Kansas Senate narrowly rejects campus free speech bill over LGBT concerns

Kansas Senate narrowly rejects campus free speech bill over LGBT concerns


Topeka — The Kansas Senate narrowly rejected a bill Thursday that was intended to protect the free speech rights of students on state college and university campuses after new concerns were raised that the bill would not adequately protect LGBT individuals from student-on-student harassment.

Senate Bill 340 was debated on the floor of the Senate Wednesday, with no one either for or against the bill mentioning the issue of LGBT protection.

But a provision of the bill that many had overlooked would have imposed a new, narrower definition of student-on-student harassment that many said would prohibit public institutions from enforcing policies that most currently have on the books.

That section defines such harassment as "unwelcome conduct directed toward a person that is discriminatory on a basis prohibited by federal, state or local law that is so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it effectively bars the victim’s access to educational opportunity or benefit."

It would also prohibit colleges and universities from adopting policies any more expansive than that.Several senators expressed concern that such a narrow definition of harassment could expose LGBT individuals to harassment, and university administrators would be powerless to do anything about it.The bill failed on a 20-20 vote. Bills […]

If Supreme Court sides with baker, America will be set back 50 years

If Supreme Court sides with baker, America will be set back 50 years

The Piggie Park drive-in. | Photo: YouTube/Movement Advancement Project The US Supreme Court is currently deciding Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. A final decision won’t come down until late spring or summer.

There’s no denying the impact of this court case.

At its core, it pits equality and discrimination against two First Amendment clauses: freedom of speech and religion. Can business owners turn away patrons — like LGBTI people — because it goes against their religion? Or because their product, like a cake is considered protected speech?

One California judge already said yes .

50 years ago, however, the Supreme Court said no in a similar case. Treat customers equally

In an 8-0 decision, the Supreme Court favored equality over discrimination Newman v. Piggie Park Enterprises, Inc . They heard and decided this case in 1968.Piggie Park Enterprises was a drive-in BBQ in the 1960s. Maurice Bessinger, a Baptist and owner of Piggie Park, refused to serve black people. A lawsuit was filed against him and the Supreme Court found in favor of the plaintiff.For the 50th anniversary of the case, 80 LGBTI groups banded together to encourage the Supreme Court to once again make the right decision. ‘As Americans, […]

Womens LGBT Event

Womens LGBT Event

From prejudice to pride in partnership with Kick It Out, Cheshire FA hosted a women’s football tournament as part of LGBT history month.

The aim was to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity in women’s football from the 1920’s to the present day.

The 5-a-side tournament was open to existing teams or for groups of friends that wanted to get a team together to take part in the day. On the day 8 teams took part in a round robin tournament for the Lily Parr Trophy.

The tournament was won by MMU Cheshire after defeating Warrington Wolverines in the final on sudden death penalties! Along with the trophy for the winners the other teams received rainbow laces, a rainbow captains armband, and a player of the tournament for each team as well as fair play awards for a player within each team.

As well as the tournament there was also an opportunity for those that attended to get involved in; human table football, skills for girls and a beginners taster session. An exhibition of memorabilia was also on show, that included signed England shirts, historical documents and vintage footballs.

The day was a great success for all involved, and it was finished off with pizza […]

‘I thought I was the only queer person at BYU’: LGBT students host panel focused on faith and gender identity at Mormon church-owned university

‘I thought I was the only queer person at BYU’: LGBT students host panel focused on faith and gender identity at Mormon church-owned university

(Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune) Panel members Kaitlynn Wright, Ben Schilaty, Sarah Langford and Gabriel Cano speak during a LGBTQ and SSA student forum at BYU in Provo on Thursday, March 15, 2018. Gabriel Cano’s professor doesn’t call on him. Maybe he’s just paranoid. Maybe he’s just not raising his hand high enough.

His professor knew him when he had long hair and wore plain skirts. And he’s in his class again, nearly two years after transitioning, now wearing suspenders and thick glasses. He doesn’t look the same, and he isn’t looked at the same.

At LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University, that treatment, sometimes intentionally biased, sometimes just oblivious, isn’t unusual. LGBT students say it’s the standard. They want to change it.

“It’s not talked about. And that makes you feel isolated. I thought I was the only queer person at BYU,” Cano said. “Can you believe that? There are so many people here.”

He spoke to a friendly crowd of more than 600 people Thursday afternoon, crammed into a small auditorium, sitting in the aisles and spilling into an overflow room. The rare campuswide, school-sanctioned event focused on how to reconcile gender identity with faith and how to accept “our […]

Texas Prisons To Update LGBT Policy After Lawsuit From Transgender Inmate Who Was Beaten, Raped

Texas Prisons To Update LGBT Policy After Lawsuit From Transgender Inmate Who Was Beaten, Raped

A lawsuit filed on behalf of a transgender woman who was beaten and raped in a Texas prison for men has ended with a monetary settlement and an updated LGBT policy at the state’s prison system, according to an LGBT rights legal group.

Lambda Legal announced Thursday that it had settled with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in the case of Passion Star, a black transgender woman who sued the department claiming that prison officials didn’t protect her from sexual and physical abuse while incarcerated in male prisons.

“For years, I was raped and beaten in prison and when I asked for help I was ignored,” said Star, according to the group’s announcement. “I was hurt, scared and thrown in solitary [confinement] in hopes that I would be forgotten, but today I can be proud that I never gave up.”

The department did not immediately respond to The Texas Tribune’s request for comment Thursday evening, but spokesman Jeremy Desel told the Dallas Morning News that the department was already working on policy changes for LGBT inmates before the settlement.

Lambda said the settlement was agreeable to all parties, and includes a monetary payment for Star, policy changes and training of prison staff […]

Take the LGBT community survey

Take the LGBT community survey

For the 12th year in a row, Community Marketing & Insights’ Annual LGBT Community Survey is offering LGBT people across the country, and the globe, the opportunity to weigh in on issues as diverse as consumer habits and political and social concerns.

Taking the new 2018 survey about your opinions and preferences will allow businesses, community organizations, and politicians and political groups to understand what is of greatest interest and concern to our community. In the realms of business and politics, this can help effect change quickly, especially given the sheer volume of respondents. CMI reports that in past years as many as 45,000 responses have been received from 150 countries.

Within our community, too, understanding what is at the top of the agenda for their constituents allows community organizations to direct resources and energy toward those issues which are of top concern to those they serve.

You can visit http://bit.ly/2HAr0k0 to (link is external) take the survey, which should take around 10 minutes to complete, and be sure to select "OUT & ABOUT NASHVILLE" as your referring partner. Everyone who completes the survey by April 30 may opt to enter into a draw to win one of twenty $50 cash prizes, […]

Legislation aimed at combating LGBT workplace discrimination advances in Senate

Legislation aimed at combating LGBT workplace discrimination advances in Senate

A man wears pride buttons during Pride weekend in New Orleans, Saturday, June 10, 2017. New Orleans Pride weekend celebrates LGBT communities in the New Orleans area and along the Gulf Coast and takes a stance against discrimination towards LGBT people. The state Legislature is again considering adding protections for LGBT people to the state’s workforce discrimination laws.

The Senate Labor Committee voted along party lines – four Democrats in favor, three Republicans against – to advance the proposed Louisiana Employment Non-Discrimination Act to the full Senate for consideration.

Senate Bill 219 would specifically extend the state’s non-discrimination law to cover discrimination that’s based on a person’s age, sexual orientation or gender identity. Currently, the state law covers discrimination based on race, color, religion or sex.

That means it would be illegal for most employers to fire someone or refuse to hire someone because they are gay or transgender, with limited exceptions based on religion and other special circumstances.

The bill next heads to the full Senate for consideration where it was shot down in a 11-24 vote last year. If it passes the high Senate hurdle this year, it would then head to the traditionally more conservative House.

The Christian conservative Louisiana […]

Changing environment influenced human evolution

Changing environment influenced human evolution

Olorgesailie Basin: the dig site spans an area of 65 square kilometres Humans may have developed advanced social behaviours and trade 100,000 years earlier than previously thought.

This is according to a series of papers published today in Science .

The results come from an archaeological site in Kenya’s rift valley. "Over one million years of time" is represented at the site, according to Rick Potts from the Smithsonian Institution, who was involved in the studies.

There are also signs of developments in toolmaking technologies.

Environmental change may have been a key influence in this evolution of early Homo sapiens in the region of the Olorgesailie dig site. The world turned upside down

Early humans were in the area for about 700,000 years, making large hand axes from nearby stone, explained Dr Potts."[Technologically], things changed very slowly, if at all, over hundreds of thousands of years," he said.Then, roughly 500,000 years ago, something did change.A period of tectonic upheaval and erratic climate conditions swept across the region, and there is a 180,000 year interruption in the geological record due to erosion.It was not only the landscape that altered, but also the plant and animal life in the region – transforming the resources available […]

Florida university bridge collapses leaving ‘several fatalities’

Florida university bridge collapses leaving 'several fatalities'

Enable it in your browser or download Flash Player here .Sorry, you need Flash to play this. Miami rescue workers search for survivors

Media captionMiami rescue workers search for survivors Miami police have said several people were killed after a newly installed pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida International University.

Images of the buckled structure at the college in Miami were shared across social media on Thursday afternoon.

The 862-tonne bridge was erected on Saturday, CBS Miami reports.

It was unclear how many people were still trapped in at least eight cars beneath the bridge, which was built over a motorway, Miami officials said.

"This is going to be a long incident. We are going to have rescuers here through the night, if not longer," Miami-Date Fire Chief Dave Downey said on Thursday.At least eight people have been taken to hospital to be treated for injuries. Two people were "cut out and extricated from the debris", he added.Florida Highway Patrol Lt Alejandro Camacho told CBS News there were several fatalities.US Senator Bill Nelson told local media six to 10 people were killed in the collapse, but the exact figures have yet to be confirmed by law enforcement. Enable it in your browser or download […]

Amanda Lepore responds to RuPaul’s comments about trans women on Drag Race

Amanda Lepore responds to RuPaul's comments about trans women on Drag Race

Amanda Lepore | Photo: Josef Jasso courtesy of Amanda Lepore Amanda Lepore has discussed the controversy around RuPaul’s recent comments about not allowing trans drag queens to compete on Drag Race post-transition.

In a new interview with Gay Star News Amanda, who identifies as transexual, said: ‘Well, I respect RuPaul. And it’s her show, you know, so, you can do that. But I do think there should be a spin-off or something, [for] bio girls and trans girls.’ ‘I don’t think RuPaul meant it as a put down’

Amanda, the self-confessed ‘most expensive body on earth’, rose to superstardom as the muse of iconic photographer David LaChapelle.

She furthermore added: ‘I mean, it is different, and you get ready a little differently, so I understand RuPaul.

‘And I don’t think RuPaul meant it as a put down. I think RuPaul meant it as he considers them women, and that it wouldn’t be fair to have a woman compete because they’d have an advantage.’

Amanda recently released LEPORE. , an EP containing tracks such as ‘My Panties’ and ‘Too Drunk to F***’.Check back this Sunday for our full interview with the international party girl. ‘For men to do it, it’s really punk rock’ […]