Gay age gap couple: ‘People assume we’re father and son’

Gay couple Mark, 55, and Kayleb, 22, have been dating for six years and regularly get mistaken for father and son.

The pair, who met on Grindr, were initially in a Sugar Daddy arrangement, but after finding a strong connection they decided to become official.

The pair became “a genuine couple that has love between us” and recently moved to Hawaii together with their two dogs.

Kayleb had never been in a relationship prior to dating Mark but now the couple are planning to get married.

They spoke to PinkNews about what it’s like to be in an age gap relationship: “We share a lot of our life online, but in real life, a lot of people just assume we’re father and son, so we don’t get any weird stares,” Kayleb tells PinkNews.

According to Mark, the best thing about their relationship is that Kayleb keeps him “young and happy.” The struggles of being in an age gap relationship

However, when it comes to social situations, the pair admit the age gap does become more visible.

“The hardest thing about being in an age gap is blending our friend groups, it makes for interesting get-togethers,” Mark adds.

Mark and Kayleb are not the only age gap couple to go viral for sharing details of their relationship— Julia and Eileen are also a lesbian couple with an age gap.

Although Mark and Kayleb’s families accept their relationship, the couple deal with criticism about their lifestyle on a daily basis, with many viewers on their YouTube channel commenting that the relationship is ‘wrong,’ ‘weird’ and even ‘disturbing.’

“I think most people just assume it’s an arrangement for money,” says Kayleb, who vlogs as Kayleb Alexander on YouTube.

“I don’t blame them for thinking that, but if they took the time to get to know us, like any couple, they’d see that we’re a genuine couple that has love between us.”

After six years together, they believe viewers should get to know them, before pre-judging the relationship.

Kayleb says: “I’d recommend for you to keep your mind open and know that love comes in many shapes, forms, sizes, colours, and ages.”