue’.

“I’d been voguing for the past couple of years and then she released that song and of course she’s going to get the attention for it,” she said.

“She’s going to make it known worldwide when we had been working our arses off in the community and the dance had been around for years. But I also felt excited because the community was getting recognition. It was a double-edged sword.”

An archive video shows Visage voguing with her house father Cesar Valentino. Voguing has come back into – well – vogue in recent years, thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race and latterly, the hit series Pose .

Pose ‘s second season deals with the aftermath of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ release, with the characters – like Michelle Visage – finding their community profile raised to new heights.

Straight man writes to beloved queer bar in London’s Soho to complain they’ve turned it into a ‘gay street’

Straight man writes to beloved queer bar in London’s Soho to complain they’ve turned it into a ‘gay street’

Customers at the Admiral Duncan applaud the 2019 Trans Pride parade. (Getty) The Admiral Duncan, one of the oldest and best-known LGBT+ pubs in Soho, shared a bizarre complaint it received from a homophobic ex-punter.

Staff at the London venue shared a postcard sent by an unidentified man, who said that Soho had been “much better before you lot turned it into a gay street”.

Marked with a Philippine postmark, the postcard begins by referencing the 1999 nail bomb attack that killed three people and injured another 79 at the venue.

“To staff,” it reads. “First may I salute you all for surviving a bomb blast but Old Compton Street was much better before you lot turned it into a gay street.” “Before you lot turned it into a gay street”

— Admiral Duncan, Soho (@admiral_duncan) November 11, 2019 The note goes on to use a string of racial slurs for Italian, Jewish and Irish people.

“In 1961 when I was picking up my cup final ticket it was full of [redacted]. All the Italians were either Juventus or Milan fans and Soho was great.”

Of course in 1961, homosexuality was still illegal in the UK. It was only after anti-gay laws were abolished in 1967 that LGBT+ venues were able to exist openly.

The postcard ends with the non-sequitur: “Now you have to wear a chastity belt to feel safe.”

Twitter followers were quick to condemn the hate mail, and sent the pub messages of support. Some of my best nights were in Old Compton Street back in the day, I even had a few jars in the Admiral Duncan a few months after you re-opened after that tragic incident, and I’m not even gay! I cannot believe someone went to all that effort to send you that.

— MB & MK’s Medboy (@medboyUK) November 12, 2019 His homophobia seems to be a lightly veiled excuse to espouse his racism. He’s certainly comprehensive.

— Adam Cumiskey (@cumiskey) November 12, 2019 I’ll give him (and let’s face it, it’s a him) his dues, he’s definitely an equal opportunity bigot. Although he missed out the transphobia. I wonder if that had anything to do with him moving out to the Philippines? #TheyWhoShoutLoudest

— Ethan Kristopher-Hartley Esq (@efan78) November 11, 2019 All the more reason to go for a pint or three at the AD, I’d say.
I have some wonderful LGBTQ friends, and hate like that towards them saddens me immensely.

— Firefly Flutes (@firefly_flutes) November 11, 2019 Despite the claims made in the postcard, queer people have been congregating in Soho and throughout central London since at least the 18th century.

In 1709, the journalist Ned Ward reported on a “Molly house” – a place were gay men would socialise – which had sprung in the back room of a Jermyn Street brandy shop (a stone’s throw from Soho).

With homosexuality illegal until 1967, Soho didn’t establish itself as an openly LGBT+ hub until the 1990s.

However in recent years the number of LGBT+ venues in Soho and around the capital has plummeted.

In 2017, a report found that designated LGBT venues had fallen from 127 in 2006, to just 53 in 2017.

Singapore’s colonial-era gay sex ban to face first of three high court legal challenges

Singapore’s colonial-era gay sex ban to face first of three high court legal challenges

Singaporeans form the words ‘Repeal 377A’ in Hong Lim Park on June 29, 2019. (Ore Huiying/Getty) Tomorrow the high court in Singapore will hear the first arguments to overturn Section 377A, a colonial-era law that criminalises gay sex.

Singapore’s strict penal code classes sex between men as an act of “gross indecency” punishable by up to two years in prison, although prosecutions are rare. The law doesn’t apply to sex between women.

Three Singaporean activists have launched three separate challenges against the outdated law – Roy Tan, a former organiser of the Pink Dot gay rally, Johnson Ong Ming, a DJ, and Bryan Choong, a former leader of the non-profit organisation Oogachaga.

The trio are arguing that Section 377A infringes on privacy, the right to life and personal liberty, both of which are protected by the constitution.

“I think public opinion is pretty clear across religious and age segments that homosexuality should not be a criminal offence,” Ong Ming, the first to launch a challenge, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation .

“I have full confidence in our judicial system and I am hopeful that the court will come to the right decision… and overturn Section 377A.”

Ong Ming is optimistic but the cases are expected to polarise the island city-state, which remains socially conservative .

While the majority of Singaporeans aged under 24 back LGBT+ rights, older generations are less tolerant, with a September 2018 poll finding that 55 percent of Singaporeans still support Section 377A.

Just 12 percent said they wanted it repealed, and 33 percent were undecided.

A previous legal challenge to overturn the ban failed in 2014, and in June this year, Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong reiterated that Singapore would keep Section 377A “for some time”. Singaporeans holding a vigil for the victims of the mass shooting in Florida’s Pulse gay nightclub (ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty) “Whatever your sexuality orientation is, you’re welcome to come and work in Singapore … [but] you know our rules in Singapore. It is the way this society is: We are not like San Francisco, neither are we like some countries in the Middle East. [We are] something in between, it is the way the society is,” he said.

But activists are empowered by the recent decriminalisation of homosexuality in India , another former British colony. The landmark ruling in 2018 led to more than 50,000 Singaporeans signing a petition entitled ‘ READY4REPEAL ‘, urging their government to follow suit.

“How much longer must gay Singaporeans live as second class citizens; branded criminals by laws meant to protect all Singaporeans?” the petition asked.

“We are ready for a Singapore that treats all her citizens equally. We are ready for a Singapore that respects its minorities and promotes individual choice and dignity. We are ready for a Singapore where people are not afraid to simply be who they are.”

The court has set aside six days for the legal challenges against Section 377A to be heard.

Ricky Martin calls out Puerto Rican lawmakers over bill which could strip LGBT people of legal protections

Ricky Martin calls out Puerto Rican lawmakers over bill which could strip LGBT people of legal protections

Ricky Martin called out the Puerto Rican Senate. (Getty) Ricky Martin has called out the Puerto Rican Senate over a bill which could strip LGBT+ people of legal protections.

The San Juan-born singer criticised lawmakers over plans to block people from correcting the gender marker on their birth certificates.

Trans people in Puerto Rico have been able to apply for a new birth certificate since July 2018, after a federal judge ruled that a previous ban was unconstitutional.

However a proposed bill threatens to restore the old policy and consequently block LGBT+ people from accessing public services. Lawmakers are obsessed with provoking a setback in the fight for LGBT+ equality. “We must keep in mind the senate’s motives to amend the Civil Code,” Martin tweeted (in Portuguese), according to Out .

“Lawmakers are obsessed with provoking a setback in the fight for equality the LGBTQ community has led.”

The Civil Code amendments have already passed the House of Representatives and are now set to be put before the Senate.

The newly-installed governor Wanda Vázquez has so far refused to condemn the bill.

“We are going to listen to everyone, we are going to evaluate these claims,” she told el Nuevo Día .

“We are going to see the final bill and at the end of the day we will make the determination.”

Human rights groups are urging the government to delay the vote, arguing that the bill “contains provisions that are harmful to civil rights in the country and to the stability of our legal system”. Ricky Martin has become a prominent activist.

Martin – who recently welcomed his fourth child with husband Jwan Yosef – has become a prominent campaigner for LGBT+ rights and political reform in recent times.

In July he joined mass protests demanding the resignation of then-governor Ricardo Rosselló who had been accused of misogyny and homophobia.

The demonstrations began after a string of leaked messages showed Rosselló and aides making degrading comments about women and Martin himself.

In one exchange published by CNN , Puerto Rico’s then-chief financial officer Christian Sobrino Vega wrote: “Nothing says patriarchal oppression like Ricky Martin.

“Ricky Martin is such a male chauvinist that he f***s men because women don’t measure up. Pure patriarchy.”

Rosselló resigned after more than a week of protests, and was replaced by Vázquez.