Yarl’s Wood to deport trans woman who faces ‘violence and rape’ in Thailand

Yarl’s Wood to deport trans woman who faces ‘violence and rape’ in Thailand

(Getty) A transgender woman in Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre who says she entered the UK when she was sex trafficked by a gang will be deported back to Thailand in a matter of days to a “situation of great danger.”

Tanya*, who has been detained in Yarl’s Wood since December 30 2017, has been informed that she will be deported to her home nation of Thailand in a matter of days in a Home Office bail hearing today.

Alledging that she was trafficked into the country as a sex worker in 2014, Tanya says she escaped a gang in which she was indentured as a “ladyboy escort” in 2015 and began to build a new life as an asylum claimant.

However, when she had to “sign” to confirm her identity and status as an asylum claimant in the UK on December 30, she was told that she would be taken to an immigration detention centre, Yarl’s Wood, away from her and her partner Oli’s home.

Since that date, she has endured a hunger strike, solitary confinement and ill mental health as she has fought for her right to stay in the country.

“When I arrived I felt shocked, I felt sad, I felt […]

Texas bombing suspect compared ‘unnatural’ homosexuality to paedophilia and bestiality

Texas bombing suspect compared ‘unnatural’ homosexuality to paedophilia and bestiality

(Facebook/Danene Conditt) The man suspected of targeting Austin, Texas with a series of parcel bombs published horrendously homophobic online, it has been revealed.

Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, died earlier today after detonating a device as police officers approached his car just north of Austin.

Two people have died this month from explosions after receiving bombs sent in packages, with another six injured by the blasts. (Getty) Conditt graduated from Austin Community College after being homeschooled by his mother, according to the Austin Statesman newspaper.

In a blog seemingly set up for a class about US government, the bombing suspect wrote a post titled: “Why gay marriage should be illegal”.

The blog post was written in response to another student who said that same-sex marriage “shouldn’t be such a big deal. (Getty) “I believe that people are people and they can love whoever they want to love,” the student added, before pointing out: “You can’t help who you fall in love with and the government shouldn’t tell them who they can and cannot marry.”

Conditt disagreed, writing that “falling in love is a choice. When you ‘fall in love’ you become infatuated with your significant other, and you will eventually fall out of love.”He then […]

John Oliver reveals that his gay parody of a story about Mike Pence’s rabbit has sold out

John Oliver reveals that his gay parody of a story about Mike Pence’s rabbit has sold out

(YouTube/theellenshow) John Oliver has revealed that his pro-LGBT version of a children’s story about Vice President Mike Pence’s rabbit has sold out.

Pence’s family this week released a book about their bunny, titled “Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President”.

As part of a wider segment about the Vice President’s anti-LGBT policies and support for Donald Trump, Oliver announced that a gay parody of the Pence family’s book was being released by his show. (HBO) “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” tells the story of a gay rabbit in a rainbow bow-tie who falls in love.

It is now the number-one bestseller on Amazon – three places above the Pences’ book.

And, Oliver has revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on her show, the book has now sold out. (YouTube/theellenshow) “Unfortunately we have sold out, because we were not anticipating people really buying it,” he said, laughing.

“But,” he reassured Ellen, “you can – they’re doing a reprint, so you can still buy it. You can buy the second printing, but it’ll take a few weeks.”The book has sold a whopping 180,000 copies so far. (YouTube/theellenshow) Proceeds from the book will go to […]

This hilarious viral post about transitioning shows what happens when cisgender people don’t get it

This hilarious viral post about transitioning shows what happens when cisgender people don’t get it

(Twitter) Here’s a fact which not everyone seems to be aware of: people transition.

Transgender people get surgeries and change the way they present themselves to the outside world, all in an effort to feel and look more like their true selves.

These transitions can seem dramatic to the outside world, and they can also be internally dramatic for the person concerned – in a good way. (Twitter/Sparx_Traxx) This can lead to side-by-side transition photos which show how far someone has come over a period of time.

But, it seems, not everyone is able to grasp this concept.

And sometimes, a viral post is the best way to attract attention to this fact. (Twitter) That is exactly what has happened here, with a post by a trans man – and the accompanying reply from a clearly oblivious person – going viral, thanks to excellent cisgender ignorance aggregator Hot Cis Takes.

It achieved instant internet fame, attracting more than 50,000 retweets and likes, and it deserves every one of them.After all, it’s perfect in every way.One person wrote in response: “i’m SCREAMING”. (Twitter/yourefcrgiven) Another said: “I CACKLED OUT LOUD”. (Twitter/hildurgalaxy) One person commented, quite rightly: “This is art and I love it. (Twitter/KincaidCrown) “I would […]

Gay parody of Mike Pence’s bunny book becomes number one bestseller

Gay parody of Mike Pence’s bunny book becomes number one bestseller

Amazon / Gage Skidmore via Flickr A parody of a book about Mike Pence’s family pet has become a bestseller.

The Vice President and his family have just released a children’s book based on their real-life rabbit Marlon Bundo, which was written by Pence’s daughter and illustrated by his wife, second lady Karen Pence.

But their foray into the world of publishing may have been thwarted by Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, who with the help of writer Jill Twiss has released his own Bundo book, and its selling even better than the original.

A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo reimagines the Vice President’s pet as a gay bunny who fall in love with another gay bunny called Wesley, which we’re sure is infuriating for Pence given his toxic anti-LGBTQ views.

“I live with Mom, Grandma, and Grampa in an old, stuffy house on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory. That’s because my Grampa is the Vice President. His name is Mike Pence,” reads an exert from the book.

“But this story isn’t going to be about him, because he isn’t very fun. This story is about me, because I’m very, very fun.”While Pence’s book is currently at number […]

Israel has elected its first ever openly gay mayor

Israel has elected its first ever openly gay mayor

YouTube “Another glass ceiling was shattered, showing the progress in Israeli society.”

In an historic and revolutionary turn for LGBTQ rights, Israel has elected its first ever gay mayor.

After serving as deputy mayor for six years – and a city council member for 15 – Eitan Ginzburg was appointed into the position by the Ra’anana city council on 16 March.

He replaces former mayor Ze’ev Bielski, who held the position between 1989–2005 and 2013-2018.

Ginzburg also became Israel’s youngest mayor ever, at 41-years-old.

“I feel there is significance that another glass ceiling was shattered, showing the progress in Israeli society,” Ginzburg told The Jerusalem Post. He added: “I was chosen because of my work. I am happy the fact that I am gay did not stop me from getting elected with the support of the Bayit Yehudi. I was chosen not because I am gay and not in spite of it, but because of the work I have done.”Ginzburg is only serving as interim mayor, but will have a shot at a permanent position in October’s national municipal elections.“My only aspiration is to win the election for mayor of Ra’anana and serve the residents. But I do see the need to move […]

Nicolas Sarkozy: French ex-president under formal investigation

Nicolas Sarkozy: French ex-president under formal investigation

Mr Sarkozy clinched big trade deals for France with Libya’s Gaddafi in 2007 when he was president Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation over allegations he received campaign funding from late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

He is being investigated for illicit campaign financing, misappropriation of Libyan public funds and passive corruption.

He was released on Wednesday following two days of questioning over the financing of his 2007 campaign.

Mr Sarkozy, 63, has denied wrongdoing.

He says his Libyan accusers are seeking vengeance for his decision to deploy French warplanes during the uprising which overthrew Gaddafi in 2011.

The centre-right politician failed in his bid to return to power in 2012, losing to socialist François Hollande.In 2013, France opened an investigation into allegations that Mr Sarkozy’s campaign had benefited from millions of euros of illicit funds from Gaddafi.One of Mr Sarkozy’s former ministers and a close ally, Brice Hortefeux, was also reportedly questioned by police on Tuesday. Alexandre Djouhri is in London fighting extradition to France A former aide, Alexandre Djouhri, is fighting extradition to France after being arrested in London in January on suspicion of money laundering as part of the case. The Swiss businessman has denied the allegation […]

Wanted: Robot wrangler. No experience required.

Wanted: Robot wrangler. No experience required.

How about this for a future job advert? "Wranglers wanted for growing fleets of robots. Your responsibilities will include evaluating robot performance, providing real-time analysis and support for problems.

"You must be analytical, detail-oriented, friendly – and ready to walk. No advanced degree required."

Even if this particular advert has not yet appeared, some are already carrying out the role.

Brandon Rees, 32, used to make food deliveries. Now he watches robots do them.

Since September, Mr Rees has been working as a robot operator for Robby Technologies, a Silicon Valley start-up whose robots have been deployed by delivery firms in eight cities in California. Robby Technologies co-founders Rui Li and Dheera Venkatraman On a typical day, Mr Rees picks up a robot, then accompanies it through the streets, providing assessment of the robot’s performance, back-up in the event of any serious problems, and explanations to curious passers-by.

On other days, he sits at a desk with screens, monitoring the machines from afar.Mr Rees’s role might seem counter-intuitive. After all, robots are widely expected to displace workers – as many as 800 million – or 30% of the global workforce – by 2030, according to one recent McKinsey Global Institute estimate . We are […]

Austin bombings: Deceased suspect named as Texas man

Austin bombings: Deceased suspect named as Texas man

Enable it in your browser or download Flash Player here .Sorry, you need Flash to play this. Police chief Brian Manley announced the suspect’s death to the media

Media captionPolice chief Brian Manley announced the suspect’s death to the media US media have identified the suspect linked to a series of deadly parcel bombs targeting the Texas city of Austin as Mark Anthony Conditt, 23.

The man was killed after he detonated an explosive as officers approached his car following a chase in Round Rock, north of the Texas state capital.

Officials say he lived about 20 miles (30km) from Austin in a shared home.

The incident follows four bomb attacks in the Austin area. Officials warn he may have placed more bombs in the area. The suspect was pictured dropping off parcel bombs at a FedEx store Who is the suspect?

Police have not formally identified the suspect, but he has been named in US media as Mark Anthony Conditt, aged 23.Texas Governor Greg Abbot told Fox News that he lived with two flatmates in Flugerville, about 20 miles south of Austin.He added the two flatmates have been talking to authorities, but were not suspected of any crimes.Mr Abbot said the […]

People Power: hundreds hit Philippines’ streets to fight for LGBTI equality

People Power: hundreds hit Philippines' streets to fight for LGBTI equality

Some of the many protestors at the SOGIE Equality Bill rally in Quezon City. | Photo: Twitter/@tomasinoweb Hundreds of people turned up to a rally in the Philippines to call for a LGBTI rights bill to become law.

Protestors congregated at the People Power Monument in Quezon City to encourage national senators to vote in favor of the SOGIE Equality Bill.

The SOGIE Equality Bill would make it illegal to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity expression (SOGIE). Feels good to be surrounded by people who will fight for your rights #EqualityNOW pic.twitter.com/bewxeExjfn — Punong Babaylan #EqualityNOW (@vinceliban) March 17, 2018 The People Power Monument pays tribute to the country’s 1986 People Power revolution. It was a series of massive demonstrations to protest regime violence and electoral fraud.

‘[We chose] the People Power Monument, because this is a struggle of everyone LGBT and non LGBT,’ one of the rally organizers, Tacing Marasigan told Gay Star News.

‘People power includes the the marginalized sectors such as the LGBT.’

The Lagablab Network of around 25 LGBTI organizations put Saturday’s (March 17) rally together.Some of the discriminatory acts which would become illegal under the SOGIE Equality Act include; denial of access to […]