Trans male model fronts campaign to tackle period shame

Trans male model fronts campaign to tackle period shame

Trans model Kenny Jones features in the ‘I’M ON’ campaign (Photo: Pink Parcel) A campaign to encourage conversations around menstruation is using a trans male model. Its creators want to remind people: ‘It’s not just women that bleed.’

The campaign is entitled ‘I’M ON’. It’s been launched by UK-based period prescription service, Pink Parcel. The company sends out a monthly package to subscribers which includes their choice of tampons, pads and ‘femcare’ products.

The male model used in the campaign is Kenny Jones, aged 23.

The campaign includes a range of T-shirts with empowering slogans. The idea for ‘I’m On’ comes from the colloquial use of the expression. Over a third of Brits use the phrase ‘I’m On’ when referring to having a period.

‘The I’M ON campaign turns this phrase on its head, featuring tees emblazoned with a selection of powerful statements and quirky quips such as ‘I’m on the up’, ‘I’m on a roll’, ‘I’m on it’ and ‘I’m on and I’m strong’,’ said a spokesperson in a press statement.

Five per cent from the sale of each T-shirt will go to Bloody Good Period , which donates menstrual products to asylum seekers and refugees. Stigma and shame associated with periods […]

Short film festival rejects student sign language film over a gay kiss

Short film festival rejects student sign language film over a gay kiss

Student short film rejected based on a gay kiss A major high school film festival has rejected a student’s short film over a gay kiss.

The Golden Lion Awards rejected Since The First Day We Met for going against their requirements for a ‘PG rating’.

Saul Singleton, 17, from Bethesda, Maryland, created the coming of age short film based on his own experiences as a gay teen.

It tells the story of deaf teen Max attending a new high school. He teaches a supportive teen, who wants to learn how to sign, and the two get close.

The four minute film ends with a kiss. Short film festival rejects student sign language film

When Singleton submitted the film for consideration to the awards, he was met with this reply.‘Since our festival adheres to a strict PG-comparable rating system, we are unable to accept any films with clearly illustrated LGBQT+ themes,’ they told him. ‘When I got the email from Golden Lion, I was honestly in complete shock,’ Singleton told Gay Star News. ‘I couldn’t process it at first, that they would reject me based on that theme. ‘This dismissal of my film only makes me want to create more films.’ ‘Discrimination […]

Why it’s important to come out to the world as a submissive bottom

Why it’s important to come out to the world as a submissive bottom

Dave Tyson says he wants to challenge stereotypes around being a black, gay man (Photo: @dtysmotivation | Instagram) Dave Tyson is a personal trainer based in Virginia, US. Besides working on his body, Tyson believes in sharing insights into his spiritual and mental journey. He’s building a following through his Instagram and YouTube .

An Instagram posting from earlier this week found him revealing more about himself. Namely that he prefers to take the submissive bottom role when it comes to sex.

The text he posted alongside a series of images explained why he was making the announcement. (Photo: @dtysmotivation | Instagram) The first image in the series is a disclaimer warning family members not to swipe right, or to proceed with caution. The next two images are of Dave in a jockstrap. (Photo: @dtysmotivation | Instagram) ‘Growing up as a black male I was taught that I’m not allowed to be affectionate cause that was gay’

‘Growing up as a black male I was taught that I’m not allowed to be affectionate cause that was gay,’ he said in the posting. ‘I wasn’t allowed to be loving cause that meant I was weak! Black men don’t ask other men […]

Kate Kendell steps down from National Center for Lesbian Rights

Kate Kendell steps down from National Center for Lesbian Rights

Kate Kendell. | Photo: Wikimedia/NCLR Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, announced her resignation on Thursday (15 March).

She served for 22 years, ‘with a full and grateful heart’, and will leave the organization at the end of the year. Kendell announced the news via the NCLR blog .

‘I never imagined I would live in San Francisco or lead an organization at the forefront of the fight for LGBT civil rights,’ she wrote.

Kendell grew up Mormon in Ogden, Utah. She then began her career with the NCLR in 1994 as Legal Director. Two years later, they named her Executive Director.

The organization was founded in 1977. Via litigation and policy, the NCLR helps advance civil rights for LGBT people. They were one of the first groups to sue Donald Trump for his transgender military ban.

‘At every stage of this groundbreaking litigation we’ve won and January 1 of this year trans recruits began enlisting in our military,’ Kendell praised. ‘I have innumerable such stories and the impact NCLR has made.’She continued: ‘I feel enormous gratitude to have been a part of the NCLR legacy, part of the history of the fight, still on-going, for full lived justice […]

Charity investigated for alleged homophobia towards human trafficking victims

Charity investigated for alleged homophobia towards human trafficking victims

A screenshot from one of the charity’s promotional videos (Picture: Channel 4) A UK charity is being investigated over allegations that senior staff were homophobic towards LGBTI victims of human trafficking.

City Heart of Sheffield has been accused by dozens of patrons of homophobia conducted by senior staff at the charity.

It comes despite the charity claiming it supports people of all races, gender and sexuality.

The charity, run by Hope City Church, receives government funding via the Salvation Army. Charity used ‘homophobic’ and ‘controlling’ methods

The investigation comes after a Channel 4 News report, in which two former residents of the ‘safe house’ came forward along with ex-staff members.

‘I found it quite humiliating as I’m not doing anything, I’m not spreading disease. I’m not going to infect them, said one woman, going by the name of Amelia.‘One of the staff said like you have the devil in you and you have to change that. “They would ban any physical contact for me with people in the congregation, well women.‘I’m not going to make them be gay,’ she told the broadcaster. (Picture: City Hearts/Hope City Church) ‘Within the refuge you’ve got no control, they completely control you’ Another woman named Holly […]

Love, Simon and Disney actor Joey Pollari comes out as gay

Love, Simon and Disney actor Joey Pollari comes out as gay

Pollari in Love, Simon. | Photo: YouTube/20th Century Fox Joey Pollari, an actor who appears in the groundbreaking gay teen romance movie Love, Simon, recently came out as gay.

The actor, who got his start in Disney Channel movies, opened up about his sexuality in an interview with The Advocate .

In Love, Simon, Pollari plays Lyle, a guy who works at the local Waffle House and is a potential love interest for the titular protagonist. It’s a charming and memorable, if short-lived role.

However, the story still resonated with him.

‘His experience was similar to mine,’ he said.

In the movie, Simon is a closeted gay high school teen. He knows his own identity, but hasn’t shared it with anyone in his personal life.‘The only part that was difficult was me coming out to myself. And I think that is the most difficult coming-out,’ Pollari continued. ‘I think all my friends and family knew on some level. I think maybe two people were shocked.’It’s a role Pollari played before. His big break came in 2016 when he starred in the second season of American Crime. In the series, he played a closted basketball player accused of sexual assault.His biggest hurdle in coming out […]

Pakistan’s Trans Community Gains Recognition, as LGBT Rights Legislation Evolves

Pakistan’s Trans Community Gains Recognition, as LGBT Rights Legislation Evolves

The trans community in Pakistan has achieved a number of victories this month, bringing them one step closer to equal rights.

Pakistan’s Senate reportedly gave unanimous backing to a bill — the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2017 — designed to broaden anti-discrimination laws to include transgender and hijra people . Specifically, the lawmakers voted on amendments to add even more protections and safeguards for Pakistan’s third-gender community and those who identify as trans.

Among the stipulations included in the bill is a general nondiscrimination clause that prevents employers, education institutions, health care providers or landlords from discriminating solely on the basis of someone’s perceived gender identity.

The proposed legislation also includes bans on harassing trans people — in both public and private settings – and carries a penalty for stripping trans people of their gender-affirming clothing, citing this as an “outrage of modesty”.

Additionally, the new reforms aim to create parity in inheritance rights, while reforming the criminal justice system to protect trans detainees from harassment at the hands of officials.

The legislation will now go before the National Assembly for reconciliation . If — as signs indicate — the bill passes the lower chamber, it will then move forward for the […]

Gay-rights activists take to the air in Tunisia

Gay-rights activists take to the air in Tunisia

BOUHDID BELHEDI is not easily intimidated. The campaigner for LGBT rights has been assaulted by Islamic extremists outside his house in Tunis and beaten by a mob as a policeman watched. Since helping to launch Shams Rad, an online radio station catering to LGBT people, he has received thousands of online threats and insults.

The station, which began broadcasting out of Tunisia in December, is the first of its kind in the Arab world. It is on six days a week and reaches 10,000 people in 15 countries, according to Shams, the Tunisian group behind the effort. The Dutch embassy provides funding. The aim is to create a space to talk about LGBT issues that is not “dominated by imams”, says Mounir Baatour of Shams.

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The challenge is staying within the law. Anal sex is punishable by up to three years in jail in Tunisia. A court once suspended Shams’ operating licence on dubious grounds. Hosts are careful with their language, so as not to be seen as promoting homosexual activity. Nobody comes out on air. Common topics include the science behind homosexuality and the treatment of gay people.

“We’re in 2018 and the Arab street is […]

Womens LGBT Event

Womens LGBT Event

From prejudice to pride in partnership with Kick It Out, Cheshire FA hosted a women’s football tournament as part of LGBT history month.

The aim was to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity in women’s football from the 1920’s to the present day.

The 5-a-side tournament was open to existing teams or for groups of friends that wanted to get a team together to take part in the day. On the day 8 teams took part in a round robin tournament for the Lily Parr Trophy.

The tournament was won by MMU Cheshire after defeating Warrington Wolverines in the final on sudden death penalties! Along with the trophy for the winners the other teams received rainbow laces, a rainbow captains armband, and a player of the tournament for each team as well as fair play awards for a player within each team.

As well as the tournament there was also an opportunity for those that attended to get involved in; human table football, skills for girls and a beginners taster session. An exhibition of memorabilia was also on show, that included signed England shirts, historical documents and vintage footballs.

The day was a great success for all involved, and it was finished off with pizza […]

Lesbian City Councillor Shot And Killed In Brazil, Where An LGBT Person Is Murdered Every Day

Lesbian City Councillor Shot And Killed In Brazil, Where An LGBT Person Is Murdered Every Day

Rio de Janeiro councillor Marielle Franco was brutally murdered Wednesday night , sparking demonstrations across Brazil. Franco, who identified as a member of the LGBT community, was shot dead by two men in what is being reported as a targeted assassination. Franco came from Brazil’s favelas, where a quarter of Rio’s population lives in grinding poverty, and made fighting for oppressed peoples and against police brutality her platform when she was elected in 2016.

The AP reports two men fired nine shots into a car carrying Franco and driver Anderson Pedro Gomes, who were both killed. A press officer who was in the back seat, was injured but survived. “The scene is clearly of an execution,” said Marcelo Freixo of Franco’s Socialism and Liberty Party. “The shots were all directed at her. They were all from a professional.” Marielle was a black, LGBT woman raised in one of Rio’s poorest favelas, became a human rights activist, joined the socialist PSOL party, was elected in 2016 with a massive vote to Rio City Council. Among her primary work was police violence & extra-judicial murders. So horrible. — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 15, 2018 Anti-LGBT violence is at an all-time high in […]