Wanted: Robot wrangler. No experience required.

Wanted: Robot wrangler. No experience required.

How about this for a future job advert? "Wranglers wanted for growing fleets of robots. Your responsibilities will include evaluating robot performance, providing real-time analysis and support for problems.

"You must be analytical, detail-oriented, friendly – and ready to walk. No advanced degree required."

Even if this particular advert has not yet appeared, some are already carrying out the role.

Brandon Rees, 32, used to make food deliveries. Now he watches robots do them.

Since September, Mr Rees has been working as a robot operator for Robby Technologies, a Silicon Valley start-up whose robots have been deployed by delivery firms in eight cities in California. Robby Technologies co-founders Rui Li and Dheera Venkatraman On a typical day, Mr Rees picks up a robot, then accompanies it through the streets, providing assessment of the robot’s performance, back-up in the event of any serious problems, and explanations to curious passers-by.

On other days, he sits at a desk with screens, monitoring the machines from afar.Mr Rees’s role might seem counter-intuitive. After all, robots are widely expected to displace workers – as many as 800 million – or 30% of the global workforce – by 2030, according to one recent McKinsey Global Institute estimate . We are […]

Austin bombings: Deceased suspect named as Texas man

Austin bombings: Deceased suspect named as Texas man

Enable it in your browser or download Flash Player here .Sorry, you need Flash to play this. Police chief Brian Manley announced the suspect’s death to the media

Media captionPolice chief Brian Manley announced the suspect’s death to the media US media have identified the suspect linked to a series of deadly parcel bombs targeting the Texas city of Austin as Mark Anthony Conditt, 23.

The man was killed after he detonated an explosive as officers approached his car following a chase in Round Rock, north of the Texas state capital.

Officials say he lived about 20 miles (30km) from Austin in a shared home.

The incident follows four bomb attacks in the Austin area. Officials warn he may have placed more bombs in the area. The suspect was pictured dropping off parcel bombs at a FedEx store Who is the suspect?

Police have not formally identified the suspect, but he has been named in US media as Mark Anthony Conditt, aged 23.Texas Governor Greg Abbot told Fox News that he lived with two flatmates in Flugerville, about 20 miles south of Austin.He added the two flatmates have been talking to authorities, but were not suspected of any crimes.Mr Abbot said the […]

People Power: hundreds hit Philippines’ streets to fight for LGBTI equality

People Power: hundreds hit Philippines' streets to fight for LGBTI equality

Some of the many protestors at the SOGIE Equality Bill rally in Quezon City. | Photo: Twitter/@tomasinoweb Hundreds of people turned up to a rally in the Philippines to call for a LGBTI rights bill to become law.

Protestors congregated at the People Power Monument in Quezon City to encourage national senators to vote in favor of the SOGIE Equality Bill.

The SOGIE Equality Bill would make it illegal to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity expression (SOGIE). Feels good to be surrounded by people who will fight for your rights #EqualityNOW pic.twitter.com/bewxeExjfn — Punong Babaylan #EqualityNOW (@vinceliban) March 17, 2018 The People Power Monument pays tribute to the country’s 1986 People Power revolution. It was a series of massive demonstrations to protest regime violence and electoral fraud.

‘[We chose] the People Power Monument, because this is a struggle of everyone LGBT and non LGBT,’ one of the rally organizers, Tacing Marasigan told Gay Star News.

‘People power includes the the marginalized sectors such as the LGBT.’

The Lagablab Network of around 25 LGBTI organizations put Saturday’s (March 17) rally together.Some of the discriminatory acts which would become illegal under the SOGIE Equality Act include; denial of access to […]

‘Architect’ of Australia’s battle against HIV has passed away

'Architect' of Australia's battle against HIV has passed away

David Cooper. | Photo: The Kirby Institute One of the people often credited as the ‘architect’ of the HIV epidemic in Australia has passed away.

Scientia Professor David Cooper AO died on Sunday (18 March) after a short illness.

Cooper diagnosed some of the first HIV cases in Australia. He became known as an architect for Australia’s response to the epidemic – that would later become a world-leading response.

He was the first director of the Kirby Institute, founded in 1986 that was first known as the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research. Just heard of David Cooper’s death in Sydney. An amazing leader in the international battle against HIV/AIDS. Along with the late Joep Lange, David makes us aware of the epidemic in Asia. Sad. — Paul Volberding (@pvolberding) March 18, 2018 ‘David’s importance as a clinician scientist in the field of infectious diseases cannot be overstated,’ said Professor Tony Kelleher, the Acting Dean of UNSW Medicine and head of the Kirby Institute’s Immunovirology and Pathogenesis Program.

‘He contributed to the development of every therapeutic drug used in HIV. All over the world he was respected as a leader, and at home he was an insightful colleague and unparalleled mentor.’

Cooper […]

A plea to Christian friends from an LGBT activist

A plea to Christian friends from an LGBT activist

Artwork by Dee Sanchez IV symbolizing the people power of the LGBT movement in the Philippines. | Photo: Supplied LGBTI people in the Philippines are growing inpatient with constant delays in passing the SOGIE Equality Bill and opposition from Christian groups. Here one artist explains why the Bill is so important to all people in the Philippines.

I saw the reports the other day about a horde of Christian groups rallying against the SOGIE Equality Bill . ‘No to SOGIE: Yes to Family’ one placard read.

The message was difficult to understand. What kind of family are we talking about? And what kind of family values require children to wage some bloody war on a concept meant to help us appreciate the diversity of human gender and sexuality, the diversity of the human species made in God’s image? No sane or decent person would want to be part of that kind of family.

But so many of us are, and many are trapped.

I do not want to engage in polemics. We LGBT activists have done our best to be kind to those who do not understand what kindness is, and to be understanding with those who refuse to bear even the […]

Anti-gay cardinal accused of sexual misconduct dies after fall

Anti-gay cardinal accused of sexual misconduct dies after fall

Cardinal Keith O’Brien (Photo: YouTube) Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the former head of the Roman Catholic church in Scotland, has died aged 80. He died in hospital after a suffering a recent fall at home.

O’Brien was Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh from 1985 to 2013. During this time he spoke out against acceptance of gay people. He described gay people as ‘captives of sexual aberrations’ and referred to homosexuality as a ‘moral degradation.’

O’Brien spoke out against the introduction of civil partnerships in Scotland, and later same-sex marriage. He was also against adoption agencies placing children with gay couples. Allegations against O’Brien

However, he was forced to step down in 2013 after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. The Observer newspaper detailed four specific allegations – three from serving priests and one from a former priest.

O’Brien at first denied the allegations but later admitted them. He issued a statement saying, ‘I … admit that there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal.’

The Vatican later removed him from all public duties and effectively forced him into retirement.Other priests later spoke of their own inappropriate encounters with […]

Some men experiencing erectile dysfunction with women may be gay

Some men experiencing erectile dysfunction with women may be gay

A new report says some men experiencing erectile dysfunction with female partners could be wrestling with their sexuality (Photo: © Tommaso79 | Dreamstime.com) Some men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) with female partners may be struggling with their sexuality. That’s the conclusion of a new report from the British Society for Sexual Medicine ( BSSM ).

Many men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. Psychological causal factors include stress and depression, while physical factors include heart disease and diabetes. Alcohol and drugs can also have an influence.

The new report from the BSSM estimates that up to 100,000 British men with ED could be struggling with their sexuality. It says this represents a small minority of men in relationships with women who are experiencing ED. However, it suggests GPs and urologists directly ask patients if that could be the case.

The report states: ‘There can no longer be an excuse for avoiding discussions about sexual activity due to embarrassment.’ ‘They might be able to overcome their issue if they come to terms with this’

The report’s author, Dr Geoff Hackett, said people wrestling with their sexuality, ‘need to be pointed in the right direction.

‘This may be your one and […]

I am in a beauty pageant to show gay app users 34 is not too old

I am in a beauty pageant to show gay app users 34 is not too old

Mister Senior Netherlands contestant Miguel Martins. | Photo: www.fotoserie.net Why does a 34-year-old gay man from Portugal decide to compete against men as old as 70 for the title of Mister Senior Netherlands 2018?

My name is Miguel and this is my story. My neighbors predicted I would turn into an alcoholic

I was born in a small village in Portugal. Things were not easy at home. My father used to have a drinking problem, which he managed to conquer recently, and my mother was the only income provider.

I grew up in extreme poverty. Our main concern was where to find the money for our next meal.

But even more painful than that was the fact that I could hear some of my neighbours say that when I grew up I would be just like my father. They said I would drink, I would have no job, and I would be a nobody.

This, believe me, can break a child. But I was no random child. I went door to door telling people God rejects homosexuality Since I can remember, I never felt like I belonged or like there was a place for me. I always felt like an outcast. […]

We asked the UK Foreign Office for LGBTI travel advice – this is what we learned

We asked the UK Foreign Office for LGBTI travel advice – this is what we learned

Where are you going on vacation this year? | Photo: Pexels To travel to LGBTI-unfriendly countries, or to boycott? To express your love on holiday, or to keep things discreet?

And what of countries where gay sex is illegal, but where it’s actually safer for LGBTIs than some where it’s legal?

Queer travelers share a sense of wanderlust, but also a sense of confusion. Travel for us is fraught with questions, potential hazards and conflicting advice.

In an effort to demystify the wealth of information out there, we stopped by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London’s Westminster to talk with Philippa Makepeace, Head of the Consular Assistance Department, to talk all things LGBTI travel. Here’s what we learned… Deciphering information

Hi Philippa. Do you ever worry about information out there being inaccurate?

That’s the case, isn’t it, when you’re trying to research. Is it accurate? Is it just reflecting one person’s experience? That’s why I suggest going to the FCO travel advice first. We focus carefully on making sure we’re giving factual advice. We don’t color it. It’s come from our embassies. The people who are writing it are living in that country, talking to the officials of that […]

Tool created that allows you to see who blocked you on Grindr

Tool created that allows you to see who blocked you on Grindr

Grindr press images – posed by models (Grindr) A tech professional created an online tool that allows Grindr users to see who has blocked them.

Trever Faden told Queerty on Saturday that he created the online site C*ckblocked mainly for his own entertainment after spotting loopholes in the app’s coding.

‘About two weeks ago I discovered that Grindr actually gives each user the profile IDs of all the users who blocked you on the app. They don’t display it anywhere on the actual app itself, but the data is there.’

Washington DC-based Faden says discovering who had blocked had been surprising.

‘I’ve been surprised. Some guys were completely random–why’d they block me!? Others were people I had spoken to in the past. I even saw a friend of mine on there! That was an odd conversation to have.’

He does not expect the loopholes that allow C*ckblocked to work to operate for long.‘I assume Grindr will shut it down within a week or patch the API [ Application programming interface ] I’m using so that it no longer displays the data, but I figure in the meantime, it’s interesting data that could spark some silly conversations.’And Faden’s advice for online security? Basically, any data […]