Hundreds of students rally to defend gay athlete from Westboro Baptist Church

Faith in humanity: Restored!

Hundreds of students at John Burroughs School in Missouri organised a counter-protest on Monday as members of the Westboro Baptist Church picketed the school for their celebration of openly gay student-athlete Jake Bain.

Bain, the star running back of the prep school’s football team, came out during a school assembly late last year, but while his fellow students were supportive, the Westboro Baptist Church announced plans for a protest.

A press release posted on the extremist group’s website labelled Jake a “smirking, proud fag child” and explained that their reason for picketing was to prevent “Satan’s agenda of planting pride across the land”.

But on the day the notoriously homophobic hate group were supposed to protest, hundreds from the community joined forces outside the school to show a “display of support” for Jake and LGBTQ students. About 100 people came out to #StandWithJake this morning outside John Burroughs School for @Jakebain10 to counter the Westboro anti-gay hate protest. (My pics) — Rebecca Rivas (@Rebeccarivas) March 12, 2018 “To know that I have all that love and support from so many people is just really cool,” Jake told Fox 2 Now .

“We’ve had a lot of videos inside […]