Newspaper headlines: Reality show probe and Kyle ‘heartbroken’

With ITV deciding to axe the Jeremy Kyle Show after the death of a guest, the Sun’s front page reports the TV host’s reaction. "I’m utterly devastated," the paper’s headline reads. The Mirror also leads with reaction from Jeremy Kyle, with a friend describing him as "heartbroken" in the paper’s headline. "Commons to probe reality shows," says Metro, reporting the news that MPs have decided to launch an investigation into the welfare of guests on TV shows in the wake of the tragedy. The lead story in the i newspaper also focuses on the MPs’ investigation and suggests that "tough new rules" could apply to other reality shows, such as Love Island. ITV executives will questioned about the care and mental health support offered to guests, the Guardian says. The paper’s main story reports a "major renationalisation" of some probation services after what it calls "disastrous" reforms by former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. "Tories plot to topple May within a month," says the Daily Telegraph. The paper reports that backbenchers plan a confidence vote against the Conservative leader on 12 June if she does not agree to quit by Parliament’s summer break. A "drugs revolution" is set to transform cancer treatment, according to the Daily Mail. The paper says a £75m programme at the Institute of Cancer Research is set to produce new targeted treatments within 10 years. The Daily Express features the same story on its front page, under the headline: "New drugs to beat cancer in a decade." A diplomatic "spat" has broken out between the UK and US over the threat from Iran, the main story in the Times reports. The paper says a British general, who has been backed by the Ministry of Defence, contradicted Washington claims about Iranian escalation in Iraq and Syria. The Financial Times also focuses on the US, reporting that President Trump has "dodged" a confrontation with the EU and Japan over car tariffs – at least for six months. Meanwhile, the Daily Star reports that former Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley, who played Eva Price, has criticised the show’s "punishing schedule" and says she never plans to return. "Corrie ruined my life," says the headline. Get news from the BBC in your inbox, each weekday morning