Gay couple to feature on 50 London billboards after winning photo comp

‘Snuggle’ by Scott Hamilton. | Photo: Scott Hamilton A gay couple took out the top spot of a photo competition and will feature on 50 billboards around London.

Scott Hamilton submitted a photo to the Love in London competition of him and his partner snuggling on the couch.

Aptly titled Snuggle, Hamilton took the photo using a self-timer camera. He was one of 700 entrants in the charity competition, which launched on Valentine’s Day and ran for three weeks.

Hamilton said: ‘This competition was a really beautiful idea. Love London winner Elena Braia, entitled ‘The Two of Us.’ | Photo: Elena Braia He’s a part-time teacher who lives in London, but is originally from Edinburgh. He continued: ‘I love the thought of spreading some happiness and joy across London and I’m really privileged that the judges chose my entry, especially since this photo means a lot to me personally.

Hamilton added: ‘I think it gives a great representation of love and comfort, since the shot was taken quite naturally when we were both at home on the couch, it just felt right,’ he said. ‘London has a rich and varied culture’

The competition comes about as a way to boost morale in […]