In pictures: Tokyo at night

Liam Wong is a graphic designer and game developer turned photographer who has captured the nocturnal world of Japan’s capital city, Tokyo.

Wong’s pictures draw on his work as a video game designer and some of his own software techniques, creating an off-world vision of the city.

"I want to take real moments and transform them into something surreal, to make the viewer question the reality depicted in each photograph," says Wong. Wong grew up in Edinburgh, playing video games before studying his art at Abertay University in Dundee, where he made his first video game in 2009 with some friends.

Some years later, while working on the game Far Cry 4 at the software house Ubisoft, he developed an interest in photography as he travelled to different events. "I became fascinated by buildings, shapes, compositions and symmetry, and my initial visits to London and Paris made me increasingly aware of how each city has a different feeling, often dictated by the architecture," says Wong.

Ahead of his first visit to Japan in 2014, Wong purchased a new camera and planned to explore the city. But it was the next year when he found himself in Tokyo during the rain.

"The city came to life," says Wong. "It took on a different persona. It was like being inside the worlds created by Syd Mead and Ridley Scott in Blade Runner or Gaspar Noe in Enter the Void."

Since then he has spent a few years capturing the streets of Tokyo at night, the results now published in his first photography book, TO:KY:OO. All photographs © Liam Wong. TO:KY:OO is published by Thames & Hudson.