Why Lauren Jauregui is already one of the world’s best LGBTI pop stars

Why Lauren Jauregui is already one of the world's best LGBTI pop stars

Lauren Jauregui | Photo: All Night video There was ‘ no disharmony ‘ according to sources.

Nevertheless, it’s official: Fifth Harmony are no more. Or at least, they’re now on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ to pursue solo projects.

The news follows the departure of one the group’s founding members Camila Cabello in December 2016; Camila, of course, went on to greater success than the group ever did, scoring a number one single with Havana and a number one self-titled album last month.

What the other four girls – Dinah Hane, Ally Brooke, Normani and Lauren Jauregui – will do next remains to be seen. But as one fan put it, we’re totally ready for Lauren’s ‘bisexual bangers’… my body is ready for lauren jauregui’s bisexual bangers. — alim kheraj (@alimkheraj) 19 March 2018 Because, with her unmistakable talent and fearlessness around her sexuality, Lauren is surely destined for evermore amazing things. Here’s how we know… Instagram/laurenjauregui She’s frank about her bisexuality

Lauren came out as bisexual in November 2016 in an open letter to Donald Trump supporters. In the brave note, she said: ‘I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it. I am proud to be part […]

So did Stewie come out on Family Guy last night or not?

So did Stewie come out on Family Guy last night or not?

Stewie has a therapy session with Dr Cecil Pritchfield (Ian McKellen) (Photo: Fox) SPOILER ALERT: Last night’s eagerly-awaited episode of Family Guy saw one-year-old baby Stewie touch upon the subject of his sexuality.

Entitled Send in Stewie, Please , the episode featured guest star Ian McKellen as psychotherapist Dr Cecil Pritchfield.

Viewers of the animated series, created by Seth McFarlane, have long speculated on Stewie’s sexuality. For many, he’s an archetypal, uptight, gay man… were in not for the inconvenient fact that he’s portrayed as a hyper-intelligent, one-year-old baby.

Last month, the show’s creators hinted that Stewie would finally address speculation about his sexuality on an upcoming episode of the show.

The episode that went out last night saw Stewie sent to see Dr Pritchfield after doing something terrible to a classmate.

However, the topic of Stewie’s sexuality was quickly dismissed by the toddler himself. He told the doctor upon entering the office that it wouldn’t be a coming-out session.Stewie confuses matters by saying he’s less gay than he used to be, but also talks about him and actor Grant Gustin making a potential cute couple.He does at one point say, ‘I’m not gay’ to his therapist, but it’s more a dismissive retort than […]

Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York

Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York

Can she become governor? | Photo: Wikimedia/MTA Cynthia Nixon is adding politician to her resume, which includes actor, activist, and born and bred New Yorker.

She announced on Monday (19 March) her bid for governor of New York. In August, reports revealed she was thinking about running. I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor. Join us: https://t.co/9DwsxWW8xX pic.twitter.com/kYTvx6GZiD — Cynthia Nixon (@CynthiaNixon) March 19, 2018 Nixon is running as a Democrat. She’s challenging Governor Andrew Cuomo in the September primary before the midterm elections on 6 November.

She’s best known for playing Miranda on Sex and the City but now she’s turning her sights on her home state. Recently, Nixon has been using her voice for political issues, including LGBTI rights, reproductive rights, and public education.

‘New York is my home,’ she says in her announcement video. ‘I’ve never lived anywhere else. When I grew up here, it was just my mom and me in a one-bedroom fifth floor walk-up.’

Now she lives in the state with her own family: wife Christine Marinoni and her children, all featured in the video.

‘Our leaders are letting us down,’ she continues in a voice-over. ‘We are now the most unequal state […]

John Oliver rips into Mike Pence with gay book about his rabbit

John Oliver rips into Mike Pence with gay book about his rabbit

Oliver described him as an ‘ashen weasel’. | Photo: YouTube/LastWeekTonight Each week, late night host John Oliver delivers incisive political commentary on Last Week Tonight.

He’s broached topics from LGBTI discrimination to the Pulse shooting to Australia’s postal survey .

This week’s topic was US Vice President Mike Pence. It’s a brutal 20-minute takedown of the VP, primarily focused on his anti-gay positions and… his pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo.

But we’ll get to Marlon later.

Oliver begins by saying Pence is the ‘exact opposite of what a silver fox is — I’m gonna go with ashen weasel’. Old, boring contrast to Trump…

… But also dangerous.With all the resignations and firings in the White House, it’s important to remember Pence is the only person Trump can’t fire — per the Constitution.He’s also beloved by white, conservative, evangelicals and, according to Oliver, ‘willing to defend the indefensible’.Oliver then lists some facts about Pence, including the op-ed he wrote criticizing the Disney film Mulan for depicting a woman in the military.‘Perhaps the issue Pence is most associated with is his hostility to LGBT rights,’ Oliver says, citing the infamous New Yorker report .Then Oliver runs through various speeches, quotes on campaign sites, and more […]

This Hamilton/Dear Evan Hansen mashup is the greatest thing you’ll hear today

This Hamilton/Dear Evan Hansen mashup is the greatest thing you'll hear today

Miranda recording the song. | Photo: YouTube/Atlantic Records Although Hamilton has been in the public conscious for over two years now, the gifts from it are still coming.

Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda stepped down from the title role of Alexander Hamilton in 2016. However, he’s still heavily involved with the show and the phenomenon its spawned.

One of the ways he stays involved is the monthly Hamildrop. Every month, Miranda and the creative team release new content from the musical. Last month, it was Weird Al Yankovic’s five-minute Hamilton polka .

Today (19 March) they released the newest Hamildrop, and it’s sure to make many theater fans happy.

Found Tonight is a mashup of two of Broadway’s biggest hits: Hamilton, naturally, and Dear Evan Hansen. It showcases The Story of Tonight from the former and You Will Be Found from the latter.

Plus, it features each show’s star, the aforementioned Miranda and Ben Platt. Just listen to those voices. Speak truth to power The proceeds from the incredible song go to the March For Our Lives, a demonstration about gun control planned for 24 March. The march was planned after the Parkland shooting .‘In the wake of Parkland, I was awestruck by the strength […]

Homophobes threaten gay Australian comedian with death on a train

Homophobes threaten gay Australian comedian with death on a train

Australian comedian Rhys Nicholson. | Photo: Facebook Australian comedian Rhys Nicholson had his life allegedly threatened by a group of homophobes on a train in the southern city of Melbourne.

Nicholson described the terrifying experience on his Facebook which happened when he was on his way to a comedy gig.

‘Fun story. Last night someone told me they wanted to kill me,’ Nicholson wrote.

Nicholson described how four ‘regular looking well dressed people’ got onto his train carriage. Three of the men were in their twenties while the fourth was older.

One of the men did have rose tattooed on his neck and it was this man that started allegedly hurling homophobic abuse at the comedian.

‘When ol’ rose neck saw me he loudly said “you can always spot a faggot on Melbourne hey”,’ Nicholson wrote.‘I looked up and rolled my eyes. He continued “it’s looking at me. If it keeps looking at me, something’s going to happen it”.‘I looked down. He seemed a little more serious than they usually are.’Even though Nicholson tried to diffuse the situation when he looked down, but the man kept getting more agitated.‘He paced up and down the carriage for a few minutes and said directly at me […]

First openly lesbian politician elected to parliament in Tasmania

First openly lesbian politician elected to parliament in Tasmania

Allison Standen has just become the first openly lesbian MP elected to the Tasmania parliament. | Photo: Facebook/Allison Standen The small Australian state of Tasmania has just elected its first openly lesbian politician to the state parliament.

Alison Standen became the new member for Franklin on Thursday and represents the Australian Labor Party.

‘It’s official…this morning the TEC (Tasmanian Electoral Commission) website confirms that I have been elected to the Tasmanian state parliament,’ Standen wrote on Facebook.

‘I am honoured and humbled to receive the support of the people of Franklin to represent them.’

Campaigning for the ‘yes’ side during last year’s national postal survey on marriage equality, Standen is a big supporter of LGBTI rights.

‘Leadership to me is about connection to values; and about courage to stand up for the things that matter most to me – including LGBTIQ rights and addressing social inequality in general,’ Standen said.‘I haven’t always dreamt of being a politician or a gay activist. But this campaign has given me and my family the opportunity to stand up and contribute as advocates.’ A welcome outcome Tasmanian LGBTI groups welcomed Standen’s election.Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, congratulated Standen. He said her election confirms […]

Fans are very excited about Neighbours’ first gay sex scene

Fans are very excited about Neighbours' first gay sex scene

Raphael and David after their steamy night of love making. | Photo: Eleven One of Australia’s longest running TV soap operas has just featured its first gay sex scene and people are loving it.

Neighbours first aired in 1985 and helped launched the careers of people like Kylie Minogue, Margot Robbie and Guy Pearce.

The G-rated soap aired its first gay kiss in 2012 . But last week took things further with an intimate scene between characters David Tanaka and Raphael Humphreys, who is played by former Coronation Street star, Ryan Thomas.

The love-making scene showed Raphael’s insecurity over severe scarring on his back. But David reassures him that he has nothing to worry about and tenderly inspects the scarring. David could possibly be the perfect boyfriend for Raphael, but there’s so much he doesn’t understand. #Neighbours pic.twitter.com/uC6ah0U3ya — Neighbours (@NeighboursTV) March 13, 2018 Actor Takaya Honda plays David and said the scene was amazing to shoot.

‘That scene was particularly nice and actually the final scene is very different to what was originally written,’ Honda told Digital Spy.

‘When we were filming, the director on the day made it clear that he was happy for us to interpret and work together to […]

Here is a sneak peek of the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10

Here is a sneak peek of the first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race season 10

Watch the first 15 minutes of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 here. | Photo: VH1 We are barely getting over the shock twist in the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, and a new season of the beloved show is almost upon us.

Drag Race season 10 starts on 22 March and the team at VH1 have dropped 15 minutes of the season opener to whet our appetites.

And boy, what an eventful 15 minutes it is.

The 14 queens make their grand entrances, including a fabulous costume reveal. Then they deliver epic shade that comes out as they sit around waiting for RuPaul to make his grand entrance.

‘The Jewish Barbie on bath salts’, Miz Cracker, raises eyebrows among the southern queens who can’t quite believe she’s using the ‘racial slur’ as her drag name.

There are five queens from New York. They’ve hinted we can expect beef to transpire between Miz Cracker and Aquaria, Sharon Needle’s drag daughter.The queens are excited and share hilarious quips about each other’s drag style, which is all fun and games now, but could escalate to major conflict during the season.The queens competing this year are: Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Blair St. Clair, Dusty Ray […]

Barbados Pride is taking on the harshest anti-gay law in the West

Barbados Pride is taking on the harshest anti-gay law in the West

Barbados Pride: LGBTI people march for their rights. | Photo: Supplied Why do we need Barbados Pride? Well, walking down the street is a traumatic experience for many LGBTI Barbadians.

At first glance, Barbadian LGBTI people appear to have relatively safe, full lives. People often ask us: ‘Why don’t you just live your lives and stop fighting for rights, no one is troubling you?’

But I have experienced verbal abuse ranging from threats of sexual violence to shouts of ‘death!’ and also physical assaults and fights.

Truth is, physical violence against our LGBTI bodies pales in comparison to some other countries. There are many places where you could be killed just because you venture into the wrong neighbourhood.

However, when you look beyond the proverbial curtain, it is clear that LGBTI Barbadians face psychological and financial abuse on a daily basis. In particular, gender non-conforming and trans individuals suffer an even greater burden.

Many of us have been put out from our homes and disowned by family members. This very often leaves us without any of the basic support mechanisms which humans need to survive.I have personally lived through psychological abuse and sexual assault because of my sexual orientation.Years of psychological torture lead to […]