Putting LGBT-themed books behind closed doors is censorship that denies children supportive resources

Putting LGBT-themed books behind closed doors is censorship that denies children supportive resources

Students read at the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s “My Pop-up Library” event on World Book Day on April 21 at a school in Sham Shui Po. The Hong Kong Public Library’s decision to move 10 children’s books featuring same-sex parents and other LGBT themes to the closed stack section has come in for criticism. Photo: Jonathan Wong Book banned in Singapore among titles hidden from view as anti-gay-rights group celebrates victory after months of pressure on Home Affairs Bureau Philippine Justices take part in an en-banc session at the Supreme Court in Manila, Philippines on June 19, 2018. Photo: Reuters I am outraged that children’s books about same-sex families have been removed from public library shelves in Hong Kong (“ LGBT-themed books removed from library shelves ”, June 21). This goes against the Unesco Public Libraries Manifesto that Hong Kong follows , which instructs libraries to be places of “free and unlimited access to knowledge, thought, culture and information”.

Despite Hong Kong not yet legalising gay marriage, the LBGT community exists here and many members are raising children . It is important for these children to see themselves represented in books and also for other children to see that loving families come in many shapes and sizes. Respect for others and an acceptance of difference are important values for children to learn.

The youth of Hong Kong have some of the highest stress levels in the world. Likewise, youth in the LGBT community worldwide have higher than average rates of mental health issues . Removing books with gay themes sends the message to at-risk young people that same-sex families are “wrong” and need to be hidden away. I worry about the effect this could have on young people in Hong Kong who may be exploring their sexuality. Instead of discrimination, they need to be supported and valued.

There is no justification for removing picture books that promote diversity, tolerance and love. It is unbelievable that this censorship has occurred, and that pressure from anti-gay groups should sway government decisions. This is not the Hong Kong I want my child to grow up in. Our children deserve better.

Emily Sim, Shek Tong Tsui

Netflix has just released a surprise mini-episode of Queer Eye

Netflix has just released a surprise mini-episode of Queer Eye

If you’ve already binged your way through Queer Eye Season 2, don’t worry – Netflix has your back.

The Fab Five have restyled the US with aplomb, while offering words of wisdom and thoughts on the States’ political climate to boot.

During Season 2, we saw the Fab 5 smash through several barriers including the wonderful makeover of a woman in Gay, Georgia , and the reboot’s first makeover of a transgender man . Miss Tammye (Netflix) However, for those of us who have already finished Season 2 – and let’s face it, that’s most of us – Netflix has just released a 20-minute mini-episode available below.

In the new mini-episode, the Queer Eye team went international as they head to the town of Yass in New South Wales, Australia.

Fans were given a sneak peek of the trip to the small town on June 7, when Netflix released a clip of the Fab Five being crowned literal ‘Yass Queens’ by the mayor of Yass.

Now fans have the chance to watch all of the hijinks the guys got up to in Yass, including two stunning makeovers. The Fab Five have a sing-a-long (Netflix) The Fab Five begin by making over a 50-year-old rancher called George, who starts off a little bit wary of the energetic team.

Grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness later said: “I do think George has never had four American gay men with one gorgeous Pakistani Brit ever come so aggressively at him for cuddles.”

The makeover soon gets underway and even though the episode is only 20 minutes long, we get to see everything that we usually love.

Fashion expert Tan France runs through George’s wardrobe and self-care guru Karamo tries to get George to open up and talk about his feelings. Karamo and George (Netflix) Meanwhile, Antoni and Bobby head to a bistro in the town of Yass to revamp both the menu and the decor, with fabulous results.

We see Antoni cook – spoilers, there’s no avocado involved – and Bobby gives the bistro a stylish upgrade.

Like the rest of the makeovers, it’s a heartwarming and joyful mini-episode that might win the series record for the quickest time to make the audience cry. It’s a happy ending (Netflix) As well as giving us cute moments like their own acoustic rendition of the Queer Eye theme song , the Fab Five are as socially aware as usual.

Grooming expert and queen of gay vernacular Jonathan Van Ness highlighted the recent progress Australia has made for the LGBT community, particularly after the same-sex marriage postal vote in November 2017 .

He said: “I think because just legalised same-sex marriage, it’s only fitting that we would sweep into a gorgeous little town and create a gorgeous little community moment.”

It’s so wholesome.

Watch the full 20 miniute episode below

Rupaul’s Drag Race star Alaska has cameo role in gay porn film

Rupaul’s Drag Race star Alaska has cameo role in gay porn film

RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Alaska is appearing in a gay porn video as a news anchor.

The runner-up on season five of Drag Race has a cameo role in Ass Controller 9 , starring porn actors Casey Jacks and Dante Coll.

The porn title revolves around the plot of Alaska’s co-anchor having a butt-plug controlled by a producer via an app.

It all takes place on the set of the appropriately-titled Morningwood News, which reports on hard-hitting news stories such as ‘Chronic Masturbator: Friend or Foe?’.

Alaska told fans on Instagram: “I play a hard-headed, ambitious news reporter who is trying to make it to a major network, when my co star mysteriously has a remote control device put inside his rectum.” (Men.com) As Casey Jacks starts to shake from the vibrator controlled by Dante Coll, Alaska shouts: “Are you serious?” before attempting to exorcise him from the devil “in the name of the lord.”

“The power of Christ compels you,” she adds.

The film, released today, is the latest in a series from MEN.com themed around remote control vibrators.

Previous instalments in the series show a professor using the vibrator to control his students, while another shows a barber using the remote-controlled butt plug on a client. The drag race performer, whose full stage name is Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, went on to win All Stars 2 after appearing on season five.

She faced criticism from fans of the show for her behaviour on the show, leading her to post an apology video online.

Other reported cameos include T he Last Sharknado: It’s About Time , a made-for-TV disaster movie which combines sharks and tornados.

In the final instalment of the franchise, the film’s stars travel back in time to try and prevent the first – yes, there was more than one – shark tornado happening.

Drag Race season 10 episode 13 recap: ‘Why can’t everyone just get along?’ A newbie’s hot take

Drag Race season 10 episode 13 recap: ‘Why can’t everyone just get along?’ A newbie’s hot take

(VH1) Hey, so, question: does RuPaul’s Drag Race ever actually stop airing ? As one of the estimated seven queers left in the entire world that doesn’t religiously tune in every week, I swear it seems like a new episode is out every other day.

Each season seems to be over as soon as it gets started, which is probably why I’ve never quite managed to properly commit to trying to get into it, despite countless attempts, because it is literally impossible to keep up!

Honestly, I’ve only just learned the correct pronunciation of “Miss Vanjie” – I thought the j was silent until I heard it said out loud– and now apparently we’re already nearing the final episode of the season?!

But I guess if anything is going to convince me that it’s possible to keep track of all the Drag Race drama then a recap episode ahead of the season finale is probably it.

So I do what any self-respecting mega-fan would probably do: I set my alarm for 6am, make myself a strong black coffee and huddle up on the sofa, refreshing my internet browser twice a minute until the episode finale lands on Netflix half an hour later.

All the queens have gathered to spill the tea, the whole tea and nothing but the tea on season 10, and first up is the whole “Miss Vanjie” thing. “It’s like gay aloha now – hello, goodbye and thank you,” the queens explain, and the viral internet is finally starting to make sense to me. Miss Vaaaaanjie (RuPaul’s Drag Race VH1) Next we recap of some of the season’s most memorable eliminations, including Dusty Rae Bottom and Monét X Change’s Nicki Minaj lip sync battle in episode two , Monique forgetting her words lip syncing to Carly Rae Jepsen in episode seven , the double save in episode nine’s incredibly battle between Eureka and Kameron Michaels, and Miz Cracker’s elimination against her in episode 11 (I sound like an expert already, right?).

We continue with a look at The Vixen’s most confrontational moments, and it seems like I’ve missed out on a hell of a lot of drama. First stirs up the rivalry between lookalike New York queens Aquaria and Miz Cracker, and then a recap of her showdown with Eureka ends up just turning into a whole other argument! Things gets so heated that The Vixen struts off set, with a “y’all can have a good night.” So much for Drag Race reunited.

With The Vixen gone, the rest of the girls keep discussing the feud, and it’s all too much for Asia O’Hara. “Here we are filming during Pride season and we let one of our sisters walk out the fucking room,” she says, fighting back tears. I don’t think I was emotionally prepared for this, and that’s not the end of it.

Next we recap Dusty Rae’s relationship with her ultra-religious family and the conversion therapy she was put through as a teen, Monique Heart, Monét X Change and Yuhua Hamasaki’s difficult relationships with their families, and finally Blair St Clair’s sexual assault and excessive drinking.

I honestly had no idea that Drag Race got this deep, and it’s all a bit much for me so early in the morning.

Time for a bit of light relief, so we play ‘Toot or Boot’ to recap some of the season’s most memorable outfits.

All of the looks are obviously fabulous, but I’m especially impressed with the resourcefulness of Monet’s sponge dress, even if the other queens aren’t. Then we move on to highlights from this season’s guest judges, including Christina, Andrew Rannells and Kumail Nanjiani. I’ve missed out on so much! (VH1) Now we’re all caught up, it’s the final chance for the queens to ask any burning questions and get things of their chest. I’m a little bit worried that it’s all going to descend into argumentative chaos again, and I kind of with everyone could just get along a bit better, even if some of the shade throwing is hilarious.

We’re almost at the end of the episode, so it’s time for the eliminated queens to share who they feel should win next week. And judging by the split in their opinion, it’s going to be a very close finale. I, for one, can’t wait!

Miss Vanjieeeeee…

Bomb threat closes London’s Charing Cross station

Bomb threat closes London's Charing Cross station

Armed police were called to the scene A man on the tracks claiming to have a bomb forced the evacuation of London’s Charing Cross railway station.

British Transport Police (BTP) was called to reports of a man on the underground tracks at 06:35 BST. Armed police also attended the scene.

A Met Police spokesman said the man was detained and no-one has been injured.

There was disruption to the mainline and London Underground services but all are now running normally. Police said a man had been arrested and taken into custody Police and rail staff are working to reopen the station, which is one of London’s busiest.

A BTP spokesman said: "A man claiming to have a bomb at Charing Cross station has now been arrested.

"We are now working to reopen the station as soon as possible would like to thank passengers and rail staff for their patience and understanding during this incident." Eyewitnesses said there were "dozens of armed counter terrorism officers" Trains travelling through Charing Cross station were temporarily stopped Passengers tweeted about the disruption after they were evacuated from the station.

BBC South East Today reporter Amanda Akass said there were "dozens of armed counter terrorism officers" at the scene.

Report Report "This is the first time I’ve seen something of this scale," another eyewitness told the BBC. No-one was injured in the incident on Friday morning

Man jailed for trying to trade chicken for sex with teen on gay dating app

Man jailed for trying to trade chicken for sex with teen on gay dating app

7 things you should know about San Francisco Pride 2018 This emotional Pride in London video is coming to UK national TV NYC Pride Parade: Everything you need to know before the big day Student accused of trying to trade sex for food with a teenager A man accused of trying to trade chicken Alfredo for sex with a teen on a gay dating app was jailed this week.

Albert Maruna, 23, of Austintown, Ohio, faces a one-week jail term.

He will also register as a Tier One sex offender and endure 120 days of house arrest. Charged with alleged attempted unlawful sexual contact with a minor

Then 22, he was arrested after the ‘ teen’ turned out to be an undercover cop .

In a sting last December, Maruna sent nudes to the cop posing as a teen.

When the cop told Maruna he was 15, the 22-year-old told him he ‘didn’t believe in age’.

The two then engaged in sexually explicit conversations.

Maruna then developed feelings for the teen’s persona, telling him he hoped they would get married one day.

Police, according to NBC, said Maruna called the fake profile his ‘one and only’.

On 12 December, Maruna planned a romantic encounter. ‘Caught’ with chicken Alfredo and two bottles of Sprite

He promised to bring a chicken Alfredo dish, Sprite and lube.

Upon arriving at the meeting place, Maruna was arrested and charged with importuning, disseminating matter harmful or obscene to juveniles, possession of criminal tools and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

In Maruna’s possession were a Tupperware container of chicken Alfredo, two bottles of Sprite, Astroglide, Vaseline, an iPhone, a MacBook, and zip drives, Fox19 reported.

After his arrest, Maruna told police he didn’t believe having sex with a 15-year-old was wrong.

While it is not confirmed that Maruna was using Grindr, many gay dating apps have a minimum age policy.

‘No use by underage persons,’ the apps states. ‘No persons under the age of 18 (21 in places where 18 is not the age of majority) may directly or indirectly view, possess or otherwise use the Grindr services.’

The age of consent in Ohio is 16 years old.

Italy to seize NGO rescue ships as migrant row deepens

Italy to seize NGO rescue ships as migrant row deepens

The two ships work for the German NGO Mission Lifeline Italy said it will seize two migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean, amid a deepening row over migrants.

Two German NGO ships carrying migrants "will be seized" to determine their legal status.

The move comes as French President Emmanuel Macron attacked the "leprosy" of anti-EU feeling, angering Italy’s new populist government.

Italy sparked the fresh row earlier this month when it refused to take in the Aquarius rescue ship.

Carrying 630 migrants rescued off the North African coast, the ship eventually sailed to Spain after being turned away by both Italy and Malta. Who is responsible for migrants at sea?

EU migration: Crisis in seven charts

Leaders from 10 EU member states will meet in Brussels on Sunday to discuss how best to stem the flow of migrants to the bloc.

The Italian government earlier said it will not sign up to any EU plan unless it makes helping Italy a priority , while Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – known as the Visegrad Group – said they will boycott the talks.

The UN refugee agency on Thursday said it was "shocked and saddened" by the recent drowning of 220 people off the coast of Libya, and called for urgent action. The migrant crisis has caused deepening rifts between EU member states Relations will be further strained after President Macron’s comments.

In a speech in Brittany, Mr Macron said anti-EU feeling was rising "a bit like a leprosy all across Europe", including in "neighbouring countries" – without specifically naming any one nation.

"They’re saying the worst things, and we’re getting used to it," he said.

Deputy Italian prime minister and leader of the populist Five Star movement Luigi Di Maio tweeted in Italian that Mr Macron’s words were "offensive and misplaced" , saying that "true leprosy" is when countries turn back migrants and then "preach to us" about calls for them to redistributed to other EU states. Why is Italy seizing the ships?

The two ships, Lifeline and Seesuchs, belong to the German body Mission Lifeline.

According to the NGO, Lifeline rescued 224 migrants off the coast of Libya on Thursday morning.

Italy’s interior minister and leader of the right-wing League party, Matteo Salvini, said on Facebook the ship should "go to Holland", as it was said to be flying under a Dutch flag, and should not dock in Italy.

However, the Dutch delegation to the EU later clarified in a tweet that the ships are not registered in the Netherlands, and not flying under its flag.


Italy’s Infrastructure Minister Danilo Toninelli later said the ship broke the law by taking the migrants even though the Libyan coastguard had already intervened.

He said Italy would seize both the Lifeline and the Seesuchs to determine their legal status, and said Italy would "once again save the migrants".

Mission Lifeline later posted an image on Twitter of a registration document they say proves the ships sail under the Dutch flag. Why the tough words from Italy?

Italy’s new coalition government wants to deport half a million undocumented migrants, many of whom are housed in squalid reception centres. More than 600,000 have reached Italy from Libya in the past four years.

Speaking on Italy’s Rai national TV, Mr Salvini said it was "unacceptable" to be told "we will help you in one or two years, while you keep those who arrive and we will send you others". On a visit to Sicily, Matteo Salvini said Italy must increase its deportations of migrants.

On a recent visit to Sicily, Matteo Salvini said Italy must increase its deportations of migrants Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says measures to curb the flow of migrants to Italy from North Africa are the priority – not transfers of migrants from one EU country to another.

Among them are refugees from the war in Syria or other conflicts, who generally have a right to asylum. Why doesn’t the EU stop the boats coming?

Italian warships are spearheading Operation Sophia, an EU anti-smuggler mission patrolling a vast area off the Libyan coast.

The EU has stepped up co-operation with the Libyan coastguard to intercept migrant boats. But people-smuggling gangs have flourished in Libya’s chaos, charging desperate migrants thousands of dollars per head.

The EU Commission has proposed "regional disembarkation platforms" in North Africa, where the UN and other agencies could screen those who have a genuine claim to asylum in Europe. Those not eligible would be offered help to resettle in their home countries.

But processing centres outside the EU must not become a "Guantanamo Bay" for migrants, EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos warned.

The EU also aims to increase its Frontex border guard force to 10,000 staff by the end of 2020. The EU’s controversial Dublin Regulation states that an asylum seeker’s claim should usually be handled by the country where she or he first arrives.

The regulation – currently under review – enables EU countries to deport asylum seekers to the country where they first landed. Italy and Greece object to that policy, saying they are shouldering an unfair burden.

Are Instagram stars facing a brand backlash?

Are Instagram stars facing a brand backlash?

Olivia Rink says she works "at least 70 hours a week" on her fashion and lifestyle blog Consumer goods giant Unilever has taken a stand against "influencer marketers" who exaggerate their social media clout to earn more money promoting products. Is this the start of a brand backlash? Are genuine influencers under threat?

We’ve all heard about vloggers and bloggers earning big bucks promoting brands’ products on their social media pages.

Some of these "millennial influencers" with a million or more followers can earn $20,000 per post, says social insights firm Captiv8. A few have become minor celebrities in their own right.

But it seems a number of them have been gaming the system, buying armies of "followers" from firms that use automated bots to create fake accounts and simulate interactions, known as engagement – a key metric to evaluate influencers.

Consumer goods giant Unilever, one of the biggest advertisers in the world, has said it’s calling time on influencers who try to cheat. Unilever threatens to pull online ads

It wants to see "greater transparency" in the influencer marketing industry, fearing that consumers may no longer trust influencers or the brands that work with them. Is the social media influencer market boom about to end? Instagram says it blocks millions of fake accounts every day and works hard to build stronger relationships between brands and influencers. Instagram star used stock image photos

But some genuine influencers fear they may get caught in the crossfire.

"I am so against bots," says New York-based Olivia Rink, 27, a fashion and lifestyle blogger who used to be a cheerleader.

"It’s very discouraging to compete with influencers that make the decision to use bots for fake engagement."

Ms Rink, who has worked with more than 600 brands, says she spent four years building her blog audience.

"I work extremely hard to create unique and authentic content that I know my readers will enjoy."

But Unilever isn’t the only brand getting fed up – several hotel brands recently told The Atlantic that they no longer want to work with influencers, after being flooded with requests for free all-expenses-paid stays, but failing to see a tangible return on their investment.

Other resorts have now implemented an extensive vetting process to ensure that influencers actually have good organic engagement with their audiences and aren’t using bots. Natascha Glock’s audience consists mostly of German young adults aged 18-25 In a further sign of disenchantment, it seems marketers are now ditching influencers from their marketing strategies, according to UK-based digital content marketing agency, Zazzle Media.

The firm, which has 10,000 influencers on its books, found, amazingly, that not a single one of the 10,000 British marketers it surveyed planned to focus on influencers over the next 12 months .

"We think there are two key reasons for this," Zazzle’s founder and managing director says Simon Penson.

"One, it’s difficult to measure how influencers affect sales, and two, there’s this underlying issue about bots behind it that’s prevalent and growing."

Natascha Glock, 25, a beauty and lifestyle Instagram influencer living in Frankfurt, Germany, says: "It is unfair for some influencers to use bots, but it is not easy to stop.

"I think it is important that a brand likes my content and my work. It is more effective and you feel better when your followers are real, because you get real attention and real feedback."

She has more than 51,000 followers – men and women, mostly aged 18-25, in Germany – and has worked with more 200 brands, including Unilever’s brand, Dove.

The influencer work provides a handy secondary income, she says, but it took about two years to build an audience big enough to appeal to brands. Toula Rose thinks using bots to create fake followers is "obviously not right and… unfair" Toula Rose, a London-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, says: "I can see why some bloggers would do this, because there’s so much pressure. And some brands only look at the number of followers and don’t care about the engagement.

"But it’s obviously not right and it is unfair, more so to the brand if they work with someone and don’t get anything back."

All three women we spoke to stress that Instagram isn’t just about snapping pretty pictures – it takes hours to produce and style the photoshoots, plan and create content, engage with readers, and pitch ideas to brands.

"I work at least 70 hours every week on my blog," says Ms Rink.

Despite its concerns, Unilever is not ditching influencers completely. In fact, it says this type of marketing is "an increasingly important part" of its overall marketing strategy. Is YouTube changing the way people look?

"The idea of endorsements is nothing new – you can trace it back to the days when Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth and Lana Turner would appear in our soap adverts," says Unilever’s chief marketing officer, Keith Weed. Movie stars like Rita Hayworth used to endorse products in the 1940s "But social influencers add a new and complex dynamic. We want to develop meaningful relationships with influencers who are as passionate about their audiences as we are about the people who use our products every day."

Yet the firm admits that assessing the exact impact of influencers compared with other advertising media is tricky.

Some brands believe quality not quantity is the key when it comes to social media.

For example, Brazilian designer shoe brand Melissa, which has 270 stores worldwide, says it prefers to work with influencers who have smaller audiences but better interaction with their followers.

"We prefer to deal with micro influencers who have 2,000 or 10,000 followers, but they are very strong in their own communities," says Raquel Scherer, Melissa’s global marketing director. More Technology of Business How trying to stay cool could make the world even hotter How trying to stay cool could make the world even hotter

Can we trust AI if we don’t know how it works?

Why do some job adverts put women off applying?

‘It feels like the hand of God thrusting you up the road’

Could a text message save thousands of fishermen’s lives?

"It doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 followers but people are not engaging with your content."

Although there is a lot more competition, Ms Rose feels there is still a place for people who want to create original content.

"I don’t feel threatened, it just motivates me to keep working while Instagram is still going," she says.

"We don’t know what the future holds for blogging – it’s changed so much in the last few years." Follow Technology of Business editor Matthew Wall on Twitter and Facebook

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MPs to investigate ‘fast fashion’ impact

MPs to investigate 'fast fashion' impact

The rise of cheap, disposable clothes and their impact on the environment will be investigated by MPs.

‘Fast fashion’, worn a few times before being dumped, can add to landfill, release toxic chemicals in production and plastic fibres in the wash.

The Commons environmental audit committee will look at how the industry could be made more sustainable.

The latest report by campaigners Wrap suggests that about 300,000 tonnes of clothing is binned in the UK each year.

That figure from 2015 is 50,000 tonnes less than it was three years earlier but Wrap says the clothing industry still has the fourth largest environmental impact, after housing, transport and food.

Stella McCartney: ‘We have to offer solutions’

The problem with ‘fast fashion’

Used clothes: Why is demand declining?

The fast fashion phenomenon – cheap clothing with a quick turnover that encourages people to keep buying – has come under fire over its environmental impact, including water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and textile waste.

Committee chairwoman Mary Creagh said: "The way we design, make and discard clothes has a huge environmental impact. Producing clothes requires toxic chemicals and produces climate-changing emissions.

"Every time we put on a wash, thousands of plastic fibres wash down the drain and into the oceans. We don’t know where or how to recycle end of life clothing.

"Our inquiry will look at how the fashion industry can remodel itself to be both thriving and sustainable."

The committee is inviting people to comment by September on the environmental impact of the fashion industry, waste, unwanted clothing and working conditions in UK garment factories.

Among the questions it will ask is whether fast fashion is unsustainable, and what can be done to encourage people to buy fewer clothes and think more about how they are disposed of.

Airbus warns no-deal Brexit could see it leave UK

Airbus warns no-deal Brexit could see it leave UK

Airbus has warned it could leave the UK if the country exits the European Union single market and customs union without a transition deal.

The European planemaker said the warning was not part of "project fear, but its "dawning reality".

Airbus employs about 14,000 people at 25 different sites in the UK.

Last week, the outgoing president of the CBI said sections of UK industry faced extinction unless the UK stayed in the EU customs union.

It brings together the EU’s 28 members in a duty-free area, with a common import tariff for non-EU goods.

Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out staying in the customs union. The UK is due to leave the EU on Friday, 29 March, 2019.

In its Brexit "risk assessment" published on Thursday , Airbus said if the UK left the EU next year without a deal – meaning it left both the single market and customs union immediately and without any agreed transition – it would "lead to severe disruption and interruption of UK production".

"This scenario would force Airbus to reconsider its investments in the UK, and its long-term footprint in the country," it added.

The company, which makes wings for its passenger planes in the UK, also said the current planned transition period which is due to end in December 2020 was too short for it to make changes to its supply chain.

As a result it would "refrain from extending" its UK supplier base. It said it currently had more than 4,000 suppliers in the UK. Brexit: All you need to know

Industry sectors face Brexit extinction

‘Treasury not the enemy of Brexit’

Tom Williams, chief operating officer of Airbus Commercial Aircraft, said in "any scenario" Brexit had "severe negative consequences" for the UK aerospace industry and Airbus in particular.

Further, without a deal he said Airbus believed the impacts on its UK operations could be "significant".

"We have sought to highlight our concerns over the past 12 months, without success. Far from Project Fear, this is a dawning reality for Airbus," he said.

"Put simply, a no-deal scenario directly threatens Airbus’ future in the UK."

Conservative MP Stephen Crabb said the warning from Airbus should be a "wake-up call".

Mr Crabb tweeted: "The enormous Airbus factory in North Wales is one of the jewels in the crown of UK manufacturing. This is a wake-up call. A pragmatic, sensible Brexit that protects trade & jobs is vital."

And shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer tweeted: "If proof was needed that the PM’s Brexit red lines need to be abandoned (and fast), this is it." ‘Zero evidence’

The warnings from Airbus echo comments made on Wednesday by the boss of Siemens in the UK .

Jürgen Maier said the UK should should remain in the customs union after Brexit unless there was a "proper alternative".

Last week, Paul Drechsler, the outgoing president of the CBI, said some parts of industry in the UK faced extinction if the country left the EU customs union.

Paul Drechsler said car firm bosses had come to him saying the industry would suffer unless there was "real frictionless trade".

Mr Drechsler also said there was "zero evidence" that trade deals outside the EU would provide any economic benefit to Britain.

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