Florida agriculture commissioner orders LGBT protections

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is adding sexual orientation and gender identity to her department’s list of workplace protections against discrimination.

Friday’s announcement means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will include LGBT employment protections along with those based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age and disability.

It is the first agency to extend protections to transgender employees and applicants.

Fried was sworn in earlier this month and is the only Democrat to hold a statewide office in Florida.

She said she’s encouraging the state’s other two Cabinet members to enact similar policies.

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NBA player Reggie Bullock speaks about the murder of his trans sister

Reggie Bullock #25 of the Detroit Pistons reacts during the game against the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on February 11, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty) NBA player Reggie Bullock has spoken about the murder of his transgender sister.

Bullock, who plays for the Detroit Pistons, has become one of the most vocal voices for LGBT+ equality in the NBA in the wake of his sister Mia Henderson’s 2014 murder .

Speaking to Vice , he said: “I lost a sister that was a part of the LGBT+ community.

“I didn’t know how many lives get taken within that community until my sister’s life was taken. Looking at the numbers for what goes on with the transgender community, and particularly African-Americans, it’s a super high [murder] rate.

“When she passed, it was a slow process for me, trying to recognise her death and understand what exactly went on.” Reggie Bullock is educating himself about LGBT+ issues

Bullock continued: “When I was a kid, I really didn’t know too much about it. The beginning of my high school is when she started dressing in female clothes.

“I didn’t know, I just knew she was trying to be something else. That’s all I thought in my head, she was just trying to be something else. “I would still call my sister the name she was born with, because I wasn’t knowledgeable of it. Once I became knowledgeable, I started addressing her in a different way – as Mia Henderson, the name she wanted to go by.” Reggie Bullock #25 of the Detroit Pistons poses for a portrait during Media Day at Little Caesars Arena on September 24, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. (Gregory Shamus/Getty) The player now regularly appears at events promoting LGBT+ equality within sport.

He added: “I’m still not all the way there yet, but I’m trying to get educated on it and use my platform to do whatever I can do to save lives and bring equality.”

Gay former NBA player Jason Collins praised Bullock’s engagement on the issue, adding: “It’s credit to him that he’s using that pain and the platform he has to speak up on these issues. We need more athletes to speak up to change the culture of sport.” Mia Henderson’s killer still remains unknown

No-one has ever been convicted for Mia Henderson’s violent murder in Baltimore in 2014.

A man was charged with the crime in 2015, but was acquitted on all counts. Mia Henderson was killed in 2014 The Detroit Pistons player previously said he wants to play in a rainbow-coloured jersey.

“Just woke up out a dream and thought about playing in a [rainbow] colored jersey to incorporate #LGBTQ into sports,” he tweeted.

Bullock then tagged the National Basketball Association directly, urging the league to “make it happen in [his] lifetime.”

Scottish Episcopal Church faces split after equal marriage row

Scottish Episcopal Church (Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty) An Aberdeenshire church has voted to break away from the Scottish Episcopal Church, because of its teachings on equal marriage.

The Scottish Episcopal Church has been facing a backlash since a 2017 decision to embrace same-sex marriage , angering evangelicals and conservatives by becoming the first mainstream branch of Christianity in the UK to allow same-sex weddings

The body faced a controversial ‘punishment’ from the global Anglican Communion , while a number of local churches have moved to break away to maintain their anti-gay marriage teachings and traditions.

The fallout continued this week, as Westhill Community Church in Westhill, Aberdeenshire overwhelmingly voted to break away from the Church. Westhill Community Church in Westhill, Aberdeenshire voted to break from the Scottish Episcopal Church On January 17, 87 percent of parishioners voted for a break from the Scottish Episcopal Church, in a decision supported by Rev. Ian Ferguson. Split caused by ‘direction’ of Scottish Episcopal Church, says pastor

Speaking to The Press and Journal , Rev. Ferguson said: “I’m deeply sad that this stage as arrived it breaks my heart. I have been in the SEC for a number of decades and I certainly didn’t want to be in this position.”

He added: “It’s too early to say at the moment what’s going to happen next. We’ll continue to be Orthodox Anglicans and we will not be creating another denomination. “We are just trying to get our heads around the vote because it’s still very fresh.”

Ferguson, one of the more vocal opponents of same-sex marriage within the church, stressed there were multiple issues behind the decision.

He said: “People have different kinds of concerns about all kinds of things, and it’s not just one thing.

“This has been an ongoing matter where a number of us throughout Scotland have been concerned about the direction the SEC has been going in.”

Ferguson had also opposed the 2018 appointment of Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney Anne Dyer, who is the church’s first female bishop and a supporter of equal marriage. Scottish Episcopal Church ‘saddened’ by vote for split

Bishop Dyer said in a statement : “The congregation of Westhill Community Church is a much loved and valued part of our diocese, and I am deeply saddened that they have indicated that they want to pursue potential separation from the Scottish Episcopal Church.

“I will continue to work with Westhill as we begin discussions to enable this potential separation, and will continue to pray for the Rector, Vestry and congregation members in the weeks and months ahead.”

The Primus of Scotland, Bishop Mark Strange, said: “I have been informed that Westhill Community Church, Aberdeen has voted to prepare to leave the Scottish Episcopal Church, and therefore the Anglican Communion. I have received that news with great sadness and will pray that, painful though this process will be for the Church and for the local Diocese and wider community, we will all remember that we are all striving to serve as disciples of Christ.

“We will continue to pray for unity and understanding as we strive to further the mission of God to our nation and around the world.”

Australian politician Mark Latham pledges to gut transgender rights

Mark Latham talks during the launch of his book on October 5, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.(Cameron Spencer/Getty) Australian One Nation politician Mark Latham has unveiled a series of new anti-transgender policy pledges.

Latham was once the leader of Australia’s centre-left Labor Party, but is now a member of the nationalist One Nation party, which he leads in New South Wales.

Ahead of state elections in March, Latham has focused on transgender children, pledging to support a ban on them transitioning at school without permission from a doctor. Mark Latham attacks ‘attention-seeking’ transgender children

In a January 20 policy announcement , Latham claimed: “One of the problems with gender fluidity in schools is that students can participate in it simply by ‘identifying’ as transgender.

“This leaves the system open to abuse, with some students milking transgender identification for special treatment or attention-seeking reasons.”

The politician added: “This problem is increasingly common in NSW high schools, urged on by Left-wing political activists.

“Schools made a big mistake when they stopped being places of learning and ventured into the world of mental health assessment and radical gender theory.” Mark Latham poses for a portrait on October 5, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.(Cameron Spencer/Getty) He continued: “One Nation supports teachers who want a stable, productive learning environment in their school, avoiding the Mad Hatter situation and the powerlessness of staff.”

“Any student wanting to change their gender should have to present specialist medical advice and support to the school.

“This takes the matter out of the hands of students and gives teachers the State Government support they need to deal effectively with disingenuous and disruptive behaviour concerning gender.

“It also addresses the real mental health issue: bringing confusion and harm to young people by telling them gender is ‘socially constructed’ and ‘fluid’.” One Nation’s Mark Latham wants to gut gender recognition laws

Latham also vowed to gut laws that allow transgender people to gain legal recognition in their chosen gender, and end easy legal recognition on all government forms.

Mirroring the policy stance taken by US President Donald Trump , he said: “In reality, with very few exceptions, people are born either male or female. To move away from this biological truth later in life is a serious matter requiring specialist medical evidence. It should not happen because of Leftist ideology, individual whims or novelty factors.

“One Nation does not believe that gender changes should be self-identified on NSW Government forms, permits and licences, such as those processed by Service NSW: agencies including Roads and Maritime Services, Department of Fair Trading and Births Deaths and Marriages.” He added: “One Nation supports the introduction of a government rule across-the-board prohibiting individual self-identification.”

The politician claims he would allow some limited forms of gender recognition, provided trans people could provide “specialist medical evidence.”

As the current system of gender recognition requires medical evidence, it is unclear what exactly Latham is proposing.

NSW Labor politician Graham Perrett told the Mail : “He has nothing constructive to say about about Australian society.

“This is simply a shock tactic to extract more votes. I’m one of the parliamentary convenors for LGBTI and we take matters like these very seriously.”

Latham was a strong opponent of same-sex marriage during the country’s 2017 postal vote on the issue, claiming he was worried the law would allow transgender people to get married to people of the opposite sex.

The politician was sacked as a Sky News pundit in 2017 after he refused to apologise for describing a school child as “gay” on-air.

Once a fringe party, One Nation has seen a national growth in support in recent years.

The party’s national leader Pauline Hanson claimed in 2017 that same-sex marriage could lead to people marrying children.

Why did these two women turn up to the Australian Open in wedding dresses?

Two brides attended a tennis match at the Australian Open. | Photo: Twitter Twitter lost its collective mind when two brides holding bouquets just casually showed up at an Australian Open match.

The tennis tournament takes place in Australia during the last fortnight of January every year.

While Danielle Collins was playing Caroline Garcia at the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne on 18 January, two brides sat side by side. The episode caused quite a stir, with the crowd wondering what it was really about. Two women in wedding dresses sitting together in Margaret Court Arena, which bears the name of one of the loudest and most vitriolic voices on the losing side of Australia’s gay marriage debate. #AusOpen pic.twitter.com/i7oPQy9MAe — Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg) January 18, 2019 ‘Two women in wedding dresses sitting together in Margaret Court Arena, which bears the name of one of the loudest and most vitriolic voices on the losing side of Australia’s gay marriage debate,’ tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg tweeted. This is iconic! Margaret Court has been vocally homophobic and anti gay marriage. Two women in wedding dresses in this stadium is such a clapback ! #AusOpen https://t.co/QUOUwcer53 — Asmita (@asmitaghosh18) January 18, 2019 ‘This is iconic! Margaret Court has been vocally homophobic and anti-gay marriage. Two women in wedding dresses in this stadium is such a clapback!’ another tweeted. Who is Margaret Court?

The arena bears the name of Margaret Court, a player who came under fire for her views on marriage equality.

When Australia was on its way to grant same-sex couples the right to legally marry in 2017, Court actively campaigned against the vote.

She claimed that a gay lobby was trying to get into the minds of children, and also that transgender identity was ‘the work of the devil’.

Her comments triggered a fierce backlash from a number of leading figures in the game, such as Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova. King also called for the arena to be renamed . The brides were promoting a reality show

Despite the understandable LGBTI excitement, however, the two brides seem to be part of a publicity stunt.

Channel 9’s reality show Married At First Sight, in fact, claimed responsibility for the incident. MAFS follows four – straight – Australian couples who get to know each other on their wedding day.

A Channel 9 spokesman released a statement to confirm the channel wasn’t trying to make a political statement.

‘To promote the upcoming series of Married at First Sight we had two promotional models dressed as brides at tonight’s Australian Open, who were moved to various parts of the Melbourne Park precinct,’ a Channel 9 spokesman said in a statement.

‘Their seating at Margaret Court Arena was in no way meant to be interpreted as a political statement.’ Read also:

Ask the Aunties: Are you ever too young to realise you’re LGBT?

Can you ever be too young to realise you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender? Is there a right time to come out as LGBT?

In a new episode of PinkNews series Ask the Aunties , our fabulous queer agony aunts answer your LGBT-related dilemmas.

Queer agony aunts Lee Gray and Karnage Kills respond to a dilemma sent in anonymously by a reader worried about whether there is ever a good time to come out as transgender or non-binary. When do most people realise they’re LGBT and is there such a thing as being too young or too old? Is there a right age to come out as LGBT? How old should you be?

The anonymous dilemma to the Aunties said: “Do you think you can ever be too young to realise you are trans or non-binary?” Ask the Aunties: Their response

Lee said: “I would probably say no–obviously I’m a cisgender man so I’ve never had that experience but speaking to people who are trans and non-binary and are friends of mine, I would say the answer is no.

“Everybody has their own journey. Some people might identify as trans and non-binary at a very early age and some might identify very late. “You’re never too young or too old to have a self-realisation moment.”

“But I don’t think you can ever be too young.”

Karnage agreed, adding that parents should allow children to express their gender in whatever ways they feel comfortable.

He said: “I was always thankful of that, my mum never did that to me.

“I don’t think we should suppress anybody. Children should be able to express themselves, I just think it makes for a happier individual.

“You’re never too young or too old to have a self-realisation moment and think: ‘This is who I am.’” Watch the video above to see all of the Aunties’ stories and advice

Ask the Aunties is an original PinkNews series. From dating to telling your pals your pronouns , no dilemma is left unanswered.

The previous episode answered a dilemma from a young person considering coming out .

Subscribe to PinkNews on YouTube so you never miss an episode.

Jose Mourinho: I’ve had three job offers but I don’t park the bus

Jose Mourinho said his desire to be back in management would return by March Jose Mourinho says he has turned down three job offers since being sacked as Manchester United boss and has rejected criticism of the team’s playing style.

The Portuguese, 55, was sacked in December after the club said there had been no progress with results, style or developing young players.

Former United player Gary Neville said no-one should be able to shape their own philosophy at the club again.

"Gary Neville doesn’t know my philosophy," Mourinho told beIN Sports.

"My philosophy depends. I would love to go to a club and have [the same] conditions that [Liverpool boss] Jurgen Klopp and [Manchester City manager] Pep Guardiola did.

"I refused already three jobs because I didn’t feel it was what I want."

Mourinho, who led Manchester United to League Cup and Europa League titles, is understood to have a non-disclosure agreement signed as part of his pay-off from the club, meaning he is not allowed to talk about his departure.

But he spoke about a range of subjects as a studio guest on beIN Sports, including: How one player recently asked him not to be critical in training

How he doesn’t park the bus

How he was not supported like Guardiola or Klopp

How the days of being an "all-powerful manager are over"

How he hid in a laundry basket for a Champions League tie in 2005

Mourinho was critical of Marcus Rashford, but the striker has scored five goals in seen games since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over as manager ‘One player asked me not to be criticise him in training’

At various points Mourinho was critical of winger Anthony Martial, full-back Luke Shaw and striker Marcus Rashford, who has been re-born under interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

But he outlined how one player asked not to be criticised in training which Mourinho thought was a sign of modern players being too sensitive.

"Recently, when I was coaching one player he told me and he was very polite, ‘please when you criticise me can you do it in private’," he said.

"I told him why? ‘Because of my stature, in front of the other players when you criticise me I don’t feel comfortable’.

"Nowadays you have to be very smart in the way you read your players, and try to create the best situation.

He contrasted the situation with that of former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, who he worked with at Stamford Bridge when he twice won the Premier League in 2005 and 2006.

"With Drogba, he is the kind of player that the more pressure from the manager, the more quality in his performance," Mourinho added.

"There are some players where if you squeeze them they answer in the best way.

"There are other mentalities and personalities and the reaction is not the best. They were brought up in a different way, an easier social life, coming to the top level of football, everything came too easy to them.

"Some of them they don’t react in the same way. Certain moments, some strong public words, some of them have some risk." Mourinho suggested Klopp and Guardiola had received better "support" since they had joined their respective clubs Manchester City and Liverpool are ‘well supported’

Mourinho said that his philosophy depended on the team he was managing, but rejected accusations that his sides were defensive or ‘parked the bus’.

He cited the football played during his first stint at Chelsea and said: "You know when the [parking the bus] reputation started?

"It was when I was champions with Real Madrid with 100 points and 106 goals – the record of Spanish football."

He also hinted that he was not as well supported as Guardiola and Klopp.

That is despite spending a then world record transfer fee of £89m for Paul Pogba and £75m on striker Romelu Lukaku. In all Moruinho spent £400m on players during his time in charge at Old Trafford.

He said: "At Man City in the first season Guardiola was not a champion. In the second season Pep made great decisions but those that were supported. In the same summer he sold four full-backs and bought four backs.

"At Liverpool how many players were there before Jurgen Klopp arrived? If you are a manager and you [are able] to choose the players to follow your idea, that’s one thing. The other thing is when you are not able to do that." ‘The days of a manager being all-powerful are over’

Although Mourinho was bullish about his record and his style, he did hint that he had learned one lesson about his time at Manchester United.

The club are in the process of appointing a director of football, to help the link between the board and the management team.

And the Portuguese added: "The time where the manager was the highest point of the club and all-powerful I think is over. You need the structure.

"The next club I speak with, the first thing I speak about is not the players I want to buy, is not about the budget, it’s what you give in terms of structure." ‘I did hide in a laundry basket’

After the ‘spygate’ scandal at Leeds, Mourinho confirmed he had hidden in a laundry basket in 2005 for Chelsea’s Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich after receiving a two-game touchline ban.

"I need to be with my players and I did it yeah," he said.

"I go to the dressing room during the day so I was there from midday and the game is seven o’clock. I just want to be in the dressing room when the players arrive. I went there and nobody see me. The problem was to leave after. And the kit man put me in the basket. It was a little bit open so I could breathe.

"But when he is taking it outside the dressing room, the Uefa guys were following and desperate to find me so he closed the box and I couldn’t breathe. When he opened the box I was dying."

Aberdeenshire church breaks away from denomination after same-sex marriage row

Scottish Episcopal Church sign An Aberdeenshire church has broken away from the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) following a dispute over same-sex marriage.

Members of Westhill Community Church voted overwhelmingly to leave the denomination over concerns about its ‘future trajectory’.

The move comes after Rev. Ian Ferguson of the Westhill church expressed concern about the Episcopal church’s acceptance of same-sex marriages.

The split also comes less than a year after the consecration of the Right Rev. Anne Dyer, Scotland’s first female bishop and a supporter of same-sex marriage.

Rev. Ferguson described the appointment of the Right Rev. Dyer as ‘insensitive and disrespectful’.

But the church leader also said that marriage equality was just one part of the decision to leave, the Press and Journal report .

‘People have different kinds of concerns about all kinds of things, and it’s not just one thing,’ Fergurson said.

‘This has been an ongoing matter where a number of us throughout Scotland have been concerned about the direction the SEC has been going in.’

The split was heavily supported by the members of Westhill Community Church, with 87% voting to secede from the SEC on Thursday (17 January). Allowing same-sex weddings since 2017

The SEC voted to allow same-sex weddings in June 2017, becoming the first mainstream Christian faith in the UK to open marriage to all of its members .

Then-Primus the Most Rev. David Chillingworth described the decision as ‘momentous’.

The move was condemned by Global Anglican church leaders , who went on to impose sanctions on the SEC for allowing same-sex weddings , according to the BBC.

Later in the year, tensions were further heightened following the appointment of the Rt. Rev. Anne Dyer, a vocal supporter of marriage equality.

Two senior clergy members, including Rev. Ferguson, resigned from the Cathedral Chapter in protest.

In his resignation letter, Rev. Ferguson wrote: ‘Our Bishop at the time publicly stated his opposition to such a revisionist agenda, which reflected not only his own personal view but that of our Diocese.

‘Yet, despite all of that, you have put into position a new bishop who not only supports same-sex marriage but has conducted same-sex weddings.’

Westhill is not the first church to secede from the SEC because of a dispute over same-sex marriage.

In August 2018, one of the largest churches in Edinburgh, St Thomas’, announced that they would be splitting from the SEC for the same reason , the Telegraph reported. ‘It breaks my heart’

Rev. Ferguson spoke of his anguish in breaking from the SEC. ‘I’m deeply sad that this stage has arrived, it breaks my heart,’ Rev. Ferguson said.

‘I have been in the SEC for a number of decades and I certainly didn’t want to be in this position. It’s too early to say at the moment what’s going to happen next,’ he added.

In response to the secession, Rt. Rev. Dyer said: ‘The congregation of Westhill Community Church is a much-loved and valued part of our diocese, and I am deeply saddened that they have indicated that they want to pursue potential separation from the SEC.

‘I will continue to work with Westhill as we begin discussions to enable this potential separation, and will continue to pray for the rector, vestry and congregation members in the weeks and months ahead,’ Rt. Rev. Dyer added.

The Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness and Primus of the SEC, the Most Rev. Mark Strange, also spoke of his regret at the Westhill church’s split.

‘I will pray that, painful though this process will be for the church and for the local diocese and wider community, we will all remember that we are all striving to serve as disciples of Christ,’ he said. Not the first split

This is not the first instance of LGBTI issues causing a split among Scottish church groups in recent years.

In February 2013, Rev. Dominic Smart of Gilcomston South Church announced his resignation in protest at the Church of Scotland moving to allow gay people in leadership roles.

This followed the appointment of Rev. Scott Rennie to Queen’s Cross Church in 2009, who was at the time the only openly gay minister in Scotland.

In June of the same year, more than 200 members of the Stornoway High Church left the Church of Scotland due to a row over gay clergy. The members cited the denomination’s ‘continuing departure from Biblical teaching on various issues’.

In 2011, Trinity Church in Aberdeen left the Church of Scotland, going on to join the International Presbyterian Church, in what was reportedly another row over allowing gay clergy.

Fans get a first look at Supergirl’s trans superhero, Dreamer

Nicole Maines as Dreamer/Nai Nal | Photo: Instagram After a six-month wait, the first trans superhero is finally ready to dive into action.

The first images of comic book character Nia Nal, also known as Dreamer, have been released by series CW.

The landmark role will be played by 21-year-old trans woman, Nicole Maines .

Dreamer will make her first appearance on the Supergirl episode due to air on 27 January.

The episode will see the young reporter and soon-to-be superhero traveling to her home town for a local festival, delving into the character’s backstory. ‘Beyond thrilled’

Maines, who is also a trans rights activist, was confirmed for the role in July .

The announcement of the role and casting was praised by many in the LGBTI community.

Producers described the character as a ‘soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect others’.

Maines said she was ‘beyond thrilled’ at being chosen for the role, adding that, ‘[it] seems only fitting that we have a trans superhero for trans kids to look up to.’

The actress came to public attention in 2014 after a state court’s ruling on a dispute with her elementary school.

The state’s highest court found in favor of Maines, ruling that school officials had violated state anti-discrimination laws by banning her from using the girls’ bathroom. In good company

Maines’ character will exist in the same universe as DC superheroes, The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.

Last year also saw CW introducing another first: gay superhero Batwoman, played by lesbian and genderfluid actress Ruby Rose.

Rose made her debut as Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, in December 2018 in CW’s three-part superhero crossover ‘Elseworlds’.

Rose hailed her role as a win for the LGBTI community .

‘I can’t speak on behalf of everyone in the LGBTIQ community, but I know any win for anyone in our community is a win for all,’ Rose said earlier last year.

Alcona County votes to oppose Whitmer order on LGBT protections

HARRISVILLE — The Alcona County Board of Commissioners has unanimously passed a resolution opposing one of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s recent executive orders.

Earlier this month, Whitmer signed an executive order designed to prohibit discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in state services or by state contractors or grant recipients. Her executive order replaces a narrower order that former Gov. Rick Snyder issued days before he left office last month.

The Alcona County board’s resolution asserts that, in signing the executive order, the governor “circumvented the legislative process” and that her actions undermined legislators in the state House of Representatives and state Senate, who work to represent the people.

The resolution also says that the Legislature has not expanded the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include the “re-definition of sex.” Elliott-Larsen, a 1976 state law, prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age or gender. Democrats and others have for years pushed to have the law expanded to explicitly include protections for LGBT individuals, but those efforts have failed.

Last year, however, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, the state agency which investigates complaints of discrimination, issued a new interpretation of the law, saying the word “sex” in the law means not only gender but also sexual orientation and gender identity.

Whitmer’s order, like the one signed by Snyder, says state contracts, grants and loans must include a requirement that the contractor or recipients not discriminate against workers or job applicants based on “sex.” Unlike Snyder’s order, Whitmer’s order does not include an exemption for religious organizations that receive state money.

The Alcona County board requested Whitmer rescind her order, so the issue can be “allowed to go through the legislative process which is accountable to the people.”

Alcona County board Chairman Craig Johnston spoke about the uproar that was caused when former President Barack Obama signed a similar executive order, banning discrimination in the workplace against employees who identify as LGBT and work in the federal government or as federal contractors.

“What it seems to be is the governor has an executive order that seems to follow along the same avenue,” he said.

Copies of the resolution will be sent to state Rep. Sue Allor, R-Wolverine, state Sen. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, Whitmer, and the other 82 counties in the state.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. Crystal Nelson can be reached at 989-358-5687 or cnelson@thealpenanews.com.

In other business

The Alcona County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday also:

∫ decided to adjust its 2019 meeting schedule to have a workshop session from 9 to 9:45 a.m. before its regularly scheduled meetings. The board meets at 10 a.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the boardroom at the county building, 106 N. 5th St. in Harrisville. Local News

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When I first meet with a potential client to consult on estate planning, the discussion often starts with this … AJ’s Berry Farm named Family Friendly Business

Cycle shop wheels toward new location downtown

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