Charli XCX and Nintendo said ‘gaymer rights!’ in the most ambitious crossover event in history

Nintendo and Charli XCX collaborated fora song that has, finally, pushed the gay community into madness. (Screenshot via YouTube) In a news story that will make you doubt your sanity, singer Charli XCX has dropped a new song… with Nintendo and the colourful cast of characters from Super Mario Bros.


Proving that the G is for Gaymers, the “Baby Girl” singer swung on a poll with Toad as she belted out some candy-coated vocals in a music video for the video game corporation’s Super Mario World theme park.

Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history? Not anymore, Marvel.

The theme park is coming to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, and it’s opening ahead of this summer’s 2020 Olympics. Princess Charli XCX collaborates with Nintendo for new song.

Launching both the park and countless gay men into insanity is Charli’s new song “We Are Born To Play” which marries together her musical talent with some retro Mario magic.

Basically, a lot of bleeps and bloops, but this song is a major bop.

It’s a little more than two minutes of Charli running around the Mushroom Kingdom in a sprawling pink tutu dress as hundreds of park-goers jump and collect coins. Be still my gay heart Super Mario World in Universal Studios Japan dropped a music video feat. Galantis & CHARLI XCX I’m going through so many happy emotions, I’m literally in tears. My two favorite things in the world are Nintendo & Charli. Buying my ticket to Japan NOW.

— )^o^( (@papixcx) January 14, 2020 Charli is hanging out with Toad with a boombox on the top of a CGI Princess Peach’s Castle, teasing what the park is set to look like.

With Mario shouting “Here we go!” the plumber has officially collaborated with a pop queen. The song broke the psyches of people, as you can imagine, as they watched the fabric of reality collapse around them.

really enjoying this new reality that nintendo just paved for us where Charli XCX and Toad are friends

— uǝʌǝʇs (@emoswaggy) January 14, 2020 thinking about every unique experience I must have had in order to lead me to the exact moment where Charli XCX collabed with Super Nintendo World

— it’s capricorn season (@eflow_egiap) January 14, 2020 The fact that Charli XCX is sponsored by mother fucking Nintendo… This bitch is making COIN literally Mario coins. I have nothing but upmost respect for my queen. Let us toast to our international impact that is Miss Charli

— (@moxiecodone) January 14, 2020 i cant believe nintendo confirmed toad is a charli xcx stan… i hope they announce that bowser jr bought that $300 sophie clutch next

— bren (@ChickFilA69) January 14, 2020 Stars you didn’t know are gay or lesbian

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So, will Charli, an official Super Mario princess, be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ? Your move, Nintendo.