Petition to stop Elsa returning to Frozen as a lesbian flares up

A petition to save Elsa from being attracted to women has been started up by anti-gay zealots.

After Frozen’s co-director Jennifer Lee said “we’ll see where we go” in regard to Elsa’s sexuality, a Life petition has been launched to prevent Disney from making the ice queen a lesbian in the film’s sequel.

“In recent years Disney has been steadily conforming its children’s programming to the LGBT agenda, and even the original Frozen was hailed by liberal commentators for its subtly pro-gay themes,” reads the petition.

“From every corner of society, young girls already face confusing and troubling messages about sexuality. “It’s time for all people who cherish traditional family values to unite and tell Disney not to cave in to a tiny pressure group of radical activists. Sign the petition,” bid the campaigners.

“Protect the innocence of little girls rather than introducing them to lesbianism and the over-sexed LGBT cause. Please either pair Elsa with a prince in Frozen 2, or don’t create a partner for her at all. Parents don’t want this forced on their kids.”

Chronic meninist and pronoun denier Jordan Peterson has recently spoken out to brandish Frozen an “appalling piece of rubbish”.“Well, you think, how sexist can you get? […]