Living in two worlds

Loving parents learn to be accepting of their lesbian, gay and transgender children. Can Orthodox society in Israel learn to do the same?

DEVORAH AND RACHI Messing with their children, including Jake (right).. (photo credit: MICHA PAUL) ‘We knew that something was bothering him, but we had no idea.” In August 2005, Michal Mintzer of Efrat, a mother of six children and a teacher at a girls’ high school in Gush Etzion, knew that her 17-year-old son, Sefi, was unhappy. The previous year, they had transferred him from the local Efrat yeshiva high school to a different institution in Jerusalem, hoping that the change of scenery would help, but he remained unsettled.

Mintzer recalls the phone call she received one afternoon late that summer from an anonymous caller.

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