Watch hilarious ‘So You Think You Can Trans’ video explaining bathroom laws

Watch hilarious 'So You Think You Can Trans' video explaining bathroom laws

Cassie Workman on ABC’s Tonightly with Tom Ballard. | Photo: ABC A hilarious video breaking down bathroom laws and trans people has gone viral.

Australian comedian Cassie Workman broke down the controversy over bathroom laws in the UK and US because ‘like dabbing, it will be here soon’.

The video on comedy news show, Tonightly with Tom Ballard, explained the laws because ‘there are 25 million trans people busting for a piss’. Workman explains what being a woman means, it’s not simply whether or not she has a penis or ‘who gives a shit’.

The comedian also refutes the argument from transphobic commentators that trans people just want to use female bathrooms to ‘spy on other women’.

‘You got me,’ Workman says.

‘This was my exact plan from the beginning. I mean sure, I’m way more likely to experience sexual and physical abuse, way more likely to experience unemployment and poverty, and transphobic hate crime is on the rise.‘But it’ll all be worth it if one day I get to see part of a boob by accident.’ ‘I come to the bathroom… to do cocaine’ Workman tells viewers that the prospect of using either bathroom is scary for trans people. They face harassment if […]

A Philadelphia drag queen wore a Nazi-inspired costume and caused uproar

A Philadelphia drag queen wore a Nazi-inspired costume and caused uproar

A Philadelphia drag queen has caused uproar after donning a Nazi-inspired costume.

Satine Harlow, real name Eric Ziker, turned heads when she unveiled her latest drag costume – a shocking pink cape with a Swastika emblazoned on the back.

Performing at iCandy, the look was reportedly inspired by Mel Brooks’ The Producers, reports Philly Mag.

Taking to Instagram stories, in a now deleted post, Harlow posted the image with the caption ‘Heil Hitler’ in bold text. Philadelphia queen tells critics to ‘lighten the f*** up’

One offended audience member said: ‘When I checked Satine’s Instagram page, how they promoted themselves was a different story.’ One incensed fan reportedly posted in the comments thread: ‘What the fuck kind of bar allows THIS type of shit to walk in the door let alone get onto the stage?

‘Oh right, THE FUCKING RACIST ONE. (icandy)‘Even if Satine’s entire number was dubbed over with “this is wrong” and “nazis fuck off” it doesn’t matter.‘Cos Satine uploaded a photo to FB without any explanation and threw a hate slogan over it for good measure.’But Harlow pointed out that the stunt was a joke and that she identified as Jewish in a follow up post on Tuesday (13 […]

LGBT community responds to Vice President Pence’s visit for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

LGBT community responds to Vice President Pence’s visit for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend


While city leaders met Wednesday to discuss the Vice President’s visit leaders of the LGBT community met to discuss how they’ll welcome Pence to the hostess city; despite a conflict of political opinion. Leaders of the local LGBT community say they are troubled the city has invited someone who practices such ‘discriminatory measures.’ Many say it brings a slight level of discomfort to their diverse community.

But, they say they will not protest instead they plan to extend a hand in friendship to Vice President Pence allowing him to get to know the Savannah LGBT community.

Savannah Pride, President Dusty Church, says, “As members of Savannah LGBTQ community we’re troubled by our public officials of welcoming Vice President Mike pence. Mr. Pence has proven himself to be one of the most anti-lgbtq political crusaders to serve in government.”

Dusty tell News 3 he is mostly unhappy with Pence’s seemingly anti-LGBT actions throughout his political career. “As a member of congress he voted against he employment non-discrimination act, the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, cosponsored a deal to define marriage between a man and a woman and sought to cut off HIV funding,” he says.

And there are other leader […]

‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans and Husband Duck LGBT Apology

'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans and Husband Duck LGBT Apology

Gays Aren’t in MY Life!!!

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans ‘ husband is pleading ignorance, saying he doesn’t even know what LGBT means … so how could he possibly say he’s sorry to the community?

We got David Eason and Jenelle Wednesday at LAX, and he said he doesn’t "owe" anyone an apology. As we reported, his anti-LGBT comments on social media last month led to MTV firing him.

It’s interesting … instead of using the ole "I have gay friends" excuse, David’s saying the exact opposite — that he doesn’t know ANY gays and therefore, doesn’t focus on their issues. For what it’s worth, he attempted, sorta, to say sorry to "gay people or whatever." As for MTV firing him — David ain’t buying it. He claims he wasn’t canned, despite MTV saying he was , and he has a few words for the network’s social media team.

What’s that thing about a river in Egypt?

Anti-trans activists hit out at ‘parasitic’ trans people at event in Parliament

Anti-trans activists hit out at ‘parasitic’ trans people at event in Parliament

(Photo: TerriStrange -Youtube/ Creative Commons) An event in Parliament has hit out at transgender people by saying they ‘parasitically’ invade women’s spaces and are a threat to women’s liberation.

The meeting, called ‘Transgenderism and the War on Women’, was hosted in the House of Commons by the group ‘We Need to Talk UK’ and attended by a PinkNews journalist.

The event was sponsored by Conservative MP David Davies and organised by Venice Allan, a ‘radfem’ activist who was recently left red-faced after her Twitter poll attacking trans women didn’t go exactly as she planned.

Displaying a presentation entitled ‘transgenderism and the assault on feminism’, Australian academic Sheila Jefferys opened the event by saying: “Men can’t become women, what’s so difficult about that?”

Jefferys went on to criticise the ‘trend of fashionable transgenderism’ that she claimed had been inspired by the internet and representations of trans women in media.

She blamed the apparent rise in numbers of transgender people on the internet, describing trans rights as:”[one of many] internet exploited sexual fetishes that try to make themselves a rights movement.” Jeffreys in 2009 (Photo: Terri Strange / Youtube) The controversial academic, who has previously said that raising transgender children was comparable to child abuse […]

Same-sex adoption is now legal everywhere in Australia

Same-sex adoption is now legal everywhere in Australia

(Getty) Same-sex couples can now adopt children anywhere in Australia.

The Northern Territory was the last region of the country holding out against the tide of progress – until this week.

In a historic move, lawmakers added amendments to the NT Adoption of Children Act which mean that same-sex couples – as well as de facto couples – can now legally adopt. (Getty) Before now, only straight couples were allowed this right.

The decision comes after the federal Parliament’s followed the country’s wishes – expressed in the overwhelming 62 to 38 percent result of the postal vote – by legalising equal marriage.

The Northern Territory’s Minister for Families, Dale Wakefield, said that the change in legislation would be good for both same-sex couples and kids. (Getty) She said: “Children and families are at the heart of the Government’s decision making and that’s why we introduced this legislation change to Parliament last year,” The Armidale Express has reported.

“All couples, regardless of marital status or gender, who genuinely want to provide children with a loving, caring and safe home environment, should have the legal right to apply. “Modernising our adoption laws reflects the diversity of Territory families today,” she added. (Getty) Sally Cotton, a […]

What is LGBTQ+? What does the plus stand for and is anyone left out?

What is LGBTQ+? What does the plus stand for and is anyone left out?

(Getty) LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and “plus,” which represents other sexual identities including pansexual , asexual and omnisexual. It’s the accepted and inclusive way to refer to the queer community, who can be grouped by one common theme: the fact they don’t identify as straight or cisgender.

It is, of course, good practice to become well-versed at understanding each of the subsects of sexuality and gender, so you can be prepared socially for people who identify as something other than lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

It’s also worthwhile noting that another widely accepted term for the community is queer. (Photo by MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images) What else does the “+” in LGBTQ+ stand for?

The “plus” is the least obvious part of the LGBTQ+ initialism, and stands for those who aren’t questioning their sexuality, but identify as part of a group that might not be so well known or understood.

We’ve outlined the definitions of some of the “plus” terms below, but for a full and comprehensive understanding of all the correct language for all sexual identities, read PinkNews’ comprehensive glossary of all our community’s terminology .

GLAAD, or the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has explained why we […]

Marmite maker Unilever goes Dutch for HQ

Marmite maker Unilever goes Dutch for HQ

Unilever’s Rotterdam base will become the group’s HQ Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever, maker of Marmite and Dove soap has chosen Rotterdam over London for its headquarters.

The firm said it would move to a single legal entity in the Netherlands in an effort to become "more agile".

Unilever’s dual-headed structure has existed since 1930, when Dutch margarine firm Unie merged with British soap maker Lever Brothers.

The company said the decision over its HQ was "not about Brexit".

However, the move is being seen as a blow to the UK government as it prepares for next year’s exit from the European Union.

At the same time, Unilever said it would be reorganising its business into three divisions: beauty and personal care, home care, and foods and refreshment.The first two divisions will have their headquarters in London, while the third will continue to be based in Rotterdam.The decision was finalised at a board meeting on Wednesday.Unilever is currently the third-biggest company in the UK’s FTSE 100 share index, but may not be eligible for the index after the change. Unilever owns a host of well-known brands Unilever employs 7,300 people in the UK and 3,100 in the Netherlands. No jobs will be lost by […]

‘I was a suicidal teen – the NHS didn’t know what to do with me’

'I was a suicidal teen - the NHS didn’t know what to do with me'

Sherry is now back home with her family and making plans for the future It was the ninth time in the space of 10 days that Sherry Denness had tried to kill herself. "It felt like checkmate – there were no open doors or other ways for my life to turn, I just wanted to die," she says.

Only just 18, Sherry has been diagnosed with a number of mental health conditions, including borderline personality disorder (BPD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

On seven of her nine suicide attempts, which took place in November last year, the teenager had landed in A&E, been patched up and deemed well enough to be sent home with no further help. Another time she’d taken all of her prescribed medication in one go and ended up in critical care for two days. But once the physical symptoms had been dealt with, to her parent’s despair, she was simply discharged and sent home. When I’m in that state, it is very hard to comprehend that the voices are not realSherry This time things turned out differently.

"When you’re in mental health crisis, it feels like everything is just closing in on your brain like a clamp," […]

Harry Styles’ new song is a bisexual anthem and fans love it

Harry Styles' new song is a bisexual anthem and fans love it

Harry Styles performing Medicine in Switzerland. | Photo: YouTube/SinaH Singer Harry Styles debuted two new songs at a concert that didn’t make it on to his first solo album. Fans are convinced one of them, Medicine, is a bisexual anthem.

They’re also wondering if it’s Styles’ way of coming out.

Here’s the verse that has people talking:

Tingle running through my blood, fingers to my toes
Tingle running through my bones
The boys and the girls are here
I mess ’round a bit
And I’m okay with it The boys and girls are here I’m messing ’round with them And I’m okay with it With another lyrics, fans heard this: ‘I mess around with him.’Take a listen for yourself. “the boys and the girls are here, i mess around with him, and i’m okay with it” this is the new bi anthem, thank you harry styles — ari the useless gay (@emptyskv) March 13, 2018 It’s Harry Styles is bi day He’s always been supportive of the LGBTI community. In a past interview, he said he didn’t feel a need to label his sexuality . At concerts, he’s consistently been open to […]