Gay Asian experience: Why it is now the hottest gay travel trend

Have you ever been to Asia? | Photos: Shutterstock courtesy of Travel By Interest Asia had always been and will continue to be the queen of exotic holidays. Apart from the Caribbean, you will not find many other destinations for exotic vacations rather than in Asia. Whether you are searching for alternative gay holidays in tropical forests and hotel rooms located on isolated beaches, or cosmopolitan cities and towns featuring a vivid and unique gay culture. Of course, we are not going to deny that as a Muslim continent, many of the countries in Asia have not accepted the gay culture yet while many of them, the majority of them located in the Middle East, punish it. That does not mean that there are not countries who accept homosexuality as a part of their culture. The most open to the gay community are Hong Kong, Israel , Japan , Indonesia , Nepal, the Philippines , Taiwan, Thailand , and Vietnam . Asia is also proud to be the continent that hosts the country where the first and the only LGBT political party was born, and it was in the Philippines in 2003. Vietnam is among the very few countries […]