Alloura Wells remembered by friends, family, LGBT mourners as a ‘great soul’

Alloura Wells remembered by friends, family, LGBT mourners as a 'great soul'

Mourners described Alloura Wells as a great soul that died too young. (Toronto Police Service) Family and friends of Alloura Wells, a homeless transgender woman who disappeared from the city’s downtown area this summer, held a memorial for her Tuesday where she was remembered as a "great soul."

The service was held at Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home on Sherbourne Street near Wellesley Street East.

Wells, 27, vanished in July last year when her Facebook account went dormant. A month later, residents discovered the body of a transgender woman lying on the ground near a tent in Rosedale Ravine Lands Park, an area Wells’s friends say she frequented.

But the remains weren’t identified until December because Wells, also known as Alloura Hennessy and Alloura Wheeler, wasn’t reported missing to police until Nov. 6. Her death was not classified as suspicious.

"It’s very unfortunate. This has been lingering for a long time and our community is really upset with the way things were handled," said Xica Rodriguez, one of the mourners.

She said Wells was "a vibrant member" of the LGBT community, and appealed to people not to hurt others because they are different."She was really loved by our community and she is really missed right now," […]

What is C*ckBlocked? The app that reveals who blocked you on Grindr

What is C*ckBlocked? The app that reveals who blocked you on Grindr

Ever wanted to know who you’ve been blocked by on Grindr? A new app gets under the skin of the gay dating app by revealing exactly who’s blocked who.

C*ckBlocked is the brainchild of coder Trever Faden, who is the founder of a property management company called Atlas Lane.

Alongside his day job, Faden is also “just a gay guy who likes to code side projects,” he revealed on his Twitter feed as the app launched. Grindr is yet to comment on the app. However, at the time of PinkNews going to press, the IP address for the website has been blocked by Grindr and the tool is currently out of use.

Up until this point, users visited and entered their email and Grindr password to reveal their data.

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Then, taa daa! The number of people you’d been blocked by, and a list of their Grindr profiles, popped up. Faden also runs other small app businesses, which include InCongnito, “the easiest way to browse LinkedIn privately,” and a HTML Inserter for Gmail, alongside a couple of specified tech apps.In the time since […]

Guide to vaginal infections: Can they be sexually transmitted? And everything else you need to know

Guide to vaginal infections: Can they be sexually transmitted? And everything else you need to know

The vagina. A thing of beauty. Of pleasure and of pain. We’re not sure where we’re going with this – but however great the female vulva may be, it ain’t immune to infection.

If something down below doesn’t feel quite right, or looks unusual, read on to find out more about what’s happening between your lovely legs. Symptoms of vaginal infections include…

Pain when you have sex Pain when you pass urine

Abnormal vaginal discharge (unusual colour and/or smell)

Irritated and/or sore vulva (the skin around the outside of your vagina)

Vaginal itching Bleeding or spotting between your periods or after you have sex Pain in your lower abdomen or pelvis Lumps, redness, swelling, blisters or ulcers on your vulva or anus Types of vaginal infection or vaginitis Image: Screengrab/Columbia Pictures Thrush – a common yeast infection Bacterial vaginosis – a bacterial infection (the balance of bacteria inside the vagina is disrupted) Trichomoniasis – STI caused by a tiny parasite Chemical irritation – e.g. from perfumed soap, toiletries, some sanitary products, washing powder etc., or from spermicide (a chemical sometimes used on condoms that kills sperm) Chlamydia – STI caused by bacteria Gonorrhoea – STI caused by bacteria Genital herpes […]

Christopher Wylie: the gay vegan who ‘made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’

Christopher Wylie: the gay vegan who ‘made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’

Christopher Wylie (YouTube / Channel 4) Steve Bannon ‘loved the gays’, according to the man who says he developed a tool to harvest personal data on millions of Americans for the US election.

Christopher Wylie, a 28-year-old Canadian data analyst, claims to have developed a system with data firm Cambridge Analytica that harvested personal information from 50 or 60 million Americans.

The group developed an app, according to Wylie, that once it had permission to a person’s data could then access the data of every one of their Facebook friend’s data. Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have staunchly denied the claims by Wylie, who worked for the company over several years.

In an interview with the Observer , the whistleblower describes himself as the “gay vegan who made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindf**k tool”.

Wylie, who studied at the London School of Economics and worked for the Liberal Democrats in Britain, now says he wants to make amends for creating the tool and is willing to testify before Congress.

The tool he headed up is said to have harvested vast amounts of personal data via Facebook, then created content online to sway their thinking on a specific issue.Describing the process, Wylie says Steve Bannon, former […]

Adam Rippon reveals his iconic beauty routine, and it’s hilarious

Adam Rippon reveals his iconic beauty routine, and it’s hilarious

(Getty) Adam Rippon has finally answered all our prayers and questions about his beauty routine, and once again proved how iconic he is.

Taking to Twitter, the Olympian and self-proclaimed icon explained how he keeps his youthful glow — despite the harsh conditions of the ice rink.

Rippon wrote: “My nightly skin routine is pretty easy.

“Use a gentle cleanser, hydrating serum, check to make sure Stormy Daniels is raising enough money for her legal fees, and a night cream for glowing skin in the morning.” (Photo: @AdamRipp / Twitter) Iconic.

Stormy Daniels is an adult film star who has recently launched a legal challenge against Donald Trump to argue a non-disclosure agreement which she claims Trump did not sign.

It has been alleged that President Donald Trump invited Daniels to join him in a bisexual threesome , despite his many anti-gay stances.The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen had arranged for $130,000 in hush money to be sent to porn star Stormy Daniels a month before the 2016 election.This payment was reportedly made “as part of an agreement that precluded her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Mr Trump.”The sexual rendezvous allegedly took place […]

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Katya: ‘The bitch is back’

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Katya: ‘The bitch is back’

Katya (Getty) RuPaul’s Drag Race star Katya Zamolodchikova has returned after a break to deal with personal difficulties.

Katya opened up about her mental health in an Instagram live stream several months ago and quit performing in the meantime.

The star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, who is known for being outspoken, today revealed she is to return.
Brian McCook, the man behind Katya, now says they are back. With an image of Catwoman, Katya wrote: “The Bitch is Back”.

Opening up about his mental health struggle he wrote online: “I’m telling you this with a sense of urgency. I’m not dying. Let me tell you the truth.

“I’m not dying, I want to live,” he said on Instagram Live in an open letter spoken entirely in French.
“I’m a drug addict, but I’m sober. Today, and yesterday. And before. But I need to take a vacation, bcause I want to survive like Gloria Gaynor.” Drag queen Katya Zamolodchikova (Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images) Explaining the reason for quitting drag he said: “I’m a language student first, an artist second, a drag queen third. Health is the most important thing for me.”He added: “I need to take a vacation because I’m tired, I’m […]

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is officially running for Governor of New York

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is officially running for Governor of New York

(Twitter/cynthianixon) Cynthia Nixon has launched her candidacy to be the next Governor of New York.

If elected, the former Sex and the City star would be the state’s first-ever openly gay Governor, and the first woman to serve in the role.

After months of considering a primary challenge to Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, she consulted with strategists Bill Hyers and Rebecca Katz earlier this month. (Getty) And now she has announced she’s officially running, launching her candidacy with a powerful campaign video.

Nixon, an Emmy, Grammy and Tony Award-winner most famous for her role as Miranda Hobbes, has long opposed Cuomo’s policies, and has been especially vocal over the past year.

In the video, she says that “New York is my home, I’ve never lived anywhere else.

“When I grew up here, it was just my mum and me in a one-bedroom, fifth-floor walk-up. Cynthia Nixon at the Tony Awards (Getty Images) “New York is where I was raised and where I’m raising my kids. I’m a proud public school graduate and a prouder public school parent.“I was given chances I just don’t see for most of New York’s kids today,” Nixon continues.“Our leaders are letting us down. We are now the most unequal […]

Being in a relationship makes you gain weight, new study shows

Being in a relationship makes you gain weight, new study shows

(Pexels) People in relationships gain weight, a new study has discovered.

It’s long been suspected that even though being loved up is good for your heart, it might not be the best for your waistline.

Of course, you might not care what you look like if you’re happy – and that is one of the reasons given to explain the new results. (Pexels) Lead author Stephanie Schoeppe, along with other researchers at Central Queensland University in Australia, looked at 10 years’ worth of data from more than 15,000 volunteers.

The respondents were asked questions about their lifestyle choices, like how active they were, how much TV they watched and how many takeaways they ate.

On average, people in happy relationships weighed 5.8kg more than their single counterparts. (Pexels) This involved an average weight gain of 1.8kg per year.

Schoeppe explained: “When couples don’t need to look attractive and slim to attract a partner, they may feel more comfortable in eating more or eating more foods high in fat and sugar.“When couples have children in the household, they tend to eat the children’s leftovers or snacks.” The research discovered that couples actually eat more fruit and vegetables than single people, and avoid fast food and […]

California is set to have its first ever lesbian Senate president

California is set to have its first ever lesbian Senate president

(Facebook/Toni G. Atkins) California is set to have its first ever lesbian Senate president.

Toni Atkins will also become the first female president when she takes over the role from fellow Democrat Kevin de Leon on Wednesday.

She told The Associated Press: “I think you’re going to see my focus will be internally so you’re not going to get any big pronouncements.” (Facebook/Toni G. Atkins) Atkins wrote the bill which, when it was turned into law last year, legally recognised non-binary people on official documents for the first time in California.

Senator Scott Wiener, who co-authored the bill, said: “When people first interact with Toni, what they see is a very unassuming, low-key person who has a bit of an earth mother effect about her.

“People sometimes mistake that for weakness. But what they don’t see is right underneath that surface is pure steel. (Facebook/Toni G. Atkins) “She is tough as nails. But she has a huge heart.”

The non-binary recognition law Atkins wrote – which means that in addition to ‘F’ and ‘M’, Californians will be able to choose ‘X’ – is set to come into effect in 2019.Until this law was passed, Californians wanting to change their gender on government documents […]

Anger at pub’s ‘homophobic and racist’ jokes in men’s toilets

Anger at pub’s ‘homophobic and racist’ jokes in men’s toilets

(Stock image) A pub in Edinburgh is facing criticism over a sign hung in the men’s toilets featuring homophobic and racist jokes.

The Office pub in Leith, Edinburgh, received a backlash after the jokes hung in their men’s loos were posted online.

They include the gag: “What’s the hardest part of rollerblading? Telling your parents that you are gay.”

Another added: “What did Boy George say to Michael Jackson? You Beat It, and I’ll cumma cumma cum.” Other jokes included racial slurs. One said: “Did you hear about the Chinese couple that had a retarded baby? They named him Sum Ting Wong.” The jokes were on a sign titled ‘Office Banter’.

But they attracted anger on Facebook. Kevin Tierney shared a photo of the sign, writing: “Toilet walls in The Office on Easter Road. Take this racist/sexist/homophobic s*** down eh.”

Another added: “1970’s style s***e humour should be left in the 70s along with Jimmy Savile and all the other wonderful things from the time when ‘things were different’.”Others took aim at the dilapidated pub, saying: “It’s maybe not offensive to everyone however it is outdated, cheap and crass. Much like the establishment itself.” However, some spoke out in defence of the pub, claiming […]