Female student hilariously trolled for ad asking for a ‘gay best friend’

A straight female college student is getting blasted after posting an anonymous ad looking for a ‘gay best friend’ .

The University of Queensland student posted the plea on the college’s Facebook ‘love letters’ page.

The page is typically for lovelorn young people looking for their special someone.

But, occasionally, the Australian students see something else.

‘Dear gay males, lonely? Need a friend?’ the anonymous ad began.

‘Then HIT ME UP because it’s been my literal dream to have a gay best friend.

‘Pls love react this if you need a friend, I promise you won’t regret it.

‘Must like: Memes


‘Your basic female first year.’ ‘Gay men aren’t accessories’

The advert inspired a lot of responses from both men and women that informed the anonymous poster that ‘gay men aren’t accessories’.

One of the best responses was from one gay man that thought he could take her up on offer – with a price.

The response, also in the form of a ‘love letter’ post, said:

‘Dear straight girls,

are YOU looking for a gay best friend? Lucky for you I’m on the market! I charge $45/hour for Gay Best Friend activities, double on weekends and public holidays. Better hurry while stock lasts!


Your future gay best friend’

Michael D’Angelo, a second year biology student at the University of Queensland, told Gay Star News he first thought the ad was a ‘joke’.

‘I then realised that no, wait, there are straight women who are like this.

‘Straight women have treated me like this!’

He added: ‘It can be very hard, especially when you’re first coming out, to encounter people like this.

‘At first it feels like something like acceptance. But they’re not really appreciating you for you – just what they think you are because of your sexuality.

‘I say to the girl that wants a gay friend, that’s fine! But look for friends that happen to be gay, not because of what you think a gay friend will be like.

‘Don’t expect them to take you shopping or talk about boys. Be friends with them because of who they are.’ See also

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