Gay men seeking HIV-preventing PrEP drugs are being ‘turned away’ from sexual health clinics over trial capacity

PrEP More than two dozen sexual health clinics in England are now turning away gay men who are seeking to take HIV-preventing drugs, PinkNews has found.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) drug Truvada, which can drastically reduce people’s chances of being infected with HIV, was made available for free on the NHS last year as part of a large-scale three-year trial.

As part of the trial, 10,000 places were made available via participating sexual health clinics across England – with most of the places reserved for men who have sex with men.

However, PinkNews has found that many of the major clinics involved in the trial have already been forced to close recruitment to gay and bisexual men, after their capacity for trial places was quickly filled due to high demand.

Clinics that fill their quota are left with no option other than to tell them to go elsewhere.

26 locations involved in the trial have closed recruitment so far, according to data made public by the IMPACT trial. Some of the most popular sexual health clinics with the LGBT community, such as London’s Dean Street, filled their trial quota in just weeks.While there are still 85 sites at which the PrEP trial is available, these […]

Coronation Street: The story behind David Platt’s rape

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) This week Coronation Street aired its first male rape storyline, proving to be one of its most controversial topics to date.

The scenes, which see newcomer Josh Tucker drug and sexually assault hairdresser David Platt, have generated over 100 complaints to Ofcom.

It has also caused a debate on social media about the place of difficult real-life issues on light entertainment programmes.

David’s storyline has gone some way to highlight how seriously soaps take issue-based storylines and how much work goes into them.

Ryan Clayton – who plays Josh – tells the BBC he "can’t stress the importance enough" of why stories like this need to be aired and brought to a wider audience.

"The great thing, with whatever soap is covering it, is you’ve got millions of people tuning into a programme," he says. The two characters bonded after Josh invited David to take part in a charity boxing match The story of male rape is not new to soaps and Hollyoaks was the first to cover it – first in 2000 with Luke Morgan and in 2015 with John Paul McQueen.Clayton says the reason the David Platt story has caused such a […]

Texas Prisons to Update LGBT Policy After Lawsuit from Transgender Inmate Who Was Beaten, Raped

This story was originally published by The Texas Tribune.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of a transgender woman who was beaten and raped in a Texas prison for men has ended with a monetary settlement and an updated LGBT policy at the state’s prison system, according to an LGBT rights legal group.

Lambda Legal announced Thursday that it had settled with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in the case of Passion Star, a 34-year-old black transgender woman who sued the department claiming that prison officials didn’t protect her from sexual and physical abuse while incarcerated in male prisons. She said that when she complained, officials told her to stop “acting gay” to prevent future assaults.

“For years, I was raped and beaten in prison and when I asked for help I was ignored,” said Star, according to the group’s announcement. “I was hurt, scared and thrown in solitary [confinement] in hopes that I would be forgotten, but today I can be proud that I never gave up.”

In Texas, transgender prisoners are housed according to their sex at birth.

The department’s spokesman, Jeremy Desel, said in a statement Thursday evening that the department was in full compliance with federal law and already […]

C-Suite talks HR: Alim Dhanji, COO at The LGBT Foundation

Equality in the workplace is about more than just hiring diversely and fulfilling inclusive quotas – it’s a shift in mindset that needs to come from the very top.

We spoke to Alim Dhanji, chief operating officer at The LGBT Foundation – who revealed how authentic diversity inspires innovation and explained how being ‘out’ in an inclusive atmosphere helped his leadership skills.

So, what is The LGBT Foundation? According to Dhanji, it’s a community which strives for global equality.

“By harnessing the power and potential of blockchain technology and other technological innovations, the Foundation will foster greater acceptance of the LGBT community, drive positive social change for the community’s benefit, and protect vulnerable community members,” added Dhanji.

“By tokenizing the Pink Dollar, the Foundation will empower the LGBT community to exert its considerable economic might, provide a safe and secure environment to access cryptocurrencies and other products and services, and enable members to verify and protect their identities as required.”

We asked Dhanji how important he thinks diversity is in business at the moment, to which he replied “critical”.“Now, more than ever, diversity in all forms is imperative for businesses to nurture innovation, gain a competitive edge, create a progressive workplace culture to attract […]

Why there is hope for the LGBT community despite Russia and Qatar World Cups

Last month, Argyle Pride were invited to an event at Wembley in conjunction with LGBT History Month.

Hosted by the Chairman of the FA, Greg Clarke, the purpose of the evening was to highlight a multitude of good work done by the 41 current LGBT+ fan groups as well as give Greg Clarke the chance to show what he and his colleagues are doing in preparation for Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022.

The host nations for the next two World Cups are far from ideal for LGBT fans wanting to support England in a hopeful yet ultimately disappointing national tournament.

This summer’s World Cup is being hosted by Russia; famed for it’s “LGBT propaganda" laws followed by Qatar in 2022 – one of a handful of nations where homosexuality is punishable with the death penalty.

Naturally, as official representatives of clubs from across the country, we are concerned for the safety of our fans at these tournaments.

The most immediate issue we face is staying safe in Russia this summer.While many people would ask, “Why do you even want to go?”, the bigger question is, “Why shouldn’t we?”The eyes of the world will be on Russia and they will be keen not to attract […]

Phil Anschutz donates $1m to Elton John LGBT Fund

AEG chairman Phil Anschutz has donated US$1 million to the Elton John Aids Foundation’s LGBT fund , which supports LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) people in need in sub-Saharan Africa.

Anschutz – who has previously come under fire for donating money to allegedly anti-LGBT organisations in the US – says the grant is “intended to emphasise that we support freedom of all people to live their lives peacefully, without interference from others”, and expresses his regret if his money has previously gone towards working against LGBT rights.

“Sexuality is among the most personal of issues, and it has never been my intent to weigh in on people’s private lives,”Anschutz (pictured) says in a statement to Variety . “I support the rights of all people and oppose discrimination and intolerance against the LGBTQ community. “I see this as a matter of basic human rights” “I see this as a matter of basic human rights. Our foundation supports a broad range of philanthropic causes. I regret if any money given to a charity for other purposes may have indirectly worked against these values. That was not my intention, it does not reflect my beliefs and I am committed to making sure our […]

DCF supports bills letting adoption agencies refuse LGBT couples on religious grounds | The Wichita Eagle

The Kansas agency that oversees adoption and foster care supports legislation that would let organizations refuse placements with families — including gay and lesbian couples —based on religious beliefs.

The legislation would also prohibit Kansas Department for Children and Families and other parts of state government from denying contracts to agencies that refuse placements on religious grounds.

"By passing this bill, it is an opportunity for additional (child placement agencies) that have had concerns of working in Kansas in the past, to come along side DCF to locate and maintain homes in which to place Kansas’ children," DCF Secretary Gina Meier-Hummel said in a statement.

Meier-Hummel’s support for the bills came amid legislative hearings Tuesday. In written comments, she said that with more than 7,000 children in DCF custody, it is imperative the agency advocates for policies and law that encourage more child placement agencies, not fewer. Never miss a local story.

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SUBSCRIBE NOW "This bill addresses possible barriers that may be keeping CPAs from coming to Kansas to work with DCF," Meier-Hummel said.The legislation’s proponents contend faith-based adoption agencies would be forced to close if ever required […]

‘Should the Vale Council devote so much of our money to LGBT issues?’

I read the article by Vale MP Alun Cairns on the celebration of International Women’s Day and the progress made in that field, it reminded me of the recent article in The GEM [February 8, 2018], the Vale Council celebrating LGBT History Month.

I do not know who selects what to celebrate or the period of the celebration, though I wonder why women are given one day and LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] History one month.

In the article on LGBT history, there was no mention of any LGBT historical context for the Vale.

With the recent rises again in council tax meaning that some home owners in the Vale will pay almost £10,000 over the next four years, I wonder if the council spending of money and time on the various awareness training courses and other LGBT programmes could have been better spent, bearing in mind we have an increasing population attending foodbanks, reduced contributions to councils from government, and a relatively small number of people in the Vale who are LGBT.

As a government agency, I am surprised to read that the council considers that it needs “…to review their internal polices and procedures to make sure they are inclusive of […]

Lesbian, gay and bisexual adults have more heart issues than heterosexuals: Poor healthcare for sexual minorities drives up cardiovascular issues by 36%, study finds

Lesbian, gay and bisexual adults have poorer heart health than heterosexuals, new research claims.

The study found that sexual minorities were 36 percent less likely than straight people to have ideal cardiovascular health.

Researchers said this could be due to higher smoking rates and lack of preventative care among lesbian, gay and bisexual adults, which may lead to higher rates of heart disease.

The study, lead by Dr Anshul Saxena, a biostatistician at Baptist Health South Florida in Miami, is the latest to highlight heart health disparities among sexual minorities. Researchers found that lesbian, gay and bisexual people are more likely to experience cardiovascular disease Heart disease is the number one killer in the US, while stroke is the fifth-leading cause of death. Despite advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment, heart disease alone accounts for one out of every four deaths.

‘If confirmed in other studies, our results point towards a disproportionately higher risk for cardiovascular disease among sexual-minority populations,’ said Dr Saxena.

While some cardiovascular risks, such as family history and age, are uncontrollable, many others like obesity, poor diet, and cholesterol are manageable through lifestyle changes.For the study, Dr Saxena and his colleagues analyzed the data of 2,445 adults over the age […]

What is C*ckBlocked? The app that reveals who blocked you on Grindr

Ever wanted to know who you’ve been blocked by on Grindr? A new app gets under the skin of the gay dating app by revealing exactly who’s blocked who.

C*ckBlocked is the brainchild of coder Trever Faden, who is the founder of a property management company called Atlas Lane.

Alongside his day job, Faden is also “just a gay guy who likes to code side projects,” he revealed on his Twitter feed as the app launched. Grindr is yet to comment on the app. However, at the time of PinkNews going to press, the IP address for the website has been blocked by Grindr and the tool is currently out of use.

Up until this point, users visited and entered their email and Grindr password to reveal their data.

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Then, taa daa! The number of people you’d been blocked by, and a list of their Grindr profiles, popped up. Faden also runs other small app businesses, which include InCongnito, “the easiest way to browse LinkedIn privately,” and a HTML Inserter for Gmail, alongside a couple of specified tech apps.In the time since […]