His boyfriend of 13 years committed suicide – now he’s fighting back

Naz and Matt on a cruise. | Photo: Naz and Matt Foundation Matthew Ogston met Nazim Mahmood in November 2001. They were both at a gay nightclub in Birmingham, England.

‘I had recently come out to myself,’ Matt tells me on the phone, recalling that period in his life. ‘In other words, I recently accepted myself.

‘Just a couple months later, I had a night out. I didn’t really know any gay people. I was sitting there in the nightclub feeling sorry for myself and along came this sweet, delicate voice that said: “May I sit here, please?”‘

Matt says, quite simply, they never stopped talking for 13 years. ‘We fell in love so quickly,’ he remembers. ‘We were both in similar situations in that we weren’t out to our parents.’ They moved to London, when Ogston says they were looking forward to sharing their lives and being themselves.

Until Naz took his own life at 34 when he jumped from the balcony of their shared flat in London. Naz and Matt in Brazil. | Photo: Naz and Matt Foundation Naz’s family is Muslim and they confronted him about his sexuality in 2014. He had previously made the decision never to come out […]