Janelle Monáe: We must do better for our trans siblings

Janelle Monáe: We must do better for our trans siblings

Janelle Monáe at the 2019 Met Gala: Notes on Camp. (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue) The Grammy-nominated American singer Janelle Monáe says that queer and transgender people of colour must be empowered and supported by the rest of the LGBT+ community.

In an interview with Paper Magazine , Monáe said, “In the same way we want white folks to support us and be better allies and use their privilege to make change in those power dynamics, it’s up to us to protect those who may not be as privileged.”

The “Dirty Computer” singer, who featured Mj Rodriguez – the trans Pose actress – in her performance of Americans on The Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert, said, “I look to Indya Moore, Mj Rodriquez, Janet Mock (my Pose family)… Laverne Cox, those women are putting themselves and their lives on the frontline everyday.”

“When their trans sisters and brothers get murdered, they feel it. We have to support them… It’s just a responsibility I feel. I could do better. I’ll do better.”

Monáe attended her first Pride parade in New Orleans this month.

The singer dedicated her two Dirty Computer Grammy nominations in 2018 to her “trans brothers and sisters.” She came out as pansexual in a Rolling Stone interview just before releasing the album. Monáe came out as bisexual last year. (Leon Bennett/Getty) “I’m just happy that my personal story has also been personal stories for so many other people,” Monáe told Paper Magazine .

“There’s so many young people who grew up in the South or Baptist families, who were told that they won’t be accepted by Christ. They can listen to this album and feel hugged. They can feel loved. They can feel seen. They can feel heard. That’s the most beautiful thing.”

She also talked about realising that she was queer at the age of eight.

“I don’t think I actually knew how I identified. I knew that I was attracted to women, girls, men, boys. I knew that,” she said.

Monáe also talked about not pressuring younger LGBT+ people to come out.

“Everybody doesn’t have the same set of circumstances,” she said.

“There are people, young people in particular, that will be cut off from their family, hanged or jailed if they walked in their truth.

“Folks who are not comfortable speaking out about your sexuality publicly, we see you and you are valid and you matter. We have to protect our babies, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. We have to do better. “

The UK’s first LGBT+ strip club is coming to London next month

The UK’s first LGBT+ strip club is coming to London next month

https://www.pinknews.co.uk/images/2019/06/Harpies.jpg A new kind of strip club, one that centres on trans and queer bodies and celebrates everything LGBT+, is coming to London next month.

Harpies will throw its launch party in East London on July 20 at Metropolis, which was until now a heterosexual strip club that also ran queer club nights.

The club will offer live shows, private dances and party floors, all set to music by queer DJs.

Harpies will allow everyone to attend, LGBT+ or otherwise, and wrote in an Instagram post: “We believe in reclaiming power over the industry of exotic dancing.

“This night will be run by and for trans/queer people, we will welcome cis het men, but only to take their money.”

The club is a collaboration between Transmissions, founder of London Trans+ Intersex Pride , and art collective BiRDS.

Announcing the launch party, Transmissions said, “Harpies will centre bodies of all genders and sexualities, but especially trans+ strippers as we aim to celebrate trans+ bodies loud and proud, to kill the shame thrust upon us by cis society!

“You will be able to come watch live exotic shows, go to one of our party floors featuring London’s best queer DJ’s, tip your favourite dancers or go downstairs for a private dance…” Lucia Blake is head of Transmissions, which also founded London Trans+ Intersex Pride.(harpiesstripclub/ Instagram) The strip club is named after a harpy: “an empowered, badass bitch who devours men”

Head of Transmissions Lucia Blake said on Instagram : “Harpies will be a beacon of light for all trans people, all LGBTQI+, all women and all sex workers!

“It’s about time we take control over our fetishisation, over our sexual exploitation. NO MORE! This is about COMMUNITY and EMPOWERMENT! Are you all with us?”

The club night is named after the mythical Harpy, a creature with a woman’s face and body and a bird’s wings and claws, or as the club describes it, “an empowered, badass bitch who devours men.”

Blind autistic singer’s church performance attracts America’s Got Talent

Blind autistic singer's church performance attracts America's Got Talent

Lavender Darcangelo performing Part of your world, from The Little Mermaid Meet Lavender, she is blind, autistic and has such an incredible singing voice that a video of her performance has been shared thousands of times.

On Sunday, while attending a church service in Fitchburg Massechusetts, Lavender asked if she could sing Part of your world, from The Little Mermaid, for LGBT Pride month.

"I could sing before I could talk," Lavender said.

"I’ve always dreamed of being a singer but I didn’t expect this reaction.

Her performance of the song was so moving the man who filmed it said he had felt compelled to share it on social media. A young woman comes on stage today in Fitchburg. Introduces herself as Lavender. Tells us that she blind and autistic and wants to sing a song in honor of LGBT Pride.

She sings one of my favorite songs and brings us tears. pic.twitter.com/cYWJNxJDNY — Rufus Gifford (@rufusgifford) June 23, 2019 Report

Rufus Gifford, who was the US ambassador to Denmark, had been invited to speak at First Parish Church by Lavender’s adoptive father Will Darcangelo, a Unitarian-Universalist minister at the church.

"Will said my daughter is going to go up and sing and at that moment I just thought, ‘OK, young people often sing at church events and you just wait for it to be over,’" he said.

"But then Lavender took the mic and introduced herself, ‘Hi, I’m Lavender and I’m blind and autistic and I want to sing for LGBTQ month.’

"As she started singing, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

"I took out my phone to record her and I texted my sister.

"I was like, ‘Am I crazy or is she amazing?’

"She replied saying she had tears streaming down her face."

Lavender said she wanted her music to touch people.

"I want it to speak to people like me who have autism, are blind, or are marginalised or different," she said.

She said she had dedicated her performance to LGBT people for Pride month because she was "an ally for the LGBTQ community" and because she had "two gay dads". Will and Jamie Darcangelo on Father’s Day 2016, when Lavender asked them to adopt her Will Darcangelo, a singer himself, said Lavender had asked him and his husband, Jamie, to adopt her on Father’s Day in 2016.

"I first met Lavender when she was 15, at an after-school singing programme," he said.

"She told me she had always wanted to be a singer and she became a defining figure for the group.

"She was so talented and I knew she needed mentoring. She needed someone who could help nurture her in a way I myself needed once as a young aspiring singer.

"When she was 19, she threw some of her belongings into a plastic bag and came to live with Jamie and I when we got back from our honeymoon." Will and Jamie Darcangelo on the day they adopted Lavender You may also like

Cardiff boy bullied for wearing make-up sings on US TV show

Mum goes to prom in memory of daughter’s ‘last wish’

Disabled musicians are being ‘failed by venues’

Lavender’s performance has had a huge response on social media, with more than 6,000 retweets on Twitter.

One Twitter user posted : "My favourite Disney song – and now my favourite performance of it – thank you for sharing."

Others called for her to be signed to a record label and to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Will and Lavender Darcangelo with Rufus Gifford, who shared the video of her performance, on social media Lavender’s singing has even caught the attention of producers of America’s Got Talent, who want her to appear on the next series.

Lavender said singing on TV was something she had "dreamed of since she was a little girl".

Will said he was not surprised by the overwhelming reaction.

"We’ve always imagined she would get noticed," he said.

"She is a joy and she is so kind. So many on the autism spectrum find it difficult to respond to people but she is so attuned to people."

Google’s LGBT employees don’t want the company at Pride

Google’s LGBT employees don’t want the company at Pride

Google’s LGBT employees have requested that the San Franciso Pride board revoke Google’s sponsorship of Pride 2019 and exclude them for representation.

“We have spent countless hours advocating for our company to improve policies and practices regarding the treatment of LGBTQ+ persons, the depiction of LGBTQ+ persons, and harassment and hate speech directed at LGBTQ+ persons, on YouTube and other Google products,” The letter reads, “Whenever we press for change, we are told only that the company will “take a hard look at these policies. But we are never given a commitment to improve, and when we ask when these improvements will be made, we are always told to be patient.”

It certainly seems hypocritical for Google to be represented at Pride while ignoring the LGBT issues in its company and the ones that its platforms facilitate. For its part, the Pride Board has already considered excluding Google due to its lax enforcement of discrimination policies on large channels but decided to continue to monitor the situation. Whether this open letter moves the needle on either side is yet to be seen.

The letter concludes thus: We know this request comes just a short time before the Pride celebration. But we are tired of waiting, and we hope you are, as well. We ask that, even if you will not consider excluding Google so soon before Pride, that you will issue a determination, absent a real change in these policies and practices, and a strong position statement to that effect, that Google will not be permitted to sponsor or be officially represented in future San Francisco Pride celebrations.

The Waugh Zone Wednesday June 26, 2019

The Waugh Zone Wednesday June 26, 2019

Scrutiny, it’s a marvellous thing. The more Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt engage with the media, the more we learn about their positions. Yesterday, Johnson discovered that going on the front foot could actually help his campaign to become PM, as it allows him to better define (and refine) his message to the party and the public.

And on the issue of the Halloween deadline for Brexit, the front-runner rammed home his pledge to get the UK out of the EU by October 31. Thanks to a cunning prompt from TalkRadio’s Ross Kempsell, Johnson (who often repeats interviewers’ questions, if he thinks they are friendly) declared we would exit by that date, “do or die” . By contrast, Jeremy Hunt said last night that was a ‘fake deadline’. Rory Stewart, who pointed out that ‘do or die’ is a line in The Charge of the Light Brigade , finally came out for Hunt this morning.

Unwillingly or willingly, Johnson has tied his personal reputation to that Halloween date now. Has he in the process become a prisoner of not just the date, but also the hardline Brexiteer wing of the party? That’s what several ‘moderate’ MPs who backed him in the parliamentary phase of this leadership contest now fear, and they are distinctly twitchy as they can see just what a high stakes gamble they’ve let themselves in for.

Part of that gamble is that an October 24 general election is now looking increasingly like the only way of resolving the Brexit deadlock. As I’ve said before, there seems a vanishingly slim chance that the Commons can find a way to legally compel Johnson to request an extension to Article 50 beyond October. He played hardball on this yesterday, telling TalkRadio “It would be up to the prime minister of the day. I have myself [he already assumes he’s PM] to decide under the current terms of the extension that we have, to apply for such an extension. Okay.”

That means the only option left to MPs who want to avoid no-deal is the nuclear option of a vote of no confidence. The Times’ Henry Zeffman has talked to the Commons Library and it appears that September 3 is last day that such a vote can take place – the first day back after the summer recess (the Institute for Government’s Maddy Thimont-Jack underlines the point ). Some Johnson allies want him to call a snap election with a firm no-deal platform and a new YouGov poll shows the upsides and downsides to that (28% want no-deal, but 43% want to stay in the EU).

With Theresa May now expected to make Wednesday July 24th her swansong PMQs, the big call Jeremy Corbyn has to make is whether to try to then swiftly force a confidence vote before MPs go away for six weeks. That may be too soon to mobilise enough Tory Remainer support, but leaving it to September is very, very risky too. As I’m sure several Brexiteers will point out, September 3 will also be the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. The point is that maybe everyone is looking at the wrong month. Some in Labour are already pencilling in Thursday, September 26 as a possible date. Worth having in your diary folks.

The ruthless professionalism of Team Boris’s Phase 1 of the leadership race was nowhere to be seen in the first days of Phase 2. But the fact remains that just getting into the final two means they can now start leveraging their man’s years of rubber-chicken meetings and events at local Tory associations. Jeremy Hunt (who is on Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 at lunchtime) showed last night he can bantz with the best of them , but for many Tories he still lacks the X factor of his rival.

The system is designed to ensure that MPs – who see colleagues up close and are much closer to the minutiae of Brexit and policy – can weed out candidates whose ideas and character make them unfit for office. But that ship has sailed. Will rank and file Tory members really care if Johnson hasn’t got a credible, detailed plan on Brexit? Will they care that he shifts position on tax policy, or hints at a “GATT-style deal” (as opposed to a GATT deal) with the EU? Will they care that (as we reveal today) 74% of academics think he won’t get a new Brexit deal sorted by October 31 ? Or will they just look at the broadbrush picture that Johnson paints in bold colours?

It may all come down to whether the 160,000 party members want to take a risk on another snap election, or fear an election so much that they prefer Hunt’s gradualist approach. One can imagine many local members being soothed by Johnson’s line yesterday on the stump in Dominic Raab’s constituency. When a female supporter said to him “just don’t have any more rows [with your girlfriend]”, he replied: “No more rows. No, no, no. All quiet, all quiet.”

Yet the shape of Johnson’s top team for Phase 2 and beyond (actually being in government) is causing tensions. Iain Duncan Smith has been appointed campaign manager, a strong signal to the European Research Group that he means business. But Mark Fullbrook, a partner of Lynton Crosby’s, seems to be in charge of ‘transition’ to No.10, with Liz Truss given the role of ‘policy director’. The Times reveals that Matt Hancock, Oliver Dowden and Eddie Lister, Johnson’s former chief aide at City Hall, are all part of the transition team too.

Some of those close to him want a ‘let Bartlet be Bartlet’ strategy (the famous West Wing episode where he is allowed to speak his mind) Keeping Johnson away from the media, with a tightly controlled message, worked in Phase 1. But showing the real Johnson (even including his mad cardboard bus-painting hobbies) could prove more productive in Phase 2. The difficulty is that there are two Boris Johnsons: the divisive, hard Brexiteer and the unifying, liberal Mayor of London. And often it seems even he is unsure which one he is.

Jeremy Corbyn’s own troubles on Brexit continue. At yesterday’s shadow cabinet meeting, frustration boiled over as the Labour leader announced he wanted more time to consult trade union leaders on calls to shift to a second referendum on ‘any’ Brexit deal.

Now, it’s worth saying that shadow cabinets very rarely leak. All members are usually pretty disciplined about that, but with this one a special Brexit meeting it seems that many have had enough. I’ve done a full write up HERE , and what struck many present was just how forceful John McDonnell was.

The shadow chancellor, who had been led to believe that there would be a clear decision at the meeting and had gone public about ‘white smoke’ being likely, couldn’t hide his irritation. He said the current lack of clarity was ‘like a slow-moving car crash’. Later he said he was definitely ‘arguing the case’ for a stronger policy, not just for a referendum but for a campaign to Remain.

Keir Starmer deployed a new phrase that you can expect will be repeated in coming days too. He told colleagues ‘we can’t have half a policy’, pointing out that backing a referendum was one half but the other was exactly how the party would campaign in such a referendum – and Remain was the only credible stance. Corbyn however is acutely aware that no union has yet called for ‘Remain’, and is focusing on the battle to get them to back a referendum on ‘any’ deal.

What really caused the delay from Corbyn was Monday’s meeting of trade union leaders. Unite’s Len McCluskey couldn’t make it but assistant general secretary Howard Beckett made plain his union was dead against any referendum on anything other than a Labour Brexit deal – and was dead against making Labour ‘the party of Remain’. And I’m told the reason for this is that Unite members in workplaces are increasingly polarised between Leave voters who now want no-deal and others who want to revoke Article 50.

The delay – I’m told it could be until mid-July before we get a new decision – is causing harm among party members. The bigger damage is that Corbyn is seen not as a man trying to build consensus, but as a leader whose heart really isn’t in a new referendum at all. When he eventually comes out and backs one, it may buy off some party members. But for millions of voters, they may just never trust him, and may never believe him even if he says he wants the UK to remain. They could well stick with the Lib Dems to whom they loaned their votes in the Euros. And that’s why McDonnell is so worried.

McDonnell lost the battle for Corbyn’s ear yesterday, not least due to the tight knit advisers like Seumas Milne and Karie Murphy who have been urging caution on a referendum. NEC member and veteran MP Margaret Beckett told Today: “I’m beginning to think that some of them do actually want Britain to leave the EU no matter what. They don’t give a toss about what the British people now want or what Labour members think is in the country’s interests.”

Watch Newsnight’s Emma Barnett suggest to Boris Johnson ally Andrew Mitchell that the October 31 deadline was just ‘willy waving’ . Mitchell kept a straight face, but allowed a flicker of a smile later.

In the Commons yesterday, Labour’s Angela Eagle became visibly emotional as she implored MPs yesterday to take action over the Birmingham LGBTQ+ schools protest. It was an uneasy moment for Labour, not least as the debate was triggered by fellow MP Roger Godsiff. 5. SPARE FIVER

The Department for Work and Pensions is facing a backlash after a Universal Credit claimant appeared to be left with a paltry £5.82 for the month after being docked more than £300 in sanctions. We’ve talked to Manchester-based food bank Barakah Food Aid after it circulated a letter that showed an unidentified claimant had been left with the meagre allowance. If you’re reading this on the web, sign-up HERE to get the WaughZone delivered to your inbox.

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Prince William Says He Would Fully Support His Children If They Came Out As LGBT

Prince William Says He Would Fully Support His Children If They Came Out As LGBT

Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images Prince William has said he will fully support his children if they come out as LGBT.

The prince was making his first visit to a LGBTQ charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), which was set up to support LGBTQ teens facing homelessness.

BBC reporter Ben Hunte tweeted to share the prince’s comment regarding his children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Prince William just visited his first LGBT charity ( @aktcharity ) and said he will fully support his children if they come out as LGBT

Alphonso David makes history as new president of Human Rights Campaign

Alphonso David makes history as new president of Human Rights Campaign

Incoming President of the Human Rights Campaign, Alphonso David. | Photo: Human Rights Campaign / YouTube The Human Rights Campaign just announced civil rights lawyer Alphonso David as its new president.

He makes history as the organization’s first civil rights lawyer and first person of color to make the top position.

David was born in the United States, but spent most of his childhood in the African nation of Liberia . After a violent military coup toppled the Liberian government — of which David’s uncle was President — his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland.

A new video documents the incoming HRC President’s history, including the moment he came to terms with his sexuality.

‘I told my father on the telephone that I was gay,’ David said in the video. ‘And he got very, very angry, disowned me and said “I wish you were never born”.’

He then added: ‘I had to — at a very young age — understand the purpose of life, the value of democracy and really think about why am I here?

‘I became a civil rights lawyer defending LGBTQ people from discrimination,’ he furthermore said. Over his civil rights lawyer history, he helped enact marriage equality for New York, banned conversion therapy and helped protect transgender people from discrimination. Alphonso David: ‘I could not be more proud to take the helm’

Alphonso David said he ‘could not be more proud’ to become the next president of the Human Rights Campaign .

‘I believe that together, we can harness the strength that’s inherent in our differences,’ David said in a statement. ‘To stand together in the face of fear and division.’

He then added: ‘If we want to win full equality, that’s going to require us to come together, to dig deep, to be resilient, to embrace our differences, to tenaciously defend the most vulnerable among us, to fight with every ounce of determination we have.

‘I promise you this, I will fight for each and every one of us. All I ask is that you join me. That you join the Human Rights Campaign in our fight for true equality.

‘In unity, we will fight back and we will win,’ he furthermore said.

HRC Board Foundation Chair Deb Taft then added: ‘At a time when LGBTQ people, women, people of color, immigrants and refugees, and so many others are being confronted with daily attacks on our most basic rights, Alphonso is the fierce, compassionate, and strategic leader HRC and our broader movement for equality needs.’

Alphonso David will officially begin his new role in August.

David most recently also made history as the first openly gay Counsel to the Governor of the State of New York. See also

US youth facing ‘public health crises’ leading to STIs, drug use and suicide

US youth facing 'public health crises' leading to STIs, drug use and suicide

Youth who have a greater sense of ‘connectedness’ are far less likely to get an STI or misuse drugs as adults.

Connectedness refers to a young person’ feeling of care, support and belonging both at school and at home.

A new study by CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health showed young people who felt more connected as teens are 54% less likely to get an STI when they are adults. It also found a 65% reduction in lifetime misuse of prescription drug use other illicit drugs.

Connected teens also had a 51% reduction in being a victim of physical violence in the prior 12 months.

They also have significantly better outcomes in other areas of sexual health, mental health, violence, and substance misuse.

‘Our nation’s youth are experiencing several public health crises at once — including STDs, drug overdose, and suicide,’ said Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC’s National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs, and TB Prevention.

‘It is encouraging to know that connecting with teens in the home and classroom can lead to a healthier, happier life for years to come.’

The CDC called on schools and families to stay engaged and practice open communication with teens to know when they might need extra support.

‘What happens in middle and high school doesn’t stay in middle and high school. What we experience as adolescents can set us up for success – including avoiding serious health risks like drug use and STDs,’ said Kathleen Ethier, director of CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health.

‘Given the significant and long-lasting protective effects connectedness can have, it is important to take steps to increase this feeling of belonging at home and at school among youth.’ LGBTI youth

The National Coalition of STD Directors (NSCD) said this was even more important for LGBTI youth. LGBTI people tend to have worse mental health outcomes and are at higher risk for STIs and drug use than their straight counterparts.

‘STDs are at all-time highs in the US, and young people account for more than half of all new diagnoses,’ said David C. Harvey, executive director for the NSCD.

‘ This study shows that supporting young people through their teenage years is critical for preventing STDs in this generation today and tomorrow.

This is especially important for LGBTQ youth, who often feel isolated at home and at school and who face disproportionate risk for STDs.

‘NCSD calls on Congress to fully fund CDC’s work on adolescent and school health and STD prevention to protect the health of today’s teens and future generations.’ See also

Mom ‘disturbed’ by pedophile lusting over her 12-year-old drag queen son

Mom 'disturbed' by pedophile lusting over her 12-year-old drag queen son

She denounced the pedophile’s approval of her son, but conservative media say drag kids and their families are ‘asking for it’

12-year-old drag queen, Desmond is Amazing. | Photo: Instagram The mother of a 12-year-old drag queen has denounced an article written by a convicted pedophile about her son.

Wendylou Napoles is the mother of drag queen Desmond is Amazing (real name Desmond Napoles), living in New York.

She noticed a WordPress blog post from convicted pedophile Thomas Victor O’Carroll with the headline: ‘Desmond is truly amazing — and hot!’

The article praises Desmond as a ‘pretty young boy’ and ‘sexy kid’.

One extract stated: ‘Being a drag queen, or a drag princess if you will, puts it right out there in the open for all to see. It says loud and proud “I am a sex kid with sexy feelings. It’s totally cool for grown-ups to get turned on by me. I love it. That’s why I do this stuff. It’s great, it’s fun, it’s me”.’

Another excerpt stated: ‘We are getting far more than just a celebration of gender diversity or an innocent display of precocious performance talent. So why all the denial? Why the coy insistence that kids’ drag performance has nothing to do with their sexuality?’ A post shared by Desmond is Amazing (@desmondisamazing) on Jun 25, 2019 at 7:37am PDT Wendylou then posted screenshots of the ‘extremely disturbing’ post to Desmond is Amazing’s Instagram account last night (25 June).

She wrote in the caption: ‘We do not approve of his statements and have written to [WordPress] several times but they have yet to remove it. It is highly inappropriate to speak of minors in this manner.’

She then added: ‘Just because he identifies as gay does not mean he is sexually active or wants to be. We are just appalled at this whole situation.’ Conservative media storm

The blog post resulted in several conservative media outlets using O’Carroll’s arguments to claim the link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

The Christian Journal wrote: ‘We tried warning you that this was coming and you can try and ignore it all you like but pedophilia is here and there is only one group of people promoting it and thats (sic) the LGBT community.’

As a result of this blog post and recent conservative media outcry, Wendylou said she’s gotten over 150 calls from Child Protective Services (CPS) in recent months.

‘All claims have been unfounded and we continue to be cleared,’ she exclusively told Gay Star News. ‘We have been investigated by seven different agencies.’

She then added: ‘There is no child abuse, exploitation, laws being broken, regulations being broken, etc. This is proven over and over and over.

‘Yet the conservatives can’t accept this. They instead create more fiction and ignore the facts,’ she said.

Wendylou said the conservative media attacks are like ‘victim blaming’.

‘[They] claim we are purposely attracting pedophiles,’ she said. ‘That is like saying a woman attracts rapists. It is victim blaming.’

She then added: ‘They also assert that the LGBTQ community is supporting pedophilia. This is an outdated, homophobic belief that is untrue.’

‘My message to pedophiles who sexualize Desmond is that it is wrong. There’s no exceptions to that. No minor child or teen should be discussed in a sexual manner, ever,’ she said. Proud mom: ‘Desmond is living his best life’

Wendylou rushed to the defense of her drag queen son from the convicted pedophile and said he’s a ‘normal 12-year-old boy’ who expresses himself with his ‘age-appropriate’ drag persona.

‘He does not do the same kind of suggestive drag as some adult drag queens choose to do,’ she said. ‘That is how they choose to express themselves and there is nothing wrong with that. But that’s not the scene Desmond is a part of or should be a part of.

She then added: ‘Desmond loves what he does. He isn’t forced to do anything but his homework. Out of drag, he goes to school, plays video games, collects trains, and socializes with friends.

‘He is looking forward to summer. Desmond is living his best life,’ she said.

She believes the LGBTI community can help by calling out bullying, objectification and sexualization when they see it.

‘Report their posts and comments,’ Wendylou then said. ‘Refuse to allow them to equate drag and the LGBTQ community with pedophilia.’ Who is Thomas O’Carroll?

Thomas O’Carroll is a British writer and convicted pedophile.

He was also a former chairman of the now disbanded Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and was a prominent member of the International Pedophile and Child Emancipation (now known as IPCE).

In 1980, he published a book entitled Paedophilia: The Radical Case , which defended pedophilia.

Then a year later, he was convicted for conspiracy to corrupt public morals over the contact ads section of the PIE magazine and was imprisoned for two years.

In 2002, he served nine months in prison after the Southwark Crown Court convicted him of importing indecent photographs of children from Qatar. The kids in the photographs were between two to 10 years old.

Then in 2006, he admitted to two counts of distributing indecent images of children between 1994 and July 2005. He served two and a half years in jail and joined the sex offenders register for 10 years. Defense of drag queen son

It’s not the first time Wendylou has come to the defense of her drag queen son.

Back in January, an article came out that accused her of ‘exploiting’ him and ‘forcing him’ to perform in gay bars.

She shot back: ‘THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN BLATANT HOMOPHOBIA and [a] display of the grossly outdated belief that gay men are pedophiles,’ she wrote.

Wendylou then continued: ‘The truth is, Desmond is a professional drag performer. No one forces him to perform, performing is what he loves to do and has always loved to do.’

She also said his costumes are always age-appropriate, he collects tips for toys and he’s never allowed into the bar area.

‘Instead of tearing drag kids down, why not mentor them?’ she said. ‘They are the future of drag.’

Desmond was recently part of a Pride collaboration with Converse, as well as walked the runway for label Gypsy Sport in New York Fashion Week.

New York City Pride also unveiled the first of a series of social media films featuring the 11-year-old drag queen.

Gay Star News reached out to WordPress for comment, but did not receive a response back in time for publication. See also

Apologies to iOS and Safari users, but you may be unable to comment due to an ongoing issue with Facebook. HAVE YOUR SAY

Prince William visits LGBTI youth homelessness charity

Prince William visits LGBTI youth homelessness charity

Prince William chatting to akt young ambassadors. | Photo: Jamie Scoular / akt Prince William made a special visit to a London-based LGBTI youth homelessness charity today (26 June) to mark 50 years since Stonewall.

The Duke of Cambridge stopped by the Albert Kennedy Trust’s (akt) new service centre in Hoxton to meet with young people and service workers. He was also there to officially open the new building.

Prince William greeting (l to r) Tim Sigsworth MBE (Chief Executive), Cath Hall (akt Founder), Terry Stacy MBE (akt Chair). | Photo: Jamie Scoular / akt

The LGBTI organization provides safe house Purple Door, LGBTI host (or carer) services, in-person and online mentoring programs and a range of youth engagement activities.

The services team also support young people with job hunting and interview preparation, ensuring they have food, clothes and shoes, that their wellbeing is stable and that they know how to complete the right documentation for anything they might need. Prince William meets LGBTI youth

Kensington Palace posted to Twitter today (26 June) about how important the visit was for the future king.

‘Ahead of the annual Pride in London parade,’ the tweet started. ‘The Duke of Cambridge visited [akt] to learn about the issue of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness and the positive change that akt are enacting through their unique prevention and early action approach.’ Ahead of the annual #PrideinLondon parade, The Duke of Cambridge visited @aktcharity to learn about the issue of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, and the positive change that akt are enacting through their unique prevention and early action approach. pic.twitter.com/seYAKw8ASq — Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) June 26, 2019 Akt’s Chief Executive Tim Sigsworth said today’s meeting is a ‘hugely significant step forward’.

‘Akt is honoured to be welcoming His Royal Highness The Duke Of Cambridge to our new London service centre today,’ he told Gay Star News. ‘Which is the first visit by a member of the Royal Family to a LGBTI youth charity.’

Sigsworth then added: ‘The impact of homelessness is very damaging to LGBTI young people , with high rates and incidences of mental health issues, sexual exploitation, substance misuse, HIV and sexual health issues.

‘Today’s visit from HRH The Duke Of Cambridge is a hugely significant step forward in raising awareness of this important issue,’ he said.

Prince William chatting to akt staff, volunteers and young people in our new YouthSpace. | Photo: Jamie Scoular / akt Albert Kennedy Trust

The Albert Kennedy Trust (akt) formed in 1989 in Manchester, UK, marking 30 years this year since its creation.

The charity name comes from a 16-year-old boy from Manchester who died after falling from a car park roof, while several attackers chased him.

Heterosexual foster carer Cath Hall founded the charity to help tackle the problem of LGBTI youth homelessness.

She said in 1990: ‘I was a foster carer and had looked after several young people who were LGBTI. Some of them had horrific experiences in care and had mostly been running away.

‘We worked to provide a very safe place for them where they’d also meet good people to model themselves on. We started akt (formerly The Albert Kennedy Trust) in July 1989.

‘A dozen people came to a meeting and about eight or nine of them became dedicated volunteers. It was an emotional response, an angry response, to what was going on at the time,’ she said.

According to an akt press release, almost one quarter of the 150,000 young people facing or experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTI. 77% of those cite rejection or abuse from their families as what led them to being so. See also