LGBT groups slam opening of first Chick-fil-A restaurant in UK

LGBT groups slam opening of first Chick-fil-A restaurant in UK

LGBT groups have slammed the opening of a UK Chick-fil-A restaurant A controversial chicken sandwich chain which detractors say has a "long history of donating to anti- LGBT organisations" has opened its first branch in the UK.

Chick-fil-A was subject to a boycott in the US following public comments made by its chief operating officer Dan Cathy that appeared to take a stance against same-sex marriage.

Mr Cathy stated on US radio programme The Ken Coleman Show in 2012 that defining marriage differently to the bible was akin to "shaking a fist at God".

He said: "I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage’.

"I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about."

These comments prompted a US wide boycott of the chain.

However, the group actually saw a 12 per cent sales increase in the year after the boycott began.

Chick-fil-A has also been accused of donating millions of dollars to groups seen as hostile to LGBT rights.

The group’s opening of a restaurant in The Oracle, Reading, sees it expand into the UK for the first time.

The move was criticised by LGBT groups in the UK.

Joe Nellist from LGBT Foundation said: “Chick-fil-A have a long and troubling history of donating to anti-LGBT organisations, threatening the hard won rights of LGBT people in the United States.

"A commitment to equality and diversity should be part of the core values and ethos of any organisation.” Read more Stonewall, an LGBT rights group, said that the backlash showed that consumers wanted to use their clout to "support equality".

A Stonewall spokesperson said: ‘The reaction to this news from the LGBT community and allies shows that more and more consumers want to use their platform and business clout to support organisations and businesses who actively support LGBT equality.

"Lesbian, gay, bi and trans people still face discrimination and hatred simply because of who they are, and when businesses get behind LGBT equality, they can make a huge difference."

A spokesman for Chick-fil-A told the Standard: "We hope our guests in the UK will see that Chick-fil-A is a restaurant company focused on serving great food and hospitality, and does not have a social or political agenda.

"We are represented by more than 145,000 people from different backgrounds and beliefs, and we welcome everyone."

The Standard has approached Chick-fil-A for comment.

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EXCLUSIVE: Dawn Butler slams Liz Truss over government’s ‘failing’ of LGBT community after surge in transphobic hate crimes

EXCLUSIVE: Dawn Butler slams Liz Truss over government’s ‘failing’ of LGBT community after surge in transphobic hate crimes

Dawn Butler (L) (Antony Jones/Getty) and Liz Truss (R) (Carl Court/Getty) Labour MP Dawn Butler has slammed Conservative minister for women and equalities Liz Truss over the government’s failure to reform the Gender Recognition Act.

Butler made the comments in a letter to Truss after new statistics revealed that there was a 37 percent surge in transphobic hate crimes between April 2018 and March 2019.

Writing in the letter, shadow women and equalities secretary Butler called the new statistics “deeply worrying”. She said she was “disappointed” that there was no mention of reforming the Gender Recognition Act in the Queen’s speech in parliament earlier this week. Labour MP Dawn Butler: Government has missed ‘another opportunity to act’.

“It’s frustrating that the government have missed another opportunity to act and have once again failed the LGBT+ community,” Butler wrote.

She continued: “I am concerned that the government is not taking transgender issues seriously; today’s figures are alarming and provide further evidence on the need to act now – the government should stop dragging its feet and just reform the act.”

Furthermore, Butler asked Truss to confirm when the government will announce plans to reform the GRA. She also said that Truss must not use the fact that she was only appointed women and equalities minister in September as an excuse to kick the can even further down the road. I am concerned that the government is not taking transgender issues seriously. “The fact that we are now two years on from the announcement that the act would be reformed, and nearly a year on from the close of the consultation means that the government is creating another dangerous void.

Stars you didn’t know are gay or lesbian

Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling

“There has been increasing anti-trans rhetoric in the press, including misinformation regarding what a change in the law would mean. This has created an unnecessary moral panic about a community that already experiences high levels of hate crime, poor mental health and exclusion.” Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities Dawn Butler (Jack Taylor/Getty) She finished her letter by calling the government’s stalling on reform “irresponsible governance”.

“The onus is on the government to put this right – reform is needed now.” Gender recognition act needs reform

The Gender Recognition Act (GRA) was first introduced in 2004 but is in urgent need of reform. The current Act insists that trans people be diagnosed with gender dysphoria. They must also prove that they have been living in their gender for two years or more.

The process – which was once called “overly bureaucratic and invasive” by former prime minister Theresa May – is so cumbersome that many trans people don’t even engage with it.

The government’s public consultation on the act wrapped up almost a year ago, but officials have stalled in implementing change.

The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons creating documentary series based on LGBTQ+ history

The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons creating documentary series based on LGBTQ+ history

Jim Parsons is helping create a series celebrating LGBTQ+ history (Picture: Getty) The Big Bang Theory ’s Jim Parsons is teaming up with Greg Perlanti to create a new documentary series based on historical moments for the LGBTQ+ community.

The actor, who has been moving behind-the-scenes for more producer-led roles over the past year, will bring to life landmark points of the history of gay, transgender and queer rights that have been long fought for.

Equal, a four-part series, will also chronicle forgotten heroes and faces of the movement, giving them overdue recognition for their fight for equal rights for the community.

Each hour-long episode will see never-before-seen footage, interviews and re-enactments to bring to life the story of LGBTQ+ trailblazers that have made history with their work and efforts.

It will end with a special on the Stonewall Riots, ending with the first New York Pride event one year after the events of that evening.

Jennifer O’Connell, executive VP of non-fiction at HBO Max, said: ‘In June, we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which shepherded in a new era for LGBTQ+ pride.

‘While we know the story behind that fateful summer night, there’s a lot of fascinating, untold history of the patriots, artists, and thinkers who paved the way.’ The star will help create the four-part series celebrating LGBT trailblazers (Picture: Getty) ‘It’s time to share their heroic tales, and we could not have more perfect partners in Jim Parsons, Greg Berlanti, Jon Jashni and Scout to introduce our HBO Max audience to these historical trailblazers,’ she added.

Jim also produces Netflix series Special, which tells the life of a gay man with cerebral palsy, and Young Sheldon, the prequel series of his character from The Big Bang Theory. UK’s first Chick-fil-A to close down amid row over anti-LGBT donations Kissing lesbians told to ‘tone it down’ by Wetherspoon staff Man lured to Grindr date by teens who ambushed him in homophobic attack It’ll mark the first ever production for Warner Horizon Unscripted TV’s new documentary unit, with president of unscripted and alternative Mike Darnell explaining that the creation of the show comes at a ‘critical’ time.

He said: ‘We are extremely proud to partner with these groundbreaking producers on a subject this important, at a time this critical.

‘What a perfect project to launch Warner Horizon Unscripted Television’s new documentary series unit.’

The Big Bang Theory is available on Netflix in the UK.

LGBTQ Dreamers Fear Detention and Deportation and Need DACA’s Protections

LGBTQ Dreamers Fear Detention and Deportation and Need DACA’s Protections

Getty/Drew AngererA view of the Statue of Liberty is seen during a naturalization ceremony in Jersey City, New Jersey, September 2017. On November 12, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the legality of President Donald Trump’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The stakes of this case are extremely high: Since the policy was announced on June 15, 2012, it has provided temporary protection from deportation and work authorization to approximately 825,000 undocumented young people, including thousands of LGBTQ people. By applying the Gallup estimate of Millennials who identify as LGBT, 8.1 percent , to the number of DACA recipients in the country, the authors conservatively estimated that at least 66,825 LGBT individuals have received protection under DACA.* † The DACA program has allowed recipients who identify as LGBTQ to live free from the daily fear of deportation and improve their economic security and educational attainment.

LGBTQ DACA recipients, like all DACA recipients, have made enormous gains under the program. In addition to the effect that DACA has had on LGBT recipients’ economic security and educational attainment, a recent survey also shows that DACA has played a large role in LGBT recipients’ feelings of inclusion and belonging in the United States: 65 percent of LGBT recipients reported that after their DACA application was approved, they felt more like they belong in the United States. Meanwhile, 66 percent reported that they have become more involved in their community, and 62 percent reported becoming more politically active after their DACA application was approved. President Trump’s termination of the program put these gains in jeopardy. A note on the survey data

From August 14 to September 6, 2019, Tom K. Wong of the U.S. Immigration Policy Center at the University of California, San Diego; United We Dream; the National Immigration Law Center; and the Center for American Progress fielded a national survey to analyze the experiences of DACA recipients. The full survey results are available here and on file with Tom K. Wong. This survey included a question asking respondents to report whether they identified as straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or gender nonconforming. Out of 1,105 respondents, 157 individuals, or 14 percent of the total sample, stated that they were either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or gender nonconforming.

The authors combined the responses from survey respondents who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or gender nonconforming. They then conducted analyses to explore current beliefs and experiences of LGBT DACA recipients as well as potential differences between LGBT and non-LGBT survey participants related to the harms of President’s Trump’s rescission of this policy. Potential risks of deporting LGBT DACA recipients

Although two-thirds of LGBT survey respondents reported, “After my DACA application was approved, I am no longer afraid because of my immigration status,” they also expressed concerns about detention and deportation, providing insight into the harms that LGBTQ DACA recipients could face if President Trump succeeds in terminating the program. Without DACA’s protection from deportation, LGBTQ recipients once more would be at risk of being deported to their countries of birth. Like other DACA recipients, LGBTQ recipients have spent their formative years in the United States, meaning their countries of birth are unfamiliar to them; more than half of LGBT DACA recipients surveyed in 2017 were 5 years old or younger when they were brought to the United States. They also lack support networks in these countries, with less than one-third of LGBT survey respondents reporting that they have an immediate family member still living in their country of birth. Fears about the lack of stability in and familiarity with their home countries are clear in the survey results: 80 percent reported, “In my country of birth, I would be concerned about the physical safety of myself and my family.”

72 percent reported, “In my country of birth, I would be concerned about the quality of healthcare for myself and my family.”

58 percent reported, “In my country of birth, I would be concerned about food insecurity for myself and my family.”

43 percent reported, “In my country of birth, I would be concerned about homelessness for myself and my family.”

Given these well-founded concerns about the safety and security of being an LGBTQ person in countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras , losing protections under DACA and being deported would put the physical safety, health, and security of LGBTQ DACA recipients and their families at serious risk. LGBT recipients fear the consequences of losing DACA

LGBT survey respondents also indicated that the uncertainty around the program’s future—and, by extension, their own personal future—is often on their minds. LGBT survey respondents were significantly more likely than the rest of the DACA recipients surveyed to think at least once a day about the following immigration enforcement consequences of losing their protections: 56 percent reported thinking about “Being detained in an immigration detention facility” about once a day or more.**

64 percent reported thinking about “Being deported from the U.S.” about once a day or more.***

74 percent reported thinking about “A family member being detained in an immigration detention facility” about once a day or more.****

With record numbers of immigrants being detained , traumatizing enforcement actions such as raids , and the uncertainty around the fate of their protections under DACA, the pervasive concerns of LGBT DACA recipients around detention and deportation are understandable. Conclusion

Stripping LGBT DACA recipients of these protections would have disastrous effects on their lives. Given the disproportionate risk of abuse that LGBTQ people face in immigration detention and the widespread risk they face in much of the world , the fears expressed by LGBT survey respondents are serious. Policymakers should address these fears, which weigh heavily and frequently on LGBT DACA recipients, through strengthening—not weakening—protections.

Sharita Gruberg is the director of policy for the LGBT Research and Communications Project at the Center for American Progress. Laura E. Durso is the vice president of the LGBT Research and Communications Project at the Center. Tom K. Wong is a senior fellow at the Center as well as an associate professor of political science and founding director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Center at the University of California, San Diego.

* An earlier estimate by the Williams Institute finds that the proportion of young adults ages 18 to 29 who identify as LGBT and are undocumented is 4.4 percent. Applied to the total number of DACA recipients, the Williams Institute reached an estimate of 36,000 DACA recipients who identify as LGBT. CAP uses the Gallup estimate for Millennials who identify as LGBT and applies that to the total number of DACA recipients. Since LGBT people of color and high-school-age youth identify as LGBT by larger percentages than the general LGBT population, this is likely a conservative estimate.

** p=0.002

*** p<0.001

**** p=0.035

† Correction, October 17, 2019: This column has been updated to clarify that an estimated 66,825 LGBT individuals have received protection under DACA at some point. Not necessarily all of these individuals currently hold DACA protections.

Kellogg’s is launching an LGBT-themed cereal so you can start your day with maximum gay

Kellogg’s is launching an LGBT-themed cereal so you can start your day with maximum gay

Kellogg’s launched the All Together cereal If you’re a fan of breakfast and being gay, we have grrrrreat news for you – Kellogg’s is launching an LGBT-themed cereal.

The company’s special edition All Together Cereal is enough to make you snap, crackle and pop with Pride, bringing together many of the brand’s most popular cereals.

The company announced a $50,000 donation to LGBT+ advocacy charity GLAAD as it launched the cereal for Spirit Day on October 17.

The $19.99 special edition box , available while supplies last, contain six mini cereal boxes packaged inside one larger exclusive All Together box “to celebrate the belief that we all belong together”.

The company explained: “The box brings together six of the famous Kellogg mascots and cereals inside the same carton as a symbol of acceptance no matter how you look, where you’re from or who you love.”

The box includes Corn Flakes, Frosties, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran and Frosted Mini-Wheats. Kellogg’s ‘firmly committed’ to equality.

Chief diversity officer Priscilla Koranteng said: “At Kellogg, we are firmly committed to equality and inclusion in the workplace, marketplace and in the communities where we work and live.

“We have long been allies and supporters of LGBTQ employees, their families and the community. For more than 100 years, Kellogg has nourished families so they can flourish and thrive, and the company continues to welcome everyone to the table.”

Stars you didn’t know are gay or lesbian

Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling The Kellogg’s cereal was launched in honour of Spirit Day John McCourt of GLAAD: “We are proud to partner with Kellogg’s again this year to help extend the important message of Spirit Day to households across the country.

“The All Together cereal encompasses the values of diversity, equality, and solidarity that Spirit Day is all about, and we hope that LGBTQ youth everywhere receive the messages loud and clear.” Andi Mack star to launch LGBT-themed cereal All Together.

The cereal is being launched by Andi Mack star Joshua Rush at a Spirit Day event at the Kellogg’s café in New York City, where guests will have a “chance to mix your own one-of-a-kind cereal” and learn about the work of GLAAD.

Kellogg’s previously put its cereal mascots to work campaigning against homophobic bullying.

A 2017 Spirit Day video featured mascots including Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle and Pop, Toucan Sam, and the Corn Flakes mascot (apparently called Cornelius) telling kids that “bullying is no laughing matter”.

The company won a PinkNews Award in 2018 for an ad campaign featured drag queens Vivienne Lynsey and Miss Blair talking about how they take their cereal.

Pop-up LGBT gym offers alternative to ‘toxic, hyper masculine’ gym culture

Pop-up LGBT gym offers alternative to ‘toxic, hyper masculine’ gym culture

An increasing number of gyms are catering exclusively to LGBT+ people (Pexels) A gym near Boston is offering a pop-up session catering exclusively to the LGBT+ community, who often don’t feel comfortable exercising in regular gyms.

CORE gym in Brookline offers specific Queer Gym sessions with the aim of empowering its clients physically and mentally. It’s one of several LGBT+ workout spaces that’s opened in recent years.

One of Queer Gym’s physical trainers, Justice Williams, told NPR : “[Gyms] are hyper-masculine, they’re toxic, they’re about an aesthetic. Being part of the LGBT community, I’ve observed and noticed that people don’t feel comfortable in gyms today.”

He explained that, while gyms are an awkward experience for many people, that experience is amplified when your body or mannerisms don’t conform to people’s interpretation of how you should be. And trans people can feel particularly vulnerable.

Morris, a non-binary trans person, joined Queer Gym because people often stare at them in other gyms. “My body looks a little bit different than a lot of the other peoples’ who are in the gym,” they said. (Pexels) Stars you didn’t know are gay or lesbian

Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling

“When you’re working out, you just want to focus on your workout. But when you know that other people are staring at you and then sometimes talking about you, it can be distracting.

“It can be demoralising, you know, when you’re supposed to be pumping yourself up in the gym.”

Eddie Maisonet, who is also trans, came to Queer Gym sessions after he noticed people staring at the scars from his top surgery.

“Here, we’re looking at each other, but we’re so supportive,” he said. “It’s people trying to take pointers or make sure you’re not hurting yourself as opposed to feeling like a spectacle.”

Williams says the ultimate goal is to arm LGBT+ people with the confidence to navigate all gyms, but until then he’ll be running Queer Gym around for as long as necessary.

Some gyms are offering self-defence classes specific to LGBT+ people as the rate of hate crimes continues to rise.

Martial arts like Krav Maga and jiu-jitsu are reportedly being tailored to members of the LGBT+ community, who face a heightened risk of physical attacks out in public.

Staunch LGBT ally and fierce adversary of Trump, Elijah Cummings, has passed away

Staunch LGBT ally and fierce adversary of Trump, Elijah Cummings, has passed away

Elijah Cummings has sadly passed away after complications from longstanding health problems. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty) Tributes are pouring in for the Democratic congressman and staunch LGBT+ ally, Elijah Cummings, who sadly passed away on October 17 aged 68.

The Maryland congressman and chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee was a prominent figure in the Trump impeachment inquiry, who made headlines recently after Trump dubbed his Baltimore district a “ rodent-infested mess .”

Cummings was a consistent ally of the LGBT+ community and voiced his support for same-sex marriage during Maryland’s 2012 referendum on marriage equality.

He reiterated his support after the Supreme Court extended marriage equality to the whole of the US in 2015. “It so clearly and rightly upholds the principles of freedom and equality under the law that our nation embodies,” he said in a statement .

In 2016 he shot down the arguments for the First Amendment Defense Act, a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT+ people under the guise of freedom of religion.

He pointedly drew comparisons to discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or disability, before asking the panel: “Now raise your hand if you believe it is acceptable for businesses in this country to discriminate against employees who are in same sex marriages.” He publicly condemned the timing of a Congress hearing to discuss the bill – exactly one month after the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida . 49 people were killed at the gay bar in what was one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history.

“Even if you truly believe that being gay is morally wrong, or that people should be allowed to discriminate against gay people, why in the world would you choose today of all days to hold a hearing on this discriminatory legislation?” he said.

Cummings also proposed needle exchange programs to reduce the spread of AIDS. His death is mourned by many advocates in Maryland and beyond.

“What a terrible loss for the people of Baltimore and of Maryland,” tweeted Maryland LGBT PAC Treasurer Brian Gaither. Waking to the sad news about the death of @RepCummings — what a terrible loss for the people of Baltimore and of Maryland. My deepest condolences to @MayaRockeymoore and the rest of the Congressman’s family.

— Brian Gaither (he/him) (@briangaither) October 17, 2019 Stonewall Democrats praised Cummings for “act[ing] in defence of our democracy as a patriot to honour our constitution.” Rep. Elijah Cummings was a fierce champion of civil rights, including LGBT rights. We join the country in mourning the loss of a true hero of equality. He acted in defense of our democracy as a patriot to honor our constitution.

Rest in Power.

— Stonewall Democrats (@SDNYC) October 17, 2019 LGBT+ author Eric Rosswood called the senior congressman “a trailblazer and a beacon of hope.” We lost an icon today. Rep. Elijah Cummings was a fighter, a trailblazer, and a beacon of hope. Thank you for all you’ve done in the fight for equal rights. The world is a better place because you were in it.

— Eric Rosswood (@LGBT_Activist) October 17, 2019 Hillary Clinton described him as “a giant” who championed “truth, justice and kindness.” America lost a giant with the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings, a man of principle who championed truth, justice and kindness. He fiercely loved his country and the people he served. Rest In Peace, my friend.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 17, 2019 Stars you didn’t know are gay or lesbian

Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling

Among those mourning his loss most strongly is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi , who paid tribute to “his wisdom, his warm friendship and his great humanity.” The House has lost our North Star. Chairman Elijah Cummings was a leader of towering character & integrity. His wisdom, his warm friendship and his great humanity will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) October 17, 2019

6 Crazy School District Responses To Parents Mad About LGBT Indoctrination Of Preschoolers

6 Crazy School District Responses To Parents Mad About LGBT Indoctrination Of Preschoolers

Last week I wrote about a suburban Chicago school district’s Oct. 7-11 week of LGBT curriculum as an example of what the state legislature has required all Illinois public schools to teach starting next July. Although the Evanston/Skokie school district is in a very liberal area, not all parents were comfortable with their preschoolers being taught, among other things , that polyamorous families are equivalent to families of sexually faithful married biological parents, and that being gay simply means “loving” someone of your own sex.

According to a local newspaper called the Evanston RoundTable, the district’s administrators and school board heard from several dozen upset parents after their children started coming home and talking about what they were learning about sex in school. These officials responded with a condescending, inaccurate, and embarrassing defense of themselves.

Here are some highlights from the Evanston RoundTable report . 1. Teaching Transgenderism to Preschoolers Is ‘Age-Appropriate’

A Sept. 24 letter from District 65’s two interim superintendents and the head of the local teachers union twice said the district’s LGBT curriculum was “age appropriate.” Emphasis added in the below quotes from the letter: We are deeply appreciative of District 65 educators and members of the district’s Gender and Sexuality Educators Alliance (GSEA) for the many hours they spent this summer developing robust, thoughtful, and age-appropriate curriculum for use in D65. …All content has been developed to ensure that it is both developmentally and age-appropriate for all students. At an Oct. 7 board committee meeting, school board President Suni Kartha reiterated: “This really is a wonderful, thoughtful, age-appropriate curriculum.”

In my article last week, I sampled the district’s “age-appropriate curriculum” for children ages 3 to 5. It included numerous LGBT picture books such as the well-known “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “ They He She, Easy as ABC ” about using trans pronouns.

These preschoolers were told they can be “just like” a transgender teen celebrity named Jazz Jennings, and that transgender means having one sex’s body but a different sex’s brain ( which is not backed by one iota of medical science ). They were taught “We are all allowed to choose what gender we are.” They were shown this video: These preschoolers and kindergarteners were taught “Sometimes people use their bodies to help them know their gender, and some people know their gender in their heart.” Also: “If you have two mommies, they can be called LESBIANS. That means that they are two women who love each other.” This is a common way of explaining LGBT sexuality to young children in the curricula I have reviewed, such as the Queer Kids Stuff channel on YouTube (which District 65’s curriculum also linked to). Yet it’s neither age-appropriate nor accurate. Since preschoolers don’t know what intercourse is (and mostly shouldn’t), they are likely to understand that “loving” means feeling affection, which every normal preschooler does with people of both sexes, and that doesn’t affect their sexuality one bit.

To state what should be obvious, sexual attraction is not the same as love. I don’t know about all of you readers, but I love lots of people whose genitals I never want to touch. Deliberately obscuring crucial realities like this, and by trusted adults to children who have no knowledge of the world to help them know this is a lie, is one reason to call what the district did propaganda.

And the fact that these people think this is “age-appropriate” for preschoolers or, frankly, children of any other age, completely discredits their expertise and authority. They should all resign for egregiously abusing their power. But of course they won’t. 2. Sex Education Isn’t Sex Education

During the school board’s meeting, the district’s assistant superintendent for curriculum, Stacy Beardsley, stated, “There’s nothing in [the district’s LGBT curriculum] that overlaps with sexual education that would require any form of opt out that State law requires.” As I noted in my earlier article, far-left activists have deliberately detached the gender ideology being taught in public schools from sex ed because many states provide extra legal rights to parents for sex ed, such as informed consent and opt-out.

It’s no matter to them that the only difference between a gay person and a straight person is the kind of sex each engages in, and thus any LGBT instruction obviously falls into sex ed. The defining element of being LGBT is one’s preferred sexual behavior, and absolutely nothing else. Thus any LGBT instruction is necessarily sex ed.

This is just a patent attempt to bypass state laws that obviously apply. When Christians do this, with much more legitimacy, by things like trying to have the Bible taught in world religions or world history, the left loses its everloving mind. That’s because their rule is “You follow the laws we make whether you like it or not, and we do whatever we want regardless of what the laws say.” 3. Religion Has Nothing to Say about Sex

“[W]hen people were talking about religious objections, it does become challenging, so we’ve been trying to help people understand that this is not a religious curriculum, this is not a curriculum that is advocating any form of sexuality,” Beardsley said, according to the RoundTable.

Where can people have ever gotten the ridiculous idea that any religions have anything at all to say about sexuality? In the event that Beardsley has only ever heard from culturally assimilated Christians on this, maybe she should make time to talk to, say, a practicing Muslim about whether sexual behaviors have any religious component. 4. Let’s Deliberately Keep Parents in the Dark

The school board also discussed what to do about the fact that parents were keeping their kids home from school during the LGBT week to protect their kids. The Evanston/Skokie school board’s vice president, Anya Tanyavutti, suggested in response, “Not telling people the time of the curriculum is an option.”

Previously the school district’s LGBT curriculum was fully available online, but it has now been made available only to people the district has approved for access.

In the several other states that are passing laws to require all public schools to teach curriculum like this, including California and New Jersey, U.S. Attorney General William Barr noted , this practice of forbidding opt-outs is common. 5. Differences of Opinion Make People ‘Fearful,’ ‘Unsafe’

An unnamed teacher told the school board that she and LGBT people whose emails had been given out to answer public questions had received “horrifying” emails. The RoundTable reported no details from this teacher about what “horrifying” meant, whether there were legitimate threats to these persons’ safety, or whether these emails expressed simply diverse viewpoints.

“Our names are linked to this curriculum, and there is real fear. … We didn’t want to be out this weekend in Evanston because we are truly fearful. I need that to sit with all of you. We are now truly unsafe in this community in which some of us live and all of us teach in,” the teacher claimed. 6. No Opt-Outs Allowed

Upon hearing reports that one school principal had — horrors! — informed parents of when the sexual indoctrination lessons would take place each day so they could take their kids home, school administrators discussed cracking down on this limited exercise of parent choice.

At an Oct. 7 school board meeting, Beardsley “said she had just spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining to a parent why there was no opt out,” the RoundTable reported.

As I reported earlier , the next day school board president “Kartha sent parents and staff a statement: ‘Our administration has heard from a number of parents who want the ability to opt their children out of this curriculum. The District 65 Board of Education does not support allowing students to opt out of this or any curriculum that seeks to include a more complete account of the role of historically marginalized people in our society.’”

The unnamed teacher complained about parents pulling their kids and two school principals allowing children to work puzzles or get picked up by parents during the instruction time. The board and other officials discussed ensuring this could not happen in the future.

“If the family says that they are refusing to have their child be part of the learning, we are not providing that safe space in the building and providing any form of alternate education,” Beardsley said. “…I stand by the fact that all kids should be part of the learning.”

The unnamed teacher asked, according to the RoundTable, “Can people opt-out of Black Lives Matter or the science curriculum that doesn’t meet the religious belief of a family?” Note that the teacher equated political propaganda with actual science instruction. Are the two comparable in this school district? Affirming anti-science positions like the gender unicorn certainly ought to make parents and taxpayers wonder about a school’s science and humanities instruction.

These district employees do, however, have an underlying point. If parents can opt out of one thing, why not another? How far does that extend, and why? What amount of harmful instruction will and should parents put up with before moving their kids to better schools? Do parents really think the kids who skip one week of school aren’t hearing about it from their peers once they go back? In fact, the district’s curriculum explicitly instructed teachers to include LGBT materials in other classes throughout the year, such as reading. The state has mandated that all schools start teaching it in history in 2020.

How can parents trust anything from any school that fails so horrifically on something so basic? Should taxpayers have to fund leftist propaganda that harms children? When are we going to get our kids and money back? By then will it be too late?

There are more tanning salons where gay men live, according to study, and they might be causing skin cancer

There are more tanning salons where gay men live, according to study, and they might be causing skin cancer

Donald Miralle/Getty Researchers in the US have discovered that there are more tanning salons in neighbourhoods with high numbers of gay men – and that this could be raising skin cancer rates.

For the study, researchers looked at data of households where there were male same-sex couples across 4,091 census tracts, NBC News reports.

They then looked at the distribution of tanning salons in the same cities and founds that the odds of living near a tanning salon were twice as high in areas with high numbers of male couples. Research is important as gay men experience higher rates of skin cancer than heterosexual men.

“This matters because gay men already experience many health disparities and also have higher rates of skin cancer,” Dr Eleni Linos, one of the study’s authors said.

She said that tannings beds are “a known carcinogen” and that having more of them available in neighbourhoods with high concentrations of gay men is problematic.

Gay and bisexual men are six times as likely as heterosexual men to use tanning salons, which doubles the risk of skin cancer. This matters because gay men already experience many health disparities and also have higher rates of skin cancer. Stars you didn’t know are gay or lesbian

Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling

Researchers examined the rates of tanning salons in 10 US cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, Denver and Washington D.C.

They also looked at other factors such as the percentage of white residents and the number of young women living in these areas, but they did not affect the outcome significantly. Research has previously found a need to target gay and bisexual men with preventative measures.

Research conducted in 2015 found that gay and bisexual men were more likely to use tanning beds and also experienced higher rates of skin cancer than heterosexual men.

At the time, reserachers said that there was a strong need to target gay and bisexual men with preventative measures.

The research – which was published in JAMA Dermatology – involved 78,500 straight men, more than 3,000 gay and bisexual men, 108,000 straight women and 3,000 lesbians.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has claimed that indoor tanning beds are in no way safer to use than outdoor tanning.

Despite this, tanning salons remain persistently popular among various cohorts of society.

Paddy, a gay disability activist with cerebral palsy, wins reality show The Circle

Paddy, a gay disability activist with cerebral palsy, wins reality show The Circle

Paddy Smyth took home £70,000 after winning reality show The Circle. (Channel 4) Paddy Smyth, a gay disability activist with cerebral palsy, was announced tonight (October 18) as the winner of Channel 4’s reality show The Circle and took home £70,000.

Georgina placed second, Tim and Sammie came joint third, and fifth place was taken by recently out bisexual festival-goer Woody.

Paddy, who was a late arrival to the show, originally introduced himself by saying: “I’m disabled, I’m queer and I’m here.”

He was praised by contestants and viewers alike for his dazzling personality, and his determination to not let his disability get in his way. To be honest even though Paddy came halfway he truly deserved win. He was genuine and he didn’t allow his disability to get in the way his personality.
Big thumbs up is his outfit. #TheCircle

— ♣Selina♥ (@SelinaGiGi) October 18, 2019 Before entering the apartment block, he said that if he were to win he would use the money to help his mum, as his dad recently passed away, but he added: “I’d bedazzle my crutches and get gold-plated ones… Then I’ll probably squander most of it away and go on a big piss up.”

It was a double queer win, as gay theology professor and cat owner Tim Wilson also took home £30,000 as the “Viewer’s Champion”, voted for by viewers on the night of the final. the uk might’ve voted wrong for brexit, but they voted right for tim to win viewer’s champion and that’s all i could ask for #TheCircle

— (@beatrizblib) October 18, 2019 In the final episode, the five remaining contestants gave the ratings which would decide the winner of the game, and then met around a table to see each other in person for the first time.

The only remaining “catfish” was single mother Sammie, and the other players were shocked when they discovered that “Sammie” was actually James.

When Tim entered the room, he exclaimed: “Who is this? Oh my god, Sammie! You’re going to have to tell me quite a lot about yourself, you’re a very naughty boy.” #TheCircle TIM I WANTED YOU TO TEAR THIS JAMES BLOKE TO SHREDS BUT YOU HIT OUT WITH “you are a very naughty boy” AND IM ALMOST HAPPIER THAN I THOUGHT

— bennett (@bnnt_t) October 18, 2019 James said he chose to play a single mother because he loves his own mum, who raised him on her own, and he wants to support her by winning the prize money.

However Tim hit back, saying: “It’s really difficult to do a good thing by doing something which is really dodgy .” Dont hug me you untrustworthy Catfish #TheCircle

— F.Thought.Less (@FThoughtLess1) October 18, 2019 Paddy told the other contestants: “My vulnerability is for everyone to see. The Circle gave me the opportunity to see if people liked me for me.”

He also told Woody, the son of Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim : “You’re hotter in person that you are in your pictures!”

In the live interviews before the winner was announced, professor and former monk Tim revealed what he had learned on the show. He said: “Everyday I was learning!

“New hashtags, new emojis, some very naughty acronyms. The one that’s going through my mind right now is ‘WTF’. Woody taught me another one, ‘MILF’. And I thought, I could be a ‘DILF’!” I want Tim to have his own chat show please #TheCircle

— Laura (@houseofcaley) October 18, 2019 In Paddy’s interview, he spoke about his special relationship with fellow contestant Georgina, who lives with Crohn’s Disease.

He said: “Our foundation was that I’ve never met someone who understood what it’s like to have a condition you’re stuck with… It was almost like she was female version of me.”

Stars you didn’t know are gay or lesbian

Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling

He added: “[My disability] all people see when they look at me. I realised people love me for who I am and I’ve never really believed that.”