People are protesting Trump’s anti-LGBTI judges outside the Supreme Court

People gathered outside the Supreme Court. | Photo: Twitter @NARAL LGBTI groups and advocates gathered on the steps of the US Supreme Court on Tuesday (6 March). They were there to protest Donald Trump’s anti-LGBTI judges. A December report revealed one-third of Trump’s nominees have anti-LGBTI records. Today’s protest specifically called out nominees Thomas Farr and Kyle Duncan. Farr was nominated for a seat in North Carolina. About him, Human Rights Campaign Government Affairs Director David Stacy said: ‘Thomas Farr’s long career undermining the fundamental rights to vote raises concerns about his ability to enforce equal treatment under the law, particularly for African Americans and other historically disenfranchised groups of Americans.’ Meanwhile, Duncan was nominated for a position in the Fifth Circuit for the US Court of Appeals. He opposes same-sex marriage and defended North Carolina’s bathroom bill. Lambda Legal has his track record . Stop Farr, Stop Duncan Groups like HRC, Legal Defense Fund, and activists and politicians all joined forces today. Representative Joe Kennedy, who brought a trans soldier to Trump’s first State of the Union, was there. He said: ‘We will not allow the bigoted beliefs of two men to unwind the progress of millions who […]