‘Am I OK with my son oinking in Swedish?’

'Am I OK with my son oinking in Swedish?'

Keith Moore is bringing up his Swedish-born son to be bilingual – but the language barrier in the farmyard is one he wasn’t prepared for.

In times of triumph and tragedy it’s always a good idea to turn to your oldest friends.

It was only right, then, that a couple of weeks after my first child was born I introduced him to someone who taught me a lot.

I’m talking about that jovial farmer who still resides in the back of my brain, Old MacDonald.

You know: "Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O." That Old MacDonald.

My son was born in Sweden. My wife is Swedish. I’m English. We want him to speak both languages. Keith Moore with his wife Emmelie and their son More than half of Europeans speak more than one language, and 90% of Swedes do – with English by far the most popular second language .I’m still surprised sometimes when I switch on the TV at the range of British programmes broadcast here with subtitles, from Broadchurch and The Great British Bake Off to Emmerdale and the Antiques Roadshow.Emmelie, my wife, is particularly keen for my son to speak English with an English accent – ideally like Oliver Twist transported […]

In Eastern Ghouta, a doctor’s battle: ‘We will stay until the end’

In Eastern Ghouta, a doctor's battle: 'We will stay until the end'

A Syrian girl receives treatment at a hospital in the city of Douma in the Eastern Ghouta As the Syrian government tightens its noose around the East ern Ghouta and air strikes pound the enclave from above , doctors and medical staff are locked in a desperate battle to save the wounded. Fearful of targeted strikes, they asked the BBC to withhold their real identities and locations. Dr Hamid’s family lives in one room now – a cramped, dimly-lit garage attached to the building that used to be their home. The rest of the house, in a suburb of the Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, was destroyed a month ago, days after the Syrian government began a brutal escalation of force against the enclave.

Dr Hamid, 50, leaves the makeshift shelter three times a week for a nearby hospital, where he is a trauma doctor. Each time he kisses his wife and five children goodbye, he tries not to think that it might be the last time. He cycles to the hospital through empty, rubble-strewn streets, mindful of the danger of being outside even for a few minutes. If the bombing is heavy, and there are many injured, he might work […]

Is it possible to stop people buying bomb-making ingredients?

Is it possible to stop people buying bomb-making ingredients?

Ahmed Hassan bought some of the materials to make TATP online An 18-year-old man has been convicted of planting a bomb on a London Tube train. Why is it so easy for people such as Ahmed Hassan to get hold of the ingredients they need to carry out an attack?

The ready availability of the materials needed to make a bomb is a growing problem in the UK and Europe.

Of particular concern is the ease with which would-be attackers can obtain the ingredients for the high explosive triacetone triperoxide (TATP).

It has featured regularly in attacks in recent years, including the Paris attack of 2015 , the Brussels bombs in 2016 and the Manchester bomb in May 2017.

Dozens have died as a result of its use.

In September 2017, Ahmed Hassan detonated a device , also made from TATP, on a crowded Tube train at Parsons Green in London.Although nobody was killed, victims spoke of "a furnace engulfed in flames" and "shards of glass flying through the air".Thirty people were injured: some badly burned and others injured in a "stampede" as they fled in fear and panic. Shrapnel: Some of the metal parts recovered from the bomb Perhaps the biggest challenge […]

Singer Troye Sivan ‘politely rejects’ the term gay icon for himself

Singer Troye Sivan 'politely rejects' the term gay icon for himself

Sivan has already gained major popularity. | Photo: YouTube/TroyeSivanVEVO Troye Sivan isn’t sure the term ‘gay icon’ is right for him.

The 22-year-old Australian singer opened up to Wonderland magazine about his identity and place within the community. He appears on their spring cover .

For him, he rejects the term because of his privilege and empathy.

‘I will never understand the struggles of a trans woman of colour growing up. What can I do as an empathetic person? How can I help? That’s why I politely reject the term “gay icon”. I would never wanna put that on myself.’ Sivan on the cover of Wonderland. | Photo: Instagram @troyesivan So who are gay icons?

However, he does have some gay icons himself. And he recognizes the limitations.

‘When I think about the songs that I grew up listening to that made me feel… gay, it was mostly straight women: Cher, Madonna, Miley, Robyn, Lady Gaga,’ he said. ‘Those are my gay icons, which is a bit strange. I would have loved to have had more queer music growing up. That would have been nice.’But thanks to artists like Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko and Janelle Monáe , fans have queer artists to […]

LGBT Films: Les amours imaginaires

LGBT Films: Les amours imaginaires

Join the Beijing LGBT Centre for part two of their screening series of LGBT filmmakers. The follow up brings another film by Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Dolan to the screen with Les amours imaginaires. The film follows two friends who fall in love with the same man.

For more information or to buy tickets, visit: https://ac.lingxi360.com/activity/ca52k7n48lw9g16pp5y56vqpmoxzr3ye

Philly halts foster placements with 2 faith-based agencies shutting out LGBT couples

Philly halts foster placements with 2 faith-based agencies shutting out LGBT couples

The city of Philadelphia is taking action against two foster care agencies with policies against placing kids with same-sex couples.

Mayor Jim Kenney said he finds it unbelievable that the two faith-based agencies that had been contracted with the city discriminate against qualified same-sex couples.

“I think that two women or two men that happen to love each other or are married to each other who pass all the background checks and the financial circumstances and have a nice home should be able to welcome a foster child into their home,” Kenney said.

The city has stopped placing children with Catholic Social Services and Bethany Christian Services. And Kenney promised an investigation into whether they have violated city contracting laws.

“We should first have a conversation with them to see what the extent of their discrimination is, but we cannot use taxpayer dollars to fund organizations that discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation or because of their same-sex marriage status,” he said. “It’s just not right.”

Catholic Archdiocese spokesman Ken Gavin said the Catholic Social Services policy, rooted in church teaching, should not surprise anyone.He added that the city does not refer couples to Catholic Social Services and stressed that the agency […]

Police investigate hate crime after death threats made to Sacramento LGBT center | The Sacramento Bee

Police investigate hate crime after death threats made to Sacramento LGBT center | The Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center is on high alert after receiving two letters containing death threats and homophobic language Wednesday.

Both letters had a “faith-based bent” to them, said David Heitstuman, center executive director, and were more specific in nature than past hate mail the center had received.

“They talked about various ways they felt homosexuals have plagued society, then went on to talk about the various ways they would harm our community, including destroying and murdering every queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual (person) in Sacramento,” Heitstuman said.

Heitstuman called the Sacramento Police Department, who took the letters as evidence and began investigating the situation as a possible hate crime. The letters included a similar language and tone, said Officer Linda Matthew, police spokeswoman. Never miss a local story.

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SUBSCRIBE NOW No arrests had been made as of Friday morning.The LGBT Community Center, at 1927 L St., occasionally receives hateful calls or emails, Heitstuman said, and has had rainbow flags stolen from outside the Lavender District building in the seven years since he joined the board.“It’s an unfortunate reality that this sort of hate exists in our community, and […]

Kansas voters should give Gov. Colyer a pass on LGBT issue — for now | The Kansas City Star

Kansas voters should give Gov. Colyer a pass on LGBT issue — for now | The Kansas City Star

The headline of a recent editorial in The Star asked a fair question: “Why won’t Gov. Jeff Colyer commit to protecting LGBT workers from discrimination?”

The answer seems very clear, but it may not be popular with some. If the governor made such a commitment today — to issue an executive order to protect LGBT state workers from discrimination — he might as well withdraw from the Republican primary race for Kansas governor. That’s because with a promise like that, he would virtually be handing over the nomination to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, whose overall appeal to conservatives makes him the frontrunner. Kobach has stated unequivocally he will do nothing to protect the rights of LGBT workers and said it is up to the Legislature to pass laws if needed.

Kobach’s answer is wildly popular with the Republican right, but also with those not so far right.

Although the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that federal law does prohibit discrimination against same-sex partners and does not allow for sexual harassment, the current administration’s Justice Department says federal civil rights law doesn’t apply to discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity . That void becomes a state issue. Never miss […]

Prison officers allegedly demand trans woman be strip-searched as she entered prison — as a visitor

Prison officers allegedly demand trans woman be strip-searched as she entered prison — as a visitor

A trans woman is suing a prison after officers allegedly demanded to see her genitals before letting her visit her brother.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this week, 48-year-old China Nelson began her case against a Louisiana state prison after she claims she was barred from entering the prison for refusing to be strip-searched.

According to NBC News , Nelson was prevented from entering the maximum security prison after a full body scanner detected an “unknown object” in her trousers.

Nelson claims that she had been approved as a visitor in Louisiana State Penitentiary for over 14 years prior to the visit in 2017, and had never been asked to strip before. “I think this was a new machine or a new screening process,” said Galen Hair, the attorney representing Nelson in the case.

The lawsuit states that after a full body scan, a prison officer asked identified something in Nelson’s underwear. Nelson then said she was trans, using her driving licence to help explain her situation to the officer.

“When an unknown guard stated that she saw ‘something’ in Ms. Nelson’s pants, Ms. Nelson acknowledged that she was born a male as indicated on her driver’s license in an effort to explain the […]

Is the single life more expensive?

Is the single life more expensive?

At a speed dating night in Hove, many said life as a singleton was more expensive. Are you single, and suspect that life is more expensive for you than it is for your coupled-up friends?

Well you could be right. There are 7.7 million people living alone in the UK, and according to the Office for National Statistics, last year they each spent on average £21 a week more than individuals living as a couple.

There are all sorts of factors at play here, but a quick survey of single people looking for love at a speed-dating night in Hove, East Sussex, shows what bugs people the most.

"I live on my own and I have to pay a mortgage and all my bills by myself, I don’t have anyone to split that with," says Emma, 29.

She says being single also affects her spending habits. "It’s easier to stay in when you’re part of a couple. When you’re single you don’t always want to stay in and be on your own, which means you go out more, which means more money." ‘Kind of penalised’

Jeremy, 32, agrees that the burden of not sharing his rent and energy bills with anybody takes its […]