Lesbian couple get married in Walmart and it’s adorable

L-R: Leida Torres and Chryssy Slonaker Torres (Photo: Courtesy Leida and Chryssy Slonaker Torres) We love a good a wedding, and the ceremony between Chrissy Slonaker Torres married Leida Torres last Saturday was one overflowing with love. It was also a little bit different. It took place in the garden section of Walmart in West Manchester Township, Pennsylvania.

The women chose the store because they met there. Leida got a job as a manager at the store in September 2015, which is when she first met Chrissy. At first, the women flirted a little bit with one another. A first date at the National Aquarium in Baltimore saw sparks fly. It culminated in last weekend’s wedding.

‘I found my soulmate, finally,’ Leida told the York Daily Record . ‘She’s the love of my life.’

‘What we have is beautiful, it’s amazing,’ adds Chrissy.

The reason they chose to marry at the store? So that co-workers who would have been unable to get the time off could all attend the ceremony. ‘We both have a lot of really close friends that we call family in our Walmart store,’ Leida explained. ‘We discussed it with the store manager and the home office so that everybody […]