Gay travel bloggers photos stolen by pro-paedophilia Twitter troll

A gay couple who run a travel blog together have been the victim of a bizarre Twitter troll account that stole their photos and used them in posts advocating paedophilia.

NBC News reports that Karl Krause and Daan Colijn, who live in the Netherlands and run the website, started receiving emails from fans around Christmas Day telling them that their photos were being used to promote paedophilia.

The troll account – which just went by the name Alex – was created in December, and then started posting tweets promoting paedophilia.

The account then used photos of the couple, including one of the pair kissing in front of a rainbow flag.

In one tweet from the account, the troll said: “Pedophilia is a sexual orientation you bigots.”

Krause told NBC News that it was “frustrating to see someone misusing our image for political purposes.” “We think it is important to support the gay community worldwide.”

The couple’s website says they are “openly gay travellers” and that they are proud of who they are.

“We think it is important to support the gay community worldwide. Our profession is to collect authentic and gay-friendly proofed travel info which we then love to share through written, visual and social media content,” they continue.

The account was presumed to be real by some news outlets and commentators. Attempts to link paedophilia and homosexuality

Conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec was among those who responded to the account. He said in a tweet: “They are actually trying to argue that paedophiles are an ‘oppressed minority’… many warned this day would come.” This is not the first time that attempts have been made to link the LGBT+ community to paedophilia.

While the offensive concept has been repeatedly debunked, some people continue to attempt to link homosexuality and paedophilia. Pexels NBC News reports that various efforts to link paedophilia with homosexuality have been linked to online message board 4chan.

Among these was the creation of a fake rainbow flag for Pride month that was allegedly meant to include acceptance of paedophilia. Worldwide issue

Meanwhile, the issue has also recently come up in France, where far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen was recently fined for his homophobic remarks.

In 2016, he claimed in a video that “paedophilia found its credentials […] in the exaltation of homosexuality.”

The issue also caused controversy in Northern Ireland recently when Lynette Burrows suggested that homosexuality and paedophilia were linked in a segment on BBC Radio Ulster last May.

In the segment, she said that a gay couple kissing was like “a man of 50 kissing a girl of 15.”

When asked if she was comparing homosexuality to paedopholia, she said: “One has been made illegal and the other hasn’t. That’s the difference. We have had a law imposed on us to make this accepted.”

Troll hijacks gay couple’s travel blog to promote pedophilia

‘Couple of men’ Karl and Daan had their profile trolled and used to promote pedophilia. Photo: Couple of Men Instagram An internet troll, posing as travel bloggers ‘Couple of men’, hijacked their Twitter account to promote pedophilia.

Karl Krause and Daan Colijn are gay travel bloggers who tell their followers of gay-friendly and LGBTI-owned businesses and communities throughout the world.

Global gays: the two gay bloggers travel the world sharing their holiday experiences. Photo: Couple of Men Instagram

Posing as gay men on Twitter, the troll’s posts went viral as they attempted to falsely tie the LGBTI community to pedophilia. Fans alerted blogging gay couple about troll’s posts

Krause and Colin only discovered the hack at Christmas, when outraged fans started emailing them. They had no idea their faces were being used to promote pedophilia.

The Dutch/German couple were told their pictures were being used to promote pedophilia in several viral posts on Twitter.

‘They were outraged emails,’ Krause told NBC News . ‘They were saying: ‘How can that be? You are not pro-pedophilia. I know that.’’

One tweet from the troll’s account, which used the handle @vaceyi, stated that ‘Pedophilia is a sexual orientation you bigots.’

That tweet got more than 16,000 replies and caught the attention of far-right parts of the internet, NBC reported.

Scathing responses were then posted from right-wing commentator and former Major League Baseball pitcher, Curt Schilling, and “pizzagate” conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec, among others. Bloggers’ pictures were stolen

All at sea: the couple knew nothing of the trolls posts until fans alerted them. Photo: Couple of Men Instagram

One of their pictures features Krause and Colijn kissing in front of a rainbow flag. This image was stolen by a Twitter troll who went by the name ‘Alex’, an account that was created in December, NBC reported. The account then tweeted messages promoting pedophilia.

‘It’s frustrating to see someone misusing our image for political purposes — basically supporting an argument against the LGBTI community with our work,’ Krause said.

The account successfully spread across Twitter the deliberately defamatory idea that pedophilia is an acceptable part of LGBTI life.

Various efforts to tie the LGBTI community to pedophilia have been linked back to message board called 4chan, NBC said. This included the creation of a fake rainbow flag for Gay Pride Month designed to show acceptance of pedophilia. See Also:

He says his publicist lied about the tell-all book and is now planning to fire him

Gay travellers warned about homophobia risk in The Bahamas

A beach in The Bahamas (Getty) The Canadian government has issued new travel advice warning gay couples about the risk of homophobia in The Bahamas.

Canada’s official travel and tourism guidance was updated on December 20 to reflect the risks posed to LGBT+ tourists in the popular American holiday spot.

Homosexuality has been legal in the country since 1991, but the country provides little legal protections for LGBT+ people and homophobic attitudes persist in some parts of the country.

Canada’s travel advise cautions: “Bahamian law does not prohibit sexual acts between individuals of the same sex. However, homosexuality is not widely socially accepted.

“LGBTQ2 travellers should carefully consider the risks of travelling to The Bahamas.” LGBT rights in The Bahamas

LGBT+ activists in The Bahamas agreed with the advice, despite the country’s popularity with tourists.

LGBT+ Bahamian campaigner Erin Greene told the Bahamas Tribune : “I think it is a sound, a reasonable advisory to LGBTQ Canadians. “As an LGBT Bahamian that regularly if not frequently experiences violence as a human rights advocate that concerns myself about violence towards and within the LGBT community locally, I think that it’s a sound and reasonable move for us for the sake of tourism not to pretend that we don’t experience violence towards the community locally and that by extension LGBTQ visitors might experience that violence.”

Alexus D’Marco told the newspaper: “We should acknowledge that LGBT people do exist in The Bahamas that they have been stigmatised and discriminated against.” A beach in the Bahamas D’Marco said that despite attacks against LGBT+ people in the region, “there is no trust when it comes to the police.”

The campaigner added: “That’s another reason why they don’t trust the police because when they go to the police station, they are in a same-sex relationship and the police says to them ‘well if you weren’t like this this wouldn’t have happened to you, sit over there,’ and they make them sit there for hours and no reports are filed nothing like that so there is no trust.” UK government: Gay couples should avoid public displays of affection in The Bahamas

The UK government’s guidance for tourists goes further, warning: “LGBT travellers should be mindful of local attitudes and be aware that public displays of affection may attract unwanted and negative attention. Public displays of affection (such as hand-holding or kissing) between opposite or same-sex couples are uncommon.”

Polling in 2015 found 74.5 percent opposition to same-sex unions .

In 2017, an American tourist was violently attacked at a festival in The Bahamas.

Adrian Brown, who is in the US Navy, had homophobic slurs hurled at him by the attackers before they beat him with bottles and rocks.

The Beginner’s LGBTI Travel Bucket List

Photo: Tim Easley on Unsplash No one needs to tell you that traveling is one of the most exciting things you can do. But in a world as scary as ours, going out and exploring for the first time can be truly daunting. Especially if you have no idea where to go.

Yet something being scary is no reason not to jump right in and see what this big ridiculous world has in store for you. Whether you want to club around the world, see its natural wonders, or immerse yourself in culture, this beginner’s LGBTI travel bucket list is the best place to start. 1 A pilgrimage to The Stonewall Inn | New York City, US

Queer history can sometimes be just a long list of all the terrible things that have happened to us. And while that is, sadly, true, places like this are beacons of hope. The Stonewall Inn was the catalyst to the Stonewall Riots, which truly ignited the battle for LGBTI rights in the US and across the West. Every queer traveler, young and old and of any gender, has to take a pilgrimage to this holy site.

It also really helps that it can be found in New York City, one of the most spectacular cities in the entire world. 2 March in Asia’s biggest Pride | Taipei Pride, Taiwan

The biggest LGBTI pride festival in Asia is a sight every queer traveler should see. The parade, held on the last Saturday in October, really showcases why Taipei is probably the best city in Asia for LGBTI rights. Fun, welcoming, and downright gorgeous, it centers around the main parade, with performances from local celebrities and activists reminding you why you’re really there. A testament to how good a pride can be. 3 Discover America’s homegrown LGBTI hot spot | Boystown, Chicago, USA

Colorful balloons spell out “LIFE IS SWEET” on the intersection of Halsted and Roscoe in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood during the annual Pride Festival Parade (Photo: Illinois Office of Tourism)

The Windy City is host to the US’s best gay district, making it one of those places all gay people should visit. Boystown is known across the world for standing firm against the erosion of explicitly queer areas. There are dozens of bars – from Progress to Sidetrack – allowing you to unleash your gay side with the strength that only Americans can provide. The restaurants are great, too, so check out Wood and Home Bistro for Michelin-nodded eateries. 4 Australian Pride, but not like you’ve ever experienced | Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Australia

Sydney Mardi Gras is like an atomic bomb of queer energy. Set over twelve nights, queer artists and revelers descend on the city, bringing everything from burlesque, drag queens, talks, art, and one hell of a party. It might be a bit overwhelming, but once that parade starts, you’ll truly understand why Australians have a reputation for parties. 5 Go to your first gay beach | Playa los Muertos gay beach, Mexico

Going to a gay beach has to be on your gay travel bucket list, so you might as well go for one of the best. You can head out into the sand and swim in those sapphire seas if you want, but a lot of people come here to party. Head to areas like the Sapphire Beach Club to get cocktails served by hunky waiters, while other places will have the music turned up. No matter what, the scenery is going to be pretty intense. 6 Unleash your wild side with queer women at The Dinah | Palm Springs, USA

The biggest festival for gay and bisexual women is everything you could have hoped for. Think pool parties, think spectacular talent on stage, think amazing DJs, and think of it all under the beautiful Palm Springs sun. 7 Enjoy a gay clubbing masterclass | Gran Canaria

There’s no other clubbing scene in Europe quite like Gran Canaria, making it the ultimate travel bucket list destination for partying souls. The sheer breadth of gay bars is pretty fantastic, and all of it is a little bit silly. But with the glorious resorts, amazing beaches, and general accessibility, it also makes it one of the easier clubbing destinations to go to. 8 Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco | USA

San Francisco is one of the world’s gay holy cities, featuring a spectacular scene and a colorful history. But among the clubs and restaurants and the LGBTI community, they also have one of the States’ best landmarks: the Golden Gate Bridge. The best way to experience it is by bike. So put your helmet on and absorb the views and engineering wonderment in this wonderful city. 9 Strip off at Haulover Gay Nude Beach | Florida, USA

Stripping completely naked in front of strangers can be nerve-wracking for anyone – which is why people normally go to dark rooms, not underneath-the-burning-hot-sun rooms. But Haulover in Miami is the only naturist beach in the State… and it also happens to be one of the friendliest you can go to. There are mixed areas, so have to travel north on this busy beach to find the gay area. And you never know, you might just find it truly freeing.

Disappointment for LGBT rights in Taiwan after gay tourism is booming

LGBT Travel and Tourism is big business in Taiwan. According to Gay Travel Asi a, the island Province has one of the largest and the best gay scenes in Asia. There is, however, no reference to LGBT travel is visible on the Official Taiwan Tourism Website .

A setback in LGBT law was set by Taiwanese voters and passed a referendum asking that marriage be restricted to one man and one woman. This was a shocking surprise by LGBT couples hoping their island will be the first place in Asia to let same-sex couples share child custody and insurance benefits.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Taiwan, formally known as the Republic of China , have been regarded as some of the most progressive in East Asia and Asia in general. Both male and female same-sex sexual activities are legal; however, same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are not yet eligible for the legal protections available to opposite-sex couples.

The Taiwanese Government (Executive Yuan) first proposed the legal recognition of same-sex marriage in 2003; however, the bill received mass opposition at that time and was not voted on. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender characteristics in education has been banned statewide since 2004. With regards to employment, sexual orientation discrimination has also been prohibited in law since 2007.

The Taiwan Pride in 2015 was attended by nearly 80,000 participants, making it the second largest LGBT pride in Asia behind the parade in Tel Aviv, Israel, which has led many to refer to Taiwan as one of the most liberal countries in Asia. By 2018, attendance had grown to 137,000 participants.

On 24 May 2017, the Constitutional Court ruled that the current marriage laws are unconstitutional and that same-sex couples should have the right to marry. The court has given the Parliament (Legislative Yuan) a maximum of two years to amend or enact laws so that same-sex marriage is legally recognized. According to the court ruling, if the Parliament fails to do so by 24 May 2019, same-sex marriage will automatically become legal.

The result was disappointing for LGBT leaders. The vote on Saturday, organized by Christian groups that make up about 5 percent of Taiwan’s population and advocates of the traditional Chinese family structure, goes against a May 2017 Constitutional Court ruling. Justices told legislators then to make same-sex marriage legal within two years, a first for Asia where religion and conservative governments normally keep the bans in place.

Although the ballot initiative is advisory only, it is expected to frustrate lawmakers mindful of public opinion as they face the court deadline next year. Many legislators will stand for re-election in 2020.

Safe travel destinations for LGBT people? There’s an app for that now

US-based tech company GeoSure has created an app listing the safest neighbourhoods for LGBT travellers across the globe. Photo: Shutterstock In the third of our LGBT city guides, we uncover the best gay-friendly hangouts ahead of the annual Pride celebration in Shanghai and talk to locals about the social scene there Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Photo: AFP Dips, a toasted sandwich and croissant are all on the menu at Vintage 1988 Cafe, which is just one of five new cafes worth visiting in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, during November. Balinese royal and influencer lists her favourite hotels, restaurants and shops on the island JAL is grappling with the fallout of a scandal involving alcohol consumption by its pilots. Photo: Kyodo The power of the pink dollar is growing for the travel industry. LGBT travellers spend US$211 billion annually, according to research by specialist consultants Out Now, and this is a niche market the industry is tapping into.

“The LGBTQ community has 23 per cent more disposable income than their heterosexual counterparts, they travel more frequently and spend more when in resorts,” says Darren Burn, the managing director of, a gay travel, entertainment and lifestyle guide, and, which arranges tailor-made holidays and gay group trips.

Safety is one of the key concerns of LGBT travellers, and Geosure, a technology company based in the United States, is attempting to tackle the issue. Its team of developers has spent the past four years creating a platform on its app that gives neighbourhood-level real-time LGBT safety ratings for more than 30,000 places worldwide.

“Safety is central to travel and when you can promote it, it takes away the anxiety,” says GeoSure CEO Michael Becker. “We want people to be more confident and inspired about travelling to any part of the world. We want to encourage travel in an informed, engaged and empowered way.” Safety is one of the key concerns facing LGBT travellers today. Photo: Shutterstock “Keep in mind there are still more than 70 countries worldwide that criminalise same-sex relationships,” says John Tanzella, president of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (ILGTA). “And people who are gender nonconforming are more likely to be targeted.”

In September, two Malaysian women were caned in public for attempting to have lesbian sex in a car. The incident came weeks after a transgender woman was brutally beaten by eight men in Seremban, Malaysia.

Homosexuality is illegal in the country and carries a 20-year prison sentence. It is also illegal in Bhutan, the Maldives and Sri Lanka. However, LGBT tourism is growing in these destinations, where the law is rarely enforced. According to the Geosure app, San Francisco’s Castro district is the world’s safest urban neighbourhood for LGBT travellers. Photo: Shutterstock The GeoSure app ranks each neighbourhood from one to 100 – the lower the score, the safer the area. Scores are generated through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analysis of data from thousands of sources, including Interpol, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, the World Bank, the ILGTA, real estate prices and other macroeconomic variables. They are updated in real time to reflect the current environment in each neighbourhood.

“We wanted to provide very localised information, go beyond the country level to the neighbourhood level,” says Becker, citing San Francisco as an example. “There is a big difference between the Tenderloin, Nob Hill and Union Square areas. They are all different neighbourhoods that have different safety complexes and that is what we measure.”

According to the app, San Francisco’s Castro district is the world’s safest urban neighbourhood for LGBT travellers. This is followed by Schöneberg in Berlin, Amsterdam’s Centrum, Eixample in Barcelona and Tel Aviv’s city centre/Florentin neighbourhood.

As for the safest destinations in Asia, Singapore ranked 21 for overall safety and 26 for LGBT safety, Hong Kong 33 and 33 respectively, Tokyo 29 and 32, Kuala Lumpur 49 and 43, and Padang in Indonesia 73 and 78.

Watch: Pussy Riot’s members share views on LGBT rights and social movements

Padang’s score was the worst for places the app covers in Southeast Asia. While same-sex marriage is legal in most of Indonesia, an anti-LGBT law has been drafted and there has been a recent surge in targeted violence.

Tanzella recommends doing some homework before choosing a destination, looking specifically at its laws and culture. IGLTA’s website provides worldwide maps showing sexual orientation laws, as well as details of LGBT-friendly travel businesses, travel agents, tour operators and hotels in more than 80 countries.

He cites New York, Spain, Argentina and South Africa as popular destinations with LGBT travellers. “They have progressive laws, which send a welcoming message to LGBTQ travellers.” Participants enjoy themselves on a float during the Tel Aviv Love Parade in Israel. Photo: Alamy Burn says: “A good LGBTQ destination is a place that embraces and empowers its locals to be themselves. It also needs to practise what it preaches. For example, a destination that wants to welcome travellers but does not include LGBTQ couples when doing a photo shoot or promotional material cannot authentically market itself to the LGBTQ community.”

Burn adds that Thailand is also a popular destination with LGBT travellers. “This is down to there being such an open and accepting culture there,” he says.

Earlier this year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand hosted the first LGBT+ Travel Symposium in Bangkok to openly come out to the niche market. Amsterdam in The Netherlands is listed as a safe city for LGBT visitors. Photo: Alamy A common challenge for LGBT travellers is checking into hotels, says Vic Hess, founder of, an online LGBT travel portal that has produced an extensive guide detailing the world’s lesbian-friendly venues, hotels and festivals.

“When you check in and ask for a king-size bed, that can cause problems,” says Hess. “Usually when they see same-sex people, they automatically offer two beds.”

Burn comments that this “age-old problem” is improving but has a long way to go. “Improvements are being made with staff training.” San Francisco’s Castro district is one of the United States’ first and best-known gay neighbourhoods. Photo: Shutterstock As steps are being made to make the world more inclusive, more destinations are expected to lure LGBT travellers to their shores. In September, a landmark ruling saw India legalise gay sex; last year Taiwan ruled same-sex marriage was a constitutional right; and Hong Kong, host city for the 2022 Gay Games, now recognises same-sex couples in visa applications.

“Mostly, the world is open to LGBTQs,” says Hess. “But we need a respectful attitude towards each country’s rules and habits regarding the community.”

Get in the mood for Las Vegas Pride with this super emotional video

17 pics of Montego Bay’s LGBTI march to remind you what Pride is all about Las Vegas is about to celebrate its 35th Pride with a five-day festival.

The city of blinding lights will be the flamboyant center of a series of fun-loving, emotional events for everyone in the community.

This year’s theme is All We Need Is Love. And the cute ‘now and then’ video released to promote Pride is guaranteed to make you cry.

Two women are celebrating their anniversary in Vegas, the city where they first met. Get your tissues ready as they take a stroll through the city, stopping at the end of the aisle.

Watch the video below: The events

Expect the lights, the sounds, the casinos and more, starting from Wednesday 17 October with a family-friendly bingo.

On Thursday, RPDR’s Bianca Del Rio will host a special night. There will also be an afterparty following the queen’s show. The night parade

Moreover, on Friday there will be the much-anticipated Pride parade. Vegas hosts its march at nighttime when the city boasts one of the most incredible skylines in the world.

Parade Pre-Show at the Main Stage begins at 6:45pm and is immediately followed by the Parade at 8pm.

The parade route begins at Gass Avenue and heads north along 4th Street to Ogden Avenue. Secure your spot where the action happens early as thousands are expected to gather for the annual event.

After the parade, there will be three different afterparties to choose from: Glampyres, Eclipse and Dance afterparty. The festival

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be a festival during the day. Celebrating diversity within the community with an event catered to everyone who is LGBTI or an ally.

Superfruit and Betty Who will warm the crowd up on Saturday night. They will take to the main stage at 9pm.

On Sunday, there will be the Velvet Tsunami night, followed by the closing dance party.

More information here . You might also like:

Las Vegas is one of the most iconic places on Earth, but Nevada can offer so much more than just gambling for gay travelers and LGBTI people

Agoda, TravelGay now partners in growing LGBT travel content

Agoda and TravelGay have entered into a partnership to increase focus on LGBT travellers amid a growing wave of support from destinations like Thailand to pursue this niche segment.

TravelGay is a gay travel, entertainment, and lifestyle guide for Europe, the US, and Asia’s most popular gay destinations. Making gay-friendly travel content more accessible Darren Burn, managing director of TravelGay, said: “We have expanded our site rapidly since acquiring the business just a few months ago and intend to work together with our accommodation partners in the coming months and years to further assist the LGBT community on their travels.”

“Central to everything we do at Agoda is the belief that we can help everyone to travel anywhere, so we are thrilled to partner with a company dedicated to ensuring that millions of LGBT travellers each year experience the same warm welcome and level of respect as all other travellers do,” said Aaron Moy, head of UX research and Agoda Colors (Agoda’s LGBT employee-resource group).

“Together with TravelGay, we hope to improve the planning and journey for LGBT travellrs in this region and beyond.”​

September in Greece: 12 hip hotels to stay in 2018

A petition to ban ‘obscene’ Pride in Scotland gains hundreds of signatures During the summer, Greece seduces thousands of gay travelers to its beautiful Mediterranean islands with golden-sand beaches and white-washed villages. Gay life in Greece is unique and with a much different attitude from the rest of the Europe.

Most of the gay travelers choose to visit Greece during the summer months of June to August, where LGBTI Pride in Athens or XLSIOR in Mykonos rule the events calendar.

However, there is also another season that attracts many gay travelers in Greece – September! The beaches are as dreamy as ever. You should still be prepared for really hot weather, with plenty of hours of sunshine. So, take your glasses, your speedo and get ready for your most exciting summer vacations… in September!

But first, you need somewhere to stay. Greece is the home of many excellent hotels, each bringing something unique. From the cave-hotels of Santorini, to the modern artistic hotels of Athens, you will find a hotel to surprise you in every corner of the country. Crete: Go Big, Go Crete!

Crete is one of the best islands for beach holidays in Greece. The average temperature is slightly lower, however still around 29 °C. The beaches are beautiful but make sure you aren’t washed away in the big waves!

Crete has a relatively active gay community ; however, the best chances to meet other men (locals and travellers) are the cities of Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon. Other popular summer destinations include Agios Nikolaos, Elounda Bay and Hersonissos, all of which are located at the northern part of the island.

The island is not as crowded as during the summer months, so expect to find more locals than tourists! ✮ WHERE TO STAY

Found on the golden-sand beach of Agioi Apostoloi, Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection stands out for its serene and cosy atmosphere. The hotel has one pool with no bar or music, where you can relax while reading your favourite book. But you can also head to one with music and a bar where you can hang out with friends!

Hot Tip

You’ll fall in love with the hotel thanks to its wonderful events, ranging from the moonlit live jazz events at the beach to the breathtaking helicopter rides at the Samaria Gorge.

Elysium Boutique Hotel is a contemporary hotel located in Analipsi Village, near Hersonissos of Crete. It has a beautiful environment ideal for gay families, couples and solo travelers. It’s also ideally located close to both Heraklion City and Hersonissos Town.

Hot Tip

The hotel is only 10 minutes’ driving from Sarantaris Beach, the most popular gay beach in Crete. It’s actually a nudist beach, so your speedo won’t be needed there. It can be accessed via the nearby beach Gefyri.

GrottoHomes is a traditional stone-built villa in Goulediana Village of Crete, that is characterised by its unique architecture and design. The villa is great for large groups of friends, being able to accommodate up to 11 people, making it perfect for friends and families. If you are a fan of modern vintage and traditional Greek design, then you are going to love this hotel!

Hot Tip

This villa is best-experienced when you are with your friends. Gather your friends and arrange the most exciting gay-off of your lives! Mykonos – It’s Gay and We love it!

As one of the most popular gay summer destinations in the world, Mykonos is naturally a great option for September vacations as well. September finds the island less crowded than in August, however, it’s still packed with many, many hot guys.

If you are not fond of large crowds, then we recommend you rent your private villa with your besties and spend your Mykonian holidays by your private pool. ✮ WHERE TO STAY

If you want to avoid the crowds that Mykonos attracts, Branco Mykonos is the ideal hotel choice for you. The hotel is only 14 minutes away from the town’s centre, located on the Platys Gyalos Beach.

Hot Tip

The Prestige Suite with Jacuzzi Sea View will make your heart race. If you are a couple, be prepared that you might end up not leaving the hotel at all! Semeli Hotel

On the other hand, if you want to fully explore Mykonos’ intense gay nightlife, then Semeli Hotel will do the work for you. Semeli is located 5 minutes walking distance from Mykonos’ gay scene, so you’re just a stone’s throw from the most exciting parts of the island.

Hot Tip

Before heading out to explore Mykonos’ sexy gay nightlife, enjoy a signature cocktail at the hotel’s lounge bar, which will immediately set you in a mood for partying! ✮ More Fabulous Hotels in Greece:

From north to south, Greece is a country packed with breathtaking natural landscapes, historical landmarks and sightseeing attractions, and, of course, fabulous hotels to stay.

Let’s discover some unique hotels, especially beloved by the gay community!

Porto Klaras Hotel is the perfect sanctuary in Kythnos for an authentic Greek Gay Island Experience. The island might not be as well known compared to other Greek islands, however it’s a splendid option if you are planning to visit in September.

Hot Tip

Kythnos is the typical Cycladic Island with white-washed buildings and golden-sand beaches. Give yourself a break from the busy city environments and enjoy unspoiled nature, surrounded by the Mediterranean blue!

Anemi Hotel is among the most beautiful hotels in Folegandros, combining perfectly the contemporary design with the Cycladic architecture. It’s only 3km away from Chora, and few minutes away from the pebbled beach of Karavostasis.

Hot Tip

September in Anemi Hotel and Folegandros Island is peaceful and tranquil. You can visit the beaches, but be aware of the strong Cycladic winds. The nights will be slightly colder, so we recommend you pack a couple of shirts and jackets with you!

Thessaloniki is one of the best cities to visit in September, and Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki is definitely one of the best hotels to stay. When staying at Hyatt Regency, you can easily combine your city-break with beach holidays, since it is located 30 minutes away from the city centre, and about 30 minutes from Halkidiki.

Hot Tip

Spend your mornings at Halkidiki’s golden sand beaches with crystal-clear waters and explore Thessaloniki’s vivid gay life in the evenings!

Hotel Punta is a luxurious resort located on the beautiful island of Skiathos. The hotel stands out for its unique room design, panoramic views, as well as relaxed and cosy environment that will make you feel at home.

Hot Tip

Make sure you take full advantage of the gorgeous natural surroundings at the Punta Hotel. Alternatively, it creates the ideal place to snuggle in a warm nest.

Located at the centre of Fira, Villa Bordeaux stands out for its huge size and unique cliff-hanging location. The hotel is housed in a historical building, whose renovation was inspired by Cyclades’ total white architecture.

Hot Tip

It’s the hotel for romantic gay holidays in Greece and its marvellous views over Caldera create a picture-perfect background for an engagement proposal! Domes Miramare, Corfu

Domes Miramare redefines luxury accommodation in Corfu, by offering a deluxe staying experience that you will find nowhere else on the island. The hotel’s service is exceptional, so you are going to love all of them. They are keen to help and always with a smile!

Hot Tip

If you want to experience true luxury then stay at the Haute Living Room, made only with marble, glass and sunshine.

Themonies Luxury Suites is a traditional hotel, housed in a stone complex that was built in the 19th century. It consists of 5 independent residences which can house from couples to families, so it’s great for all kinds of travelers.

Hot Tip Don’t miss the delicious breakfast! It includes traditional local delicacies as well as fresh orange juice, homemade marmalade, Greek yoghurt, and fresh eggs. Travel by Interest is a client of Gay Star News.

Ed Balls celebrated his birthday by showing off his dance moves in a gay bar

Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls The UK’s former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls was filmed in a Texas gay bar, dancing with a drag queen.

The Labour MP was tipped to be on the cusp of power before losing his seat at the 2015 General Election.

The ex-politician has since built a surprising second life as a quasi-reality star, appearing on TV dance contest Strictly Come Dancing in 2016.

Balls showed off his dancing moves in the unlikeliest of places for his new BBC documentary series, Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls. Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls The second episode of the show saw Balls exploring the pro-gun movement in Texas US – meeting gay, African-American pro-gun Trump supporter Michael Cargill.

After an intense political discussion over dinner, the pair go on a night out together in Austin, to a local gay bar.

Balls narrates: “When Michael said he’d take me for a night out in Austin, I wasn’t quite expecting this.

“But being in a gay club with a Trump supporter is a unique way to spend my 51st birthday.”

The former Shadow Chancellor is shown dancing with a bearded drag queen, before being roped into a dance contest. Not one to waste his talents, Balls busts out one of his Strictly routines to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Balls is married to Labour MP Yvette Cooper. The ex-politician has long been an LGBT ally, releasing a video in support of the Out4Marriage campaign in May 2012.

The MP said he was inspired to support marriage equality by his late uncle, who came out as gay later in life.

He said: “Twenty years ago my uncle came out in his fifties as gay and he died, I’m afraid, before he and his long-term partner could have a civil partnership.

“But actually in our family we would have liked him to have gone further and to have got married. It’s what he would have wanted, I believe.” At the PinkNews Awards in 2014, Balls spoke of the urgent need to “normalise” imagery of LGBT people in mainstream culture, saying inclusive campaigns are “very important” to show that Britain is accepting and diverse.

He said: “I think it is really important that we have in our corporate marketing statements which can really normalise the images of LGBT people and their families and showing this is part of our normal and mainstream life in Britain, and that’s why these campaigns are very important today.”