Baby Charities Express ‘Extreme Concern’ Over Increased Infant Death Rates In England And Wales

Baby Charities Express 'Extreme Concern' Over Increased Infant Death Rates In England And Wales

Baby charities have spoken of their “extreme concern” that the number of babies who died within their first 28 days of life has increased year on year in England and Wales. The rate rose from 2.6 neonatal (newborn) deaths per 1,000 births in 2015 to 2.7 for every 1,000 births in 2016, the Office for National Statistics revealed.

The infant mortality rate – deaths within the first year of a child’s life – also rose, from 3.7 to 3.8 per 1,000 live births from 2015 to 2016. This is the second year in a row the statistic has increased. “These increases can be attributed to many risk factors, such as the mother’s country of birth, mother’s age at birth of child, birthweight and the parents’ socioeconomic status,” an ONS spokesperson said .

Bliss and Tamba (Twins and Multiple Births Association) are now calling for NHS England’s Neonatal Critical Care Transformation Programme Review to be given urgent attention. “It is deeply concerning to see a rise in infant mortality rates for the second year running,” said Caroline Lee-Davey, chief executive of Bliss. “Research has highlighted there are significant variations in mortality rates across the country, meaning there is much more to […]

The Waugh Zone Thursday February 15, 2018

The Waugh Zone Thursday February 15, 2018

Theresa May captured the mood of the Commons yesterday when she attacked Russia for treating the use of a military grade nerve agent against two civilians “with sarcasm, contempt and defiance”. After she expelled 23 diplomats, the Russian Embassy in London proved her words in spades when it tweeted a photo of a thermometer , adding the temperature had dropped to “minus 23, but we are not afraid of cold weather”. Moscow could respond today with expulsions of our own diplomats. A senior Cabinet minister tells HuffPost : “It’s tit for tat now – it will escalate so we had to have other options open to us…No one wants to be the first not to retaliate.”

Last night at the UN in New York, as the Americans and others rallied round the UK in condemning Moscow, Russia’s representative Vassily Nebenzia, claimed there was no “material proof” that his country was involved. Continuing the sarcasm theme, he even cited Arthur Conan Doyle’s “hapless character” Inspector Lestrade, who is “not particularly smart” and comes up with “banal conclusions, only to be overturned by Sherlock Holmes” . On the Today programme, Boris Johnson attacked Russia and Vladimir Putin’s “smug sarcasm” and countered that […]

Harry Styles’ New Song ‘Medicine’ Is Being Hailed As A Bisexual Anthem

Harry Styles’ New Song ‘Medicine’ Is Being Hailed As A Bisexual Anthem

Harry S tyles has delighted fans with his latest new track, ‘Medicine’, with many already calling it a “bisexual anthem”.

The former One Direction star is currently midway through a European tour, and debuted ‘Medicine’ earlier this week during a show in Paris.

Footage of the performance was swiftly shared online by various concert-goers, much to the joy of fans who weren’t able to attend his tour:

Fans online have singled out one lyric in particular – “The boys and the girls are here / I mess around with him / And I’m OK with it.” – for praise, calling for a studio version to be released: nothing but respect for MY bisexual anthem aka Medicine by Harry Edward Styles. I was so shocked when he performed it I can’t remember if I fell or just opened my mouth and didn’t moved for 4 minutes oshsisjsjs DROP THE VERSION STUDIO FAT @Harry_Styles — 85 PAMPLEMOUSSES (@offthatwall) March 14, 2018 @Harry_Styles thank you for the song #medicine . It’s great of you to sing this but as well as that it’s an awesome sign to all bisexual etc. that there is someone so popular who speaks his mind. So they may, too. But, […]

‘Cover Buddha Tattoos And Don’t Pack E-Cigarettes’: Foreign Office Releases Travel Guide On How Not To Get Arrested Abroad

'Cover Buddha Tattoos And Don’t Pack E-Cigarettes': Foreign Office Releases Travel Guide On How Not To Get Arrested Abroad

If you want to stay out of trouble on holiday, don’t take e-cigarettes to Thailand, stop swearing when you land in the United Arab Emirates and be sure to hide your Buddha tattoo in Sri Lanka.

The travel tips are part of advice shared by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for globe-trotting Brits, aimed at reducing the amount of people landing themselves in serious trouble by falling foul of lesser known local laws and customs.

The tips are particularly aimed at young travellers, as new research from the FCO shows one third of 18-24 year olds (33%) will be influenced by celebrities when preparing for their holiday this Easter, with nearly one in three (30%) saying stars inspire their travel destination.

However, many of these destinations have more unusual and surprising rules than young UK travellers are used to. The FCO noted a 7.1% increase in arrests and detentions of Brits abroad between 2015 – 2016 and 2016 – 2017. Ascent/PKS Media Inc. via Getty Images By analysing ONS data, the FCO found a significant increase in Brits travelling further afield than Europe, often to popular celebrity destinations that have stricter laws and customs than the UK. Visits to Sri Lanka […]

Channel 4 News Presenter Cathy Newman Slams Employer ITN After Gender Pay Gap Reveal

Channel 4 News Presenter Cathy Newman Slams Employer ITN After Gender Pay Gap Reveal

Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman has hit out at her employer, ITN, after it was revealed that the company’s gender pay gap sits at 19.6% .

The disparity – which is almost double that of the BBC’s – was revealed on Wednesday (14 March) and bosses were quick to cite the fact most of ITN’s senior roles are occupied by men as the main reason for the gap.

Writing in her Telegraph column , Cathy said she is “shocked at the extent of the disparity – worse than the national average, and worse than the BBC”. Channel 4 News “What’s made me angriest is why we’re all still having to fight this battle,” she added. “The irony is journalists at ITN have been robust in tackling the BBC on this issue. (I even staged a sit-in to interview the director-general on it.)

“We’re employed to ask tough questions: now our own bosses are having to answer some themselves.”

ITN’s chief executive John Hardie has pledged to cut the pay gap in half within five years, while also ensuring half of all senior roles are occupied by women during the same period.

Turning her attention to this, Cathy wrote: “But it’s hard to shake […]

Fenty Beauty Advert Starring Comedian Blame It On Kway Divides Opinion

Fenty Beauty Advert Starring Comedian Blame It On Kway Divides Opinion

Since the launch of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s beauty empire has been synonymous with being inclusive of a variety of women, and now the brand seems to be taking baby steps into gender diversity too.

With the rise of male beauty bloggers and YouTubers such as Manny MUA, Jeffrey Star, James Charles and Patrick Starr who have all been a part of large makeup campaigns, it seemed apt Fenty Beauty would release an advert with a male celebrity and they picked online entertainer Blame It On Kway , albeit playing a female character, which has made him a controversial choice. A post shared by BlameItOnKway (@blameitonkway) on Mar 14, 2018 at 10:50am PDT Blame It On Kway showcases five popular Fenty Beauty lipstick shades including the classic red Ma’Damn in the ‘mattemoiselle’ formula, bubble pink Candy Venom , Midnight Wasabi in a dark khaki green, One Of The Boyz in lilac and Shawty , a deep warm brick brown.

Since the release of the campaign on Wednesday 14 March, it has divided opinion, with some loving the humour and being pleased to see a man in a beauty campaign, while others have called out the brand for giving the campaign to a […]

Trixie Mattel Reflects On Her ‘All Stars’ Performance And New Album ‘One Stone’

Trixie Mattel Reflects On Her 'All Stars' Performance And New Album 'One Stone'

At the start of this year, we named drag performer Trixie Mattel as one of 12 stars to keep an eye out for in 2018.

We’re a quarter of the way through, now, and her irreverent comedy series ‘The Trixie And Katya Show’ is still winning over Viceland viewers, her second album of folk music, ‘One Stone’, is out now and she’s one of just four queens left in the running on the third series of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ .

Not bad going for a queen who finished in sixth place three years ago, right?

Here’s what happened when we caught up with Trixie, talking about overzealous ‘Drag Race’ fans, how it felt to be in the room when BenDeLaCreme made the shock elimination of the series and her response to any ‘All Stars’ viewers who are “underwhelmed” by her performance… Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images First off, let’s talk about ‘One Stone’. You’ve spoken in the past about how music got you through hard times when you were a teenager. Did you have musical aspirations when you were growing up?

Yeah, I guess I grew up and I always wanted to play music […]

Toy Shop ‘The Entertainer’ Rolls Out Nationwide Quiet Hour For Kids With Autism

Toy Shop 'The Entertainer' Rolls Out Nationwide Quiet Hour For Kids With Autism

Children with autism can now shop for toys in ‘The Entertainer’ without the worry of loud noises or busy crowds. The high-street store has rolled out a nationwide weekly ‘Quiet Hour’ to create a calming shopping experience for autistic children after a successful pilot during February half term.

The hour will take place every Saturday for the first hour of opening, starting today in all its UK stores to create a more welcoming environment. During this hour, the music will be switched off.

The National Autistic Society ( NAS ) welcomed the news. Daniel Cadey, autism access development manager said he was “delighted” the toy shop was taking a positive step to make shopping a better experience for children with autism. theentertainer “Small changes such as removing in-store music can make a huge difference to autistic people, who can struggle to filter out background noise which can cause them enormous distress,” Cadey said. “We hope to see other stores follow The Entertainer’s lead and make whatever changes they can to support the needs of all their customers.” theentertainer In October 2017, the NAS launched a week of “autism hours” throughout the UK. This was in response to the charity finding out […]

Ellen DeGeneres was ‘hurt’ by Elton John’s comments when she came out

Ellen DeGeneres was 'hurt' by Elton John's comments when she came out

Ellen DeGeneres [YouTube] Ellen DeGeneres opened up on her battle with depression, telling how Elton John ‘hurt her feelings’ after she publicly came out in the nineties.

The talk show host and comedian revealed that she struggled with mental health after she publicly announced her sexuality during ABC sitcom, Ellen, in 1997.

But she also revealed that pop music icon and LGBT figure Elton John made ‘mean’ and ‘hurtful’ comments to the star, allegedly telling her to ‘get over it’. Ellen speaks out on her battle with depression

Speaking on the American Expert podcast , she told host Dax Shepard:

‘Even Elton John said, “Shut up already. We know you’re gay. Be funny.’”

‘I had never met him and I thought, “What kind of support is that from a gay person?”‘But everybody assumed I was just nonstop talking about. It hurt my feelings,’ she said. Ellen faced backlash after her historic announcement in 1997 The episode went down in history and pulled in huge viewing figures.However, despite its success, the network cancelled the show as advertisers and sponsors began to distance themselves from the brand.‘People were making fun of me. I was really depressed‘And because of that and because the show was canceled, […]

Will Prince William’s pledge help scrap anti-LGBTI laws in 37 countries?

Will Prince William's pledge help scrap anti-LGBTI laws in 37 countries?

Prince William has been nominated for a British LGBT Award Prince William has pledged his support for LGBTI equality in the Commonwealth.

Royals attended an event, hosted by Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland, to meet with LGBTI representatives.

The Duke of Cambridge and third in line to the throne said he is a supporter for LGBTI rights.

Prince WIlliam said he raises LGBTI rights when he is traveling. He also vowed to do more so in the future.

37 of 53 countries in the Commonwealth criminalize homosexuality or gay sex. These derive from laws imposed by them by the British during the colonial era.

Countries which criminalize gay sex include Uganda, Nigeria, Barbados and Kenya. Young royal pledges support of Commonwealth reform A group of 80 LGBTI defenders, coordinated by The Peter Tatchell Foundation, protested at Westminster Abbey as the Queen, Prime Minister Theresa May and more officials celebrated Commonwealth Day. JOIN US today. 53 countries in the Commonwealth. 37 criminalise homosexuality. #Commonwealth leaders refuse to end this persecution. LGBTs & allies are holding a vigil for equality outside Westminster Abbey today, Commonwealth Day, from 1.30 to 4.30pm. #commonequality — Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell) March 12, 2018 Royal endorsement could help put LGBT rights […]