Drag queen dressed as Elsa from Frozen rescues snowed-in police van during blizzard

Elsa from Frozen A drag queen dressed as snow queen Elsa helped rescue a stuck police van during a blizzard.

An extraordinary clip has gone viral of the incident, which happened during a blizzard in Boston this week.

A Boston Police Department van managed to get stuck in the snow outside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the south of Boston, when they got help from an unlikely source. A drag queen dressed as Elsa from Disney film Frozen lent her helping hand, helping to push the van out of the snow drift that it was stuck in.

The performer – 37-year-old Jason Triplett – then proceeded to walk in the snow, looking like a badass and singing Let It Go.

A video of the incident has since racked up 3 million views.

Speaking to Buzzfeed , Triplett joked about his new-found fame, quipping that he “wouldn’t go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show unless Adam Rippon was there”. First of all…I would just to say that regardless of the obvious similarities, this is NOT me. #bostonsnowstorm #winterstormskylar #elsa #frozen #sorrynotfrozen A post shared by Jason Paul (@jptriplett1) on Mar 13, 2018 at 5:28pm PDT Frozen writer Jennifer Lee recently responded to fans who […]