Queer Eye’s Tan France admits he has to hide his sexuality when travelling

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix) Queer Eye’s fashion icon Tan France has opened up about his experiences on the Netflix reboot and his travelling habits — including having to hide his sexuality.

It’s been pretty hard to miss the now iconic reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

The Netflix show landed on our screens last month and the eight-episode series was a roller coaster of emotions that has left fans desperate for more.

Tan France, the fashion designer and true heartthrob of the all-new Fab 5, recently opened up about travelling as a married gay man and his hopes for the show. (Getty) “As a gay man, there are certain places that I avoid. When I go to China, I lie and pretend I’m not married, which is really sad—I leave my ring at home,” France said in an interview with Conde Nast .

“But I’m not willing to risk my safety in a country that could cause me no end of problems or where it’s illegal to be gay.

“I’m very aware of the places I can travel to safely and where I cannot.” Related: Queer Eye fan Bon Jovi stopped fashion guru Tan France to ask for a […]

Brexit: EU leaders set to discuss transition agreement

EU leaders will gather on Thursday for a summit at which they are expected to approve the terms of a transition deal with the UK after Brexit.

The EU’s Donald Tusk said on Wednesday he had recommended a draft legal text on transition, citizens’ rights and other withdrawal issues to its members.

It followed Spanish concerns over how the accord would affect its demands for a say on how Brexit affects Gibraltar.

The transition is set for exit day on 29 March 2019 until the end of 2020.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said what she calls the "implementation period", in which the UK will have to adhere to EU rules, will be a bridge to a new economic and political partnership with the EU.

Under the terms of the agreement, the UK will be able to negotiate, sign and ratify its own trade deals while EU citizens arriving in the UK will enjoy the same rights and guarantees as those who arrive before Brexit. UK and EU agree Brexit transition terms Deal is done – but work remains What will Brexit mean for Britain’s overseas territories? To the dismay of many Tory MPs, the UK will effectively remain in the […]

‘Radical change’ needed on countryside

The UK government is failing rural communities and the natural environment, a report says.

The Lords Select Committee document says there should be radical change in how the countryside is looked after.

It recommends stripping the environment department Defra of its power to regulate on rural affairs, and reforming the Countryside Code.

The Lords said Defra had focused too much on farming and agriculture, rather than other aspects of rural life.

The report describes a "consistent failure, over a number of years, to prioritise the ‘rural affairs’ element" of the remit of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

All this, it says, has had a "profound negative impact … to the cost of us all".The Select Committee on the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006 recommends that responsibility for rural affairs should transfer to the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government.According to the report, the body responsible for conserving the natural environment and promoting public access to the land, Natural England (NE), has been "hollowed out" and is now largely ineffective.The report’s chairman, Lord Cameron of Dillington, said: "The last major research was done by the Commission for Social Mobility last year, and it said some of the […]

The community of 2,000 people with 151 cases of sex crime

Norwegian police have documented 151 cases of sexual abuse, including child rape, in one small community of 2,000 people, north of the Arctic circle. The offences occurred over decades – between the 1950s and 2017 – but were only recently uncovered. How could such serious sex crimes go unchecked for so long?

Nina Iversen says she has always been someone who talks – and has often talked about what happened to her when she was growing up in Tysfjord.

"I always spoke about it. From when I was 14 years old, I thought: ‘I’ll write a book about this abuse – I’m going to stop it.’ But of course, I wasn’t able to."

When she was growing up, young people confided in each other about the sexual abuse they had experienced, but adults would not listen.

"We were called whores and liars. There were many of us who were treated like that. And we were spat on if we tried to talk about it," she remembers.

Iversen’s abusers were her relatives, so as a child she lived family life in a perpetual state of terror.Now 49, she no longer lives in Tysfjord, but says she still doesn’t feel safe. A remote community dominated by […]

Gay Priest To Learn Outcome Of Legal Challenge Over Discrimination Claim

A gay priest prevented from working as a hospital chaplain after marrying his partner will learn the outcome of an Appeal Court challenge over his claim he was discriminated against.

Three leading judges are expected to deliver a ruling on Thursday in the case of Canon Jeremy Pemberton, who had his permission to officiate revoked after he married Laurence Cunnington in April 2014.

Canon Jeremy Pemberton, a Church of England (C of E) priest for more than 30 years, was also denied a licence to officiate in the diocese of Southwell and Nottingham – which left him unable to take up a job offer at the King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire. Canon Jeremy Pemberton (right) and husband Laurence Cunnington (David Mirzoeff/PA) He lost an employment tribunal against the Rt Rev Richard Inwood, former acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, and his claims of discrimination and harassment were also rejected by the employment appeal tribunal.

But he renewed his fight at London’s Court of Appeal, where his lawyers argued the earlier rulings should be overturned.

During a two-day hearing in January, his legal team said the bishop’s decisions were wrong, because the C of E has no fixed rule on same-sex marriage among members […]

Will Young says he was made to re-record Leave Right Now because he ‘sounded gay’

Will Young | Photo: Instagram/willyoung Will Young has revealed he was made to repeatedly re-record one of his biggest hits because a record company exec said he ‘sounded gay.’

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph , the Your Game singer says he was not aware at the time why he was forced to do the re-records. ‘It’s really shaming’

Speaking about his experiences of homophobia in the music industry, the British star said: ‘I didn’t know at the time, but when I was recording [his 2003 hit] Leave Right Now, someone at the record company said I “sounded gay” and kept making me re-record the track.’

He furthermore added: ‘There’s a real flavor to homophobia and bigotry. It’s really shaming. People don’t understand the power of language.’

Will won the 2002 series of UK show Pop Idol. His debut single Evergreen remains the fastest-selling single in the UK ever. He has since scored four number one albums. ‘I was really ill. I just couldn’t do it any more’

Elsewhere in the interview, Will says he has spent £500,000 ($703,000, €572,000) on therapy.Will suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He believes comes from being separated from his twin brother […]

We need to talk about ‘top privilege’

There has been a long time understanding between ‘The Gays’ (the male gay community, that is) that we are divided into three main categories: top, bottom, and vers. There’s also vers top or vers bottom, but we won’t get into those specifics here.

Throughout history it’s believed that we have coexisted, for the most part, in peace and harmony.

However, when you take a closer look, you’ll start to see underlying issues that separate us and how sexual positions can affect our lives in very real and impactful ways.

Everything from Fleeting to poop shaming to HIV contraction rate, we start to see that we tops have a kind of privilege that our vers and bottom sisters do not have. S TI Risk

The risk of contracting HIV and other STIs is significantly lower for tops, according to the Center for Disease Control in the US [ Editor’s note: Risk varies greatly according to viral load, but the CDC gives an average of it being 13 times riskier for bottoms than tops. ]

Not only that, but tops have the distinct luxury of being able to identify symptoms of certain STIs more quickly than bottoms, allowing them to seek out treatment right […]

Gay couple to feature on 50 London billboards after winning photo comp

‘Snuggle’ by Scott Hamilton. | Photo: Scott Hamilton A gay couple took out the top spot of a photo competition and will feature on 50 billboards around London.

Scott Hamilton submitted a photo to the Love in London competition of him and his partner snuggling on the couch.

Aptly titled Snuggle, Hamilton took the photo using a self-timer camera. He was one of 700 entrants in the charity competition, which launched on Valentine’s Day and ran for three weeks.

Hamilton said: ‘This competition was a really beautiful idea. Love London winner Elena Braia, entitled ‘The Two of Us.’ | Photo: Elena Braia He’s a part-time teacher who lives in London, but is originally from Edinburgh. He continued: ‘I love the thought of spreading some happiness and joy across London and I’m really privileged that the judges chose my entry, especially since this photo means a lot to me personally.

Hamilton added: ‘I think it gives a great representation of love and comfort, since the shot was taken quite naturally when we were both at home on the couch, it just felt right,’ he said. ‘London has a rich and varied culture’

The competition comes about as a way to boost morale in […]

Lesbian couple get married in Walmart and it’s adorable

L-R: Leida Torres and Chryssy Slonaker Torres (Photo: Courtesy Leida and Chryssy Slonaker Torres) We love a good a wedding, and the ceremony between Chrissy Slonaker Torres married Leida Torres last Saturday was one overflowing with love. It was also a little bit different. It took place in the garden section of Walmart in West Manchester Township, Pennsylvania.

The women chose the store because they met there. Leida got a job as a manager at the store in September 2015, which is when she first met Chrissy. At first, the women flirted a little bit with one another. A first date at the National Aquarium in Baltimore saw sparks fly. It culminated in last weekend’s wedding.

‘I found my soulmate, finally,’ Leida told the York Daily Record . ‘She’s the love of my life.’

‘What we have is beautiful, it’s amazing,’ adds Chrissy.

The reason they chose to marry at the store? So that co-workers who would have been unable to get the time off could all attend the ceremony. ‘We both have a lot of really close friends that we call family in our Walmart store,’ Leida explained. ‘We discussed it with the store manager and the home office so that everybody […]

Demi Lovato contemplated suicide when she was only seven

Lovato recently put out a documentary. | Photo: YouTube/Demi Lovato Demi Lovato revealed she considered taking her own life when she was 7 years old.

She recently appeared in a discussion with US TV host Dr. Phil.

‘At seven I knew if I were to take my own life that the pain would end,’ she told him.

Lovato has long been transparent and honest about her struggles with mental health. It’s an issue she’s used her voice and platform for which to advocate.

Previously, she’s opened up about battles with depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and having bipolar disorder.

She also supports other people’s struggles and journeys. For her current tour, she’s offering free therapy sessions for fans before the show. ‘I hadn’t dealt with it yet’ Lovato continued, telling Dr. Phil she believes a lot of it stemmed from issues with her birth father.‘That I hadn’t dealt with yet,’ she said, referring to his own mental health problems and then his death in 2013.‘Now I’ve got older and I’ve been able to grieve the loss of him and I’ve been able to step back and look from a distance that he was mentally ill and it wasn’t his heart that meant to […]