Naomi Ackie shares bi friends’ reactions to The Bisexual

Rising star Naomi Ackie has reflected on being part of 2018’s TV show The Bisexual, saying: ‘It was a breath of fresh air.’

The series, directed by and starring Desiree Akhavan, debuted on Channel 4 last October to positive reviews.

Speaking to Gay Star News at last week’s Newport Beach Film Festival UK Honours event at Langham Hotel, London, Naomi said: ‘It’s such a cool show, that shed a light on something that I don’t think is talked about, celebrated and investigated [enough].’

Ackie, who acted in 2016 movie Lady Macbeth, has a role in this year’s Star Wars: Episode IX and won the ‘Breakthrough’ award on the night.

She furthermore added of the TV show: ‘It was nice being a little bit of comic relief and play a silly character!’ ‘They didn’t hate it, thank god!’

Talking about her bisexual friends’ response to The Bisexual, Naomi also said: ’They have a strong hold on their sexuality, they don’t need the visual approval of a story to confirm who they are; they enjoyed it though, I can say that for sure.

‘They didn’t hate it, thank god! I didn’t hear anything bad!’

Akhavan was also the director of last year’s movie The Miseducation of Cameron Post, about LGBTI conversion therapy.

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