Mike Pence’s home town to host its first ever Pride festival

(Getty) The hometown of anti-gay Vice President Mike Pence will host its first ever Pride festival in an effort to distance themselves from the former governor.

Erin Bailey, a high school student, has organised the Columbus Pride Festival in an effort to prove that Mike Pence does not represent all of his hometown.

“I feel it is important for members of the LGBTQ community to know that Columbus is a welcoming and diverse community,” Bailey said to Huff Post .

“Even though Mike Pence is openly anti-gay, that doesn’t mean that all of us in his hometown are.”

The controversial vice president has one of the worst records on LGBT rights of any US leader in history.

Earlier this year Pence took to Twitter to call this record ‘fake news’ , after being criticised by self-titled icon Adam Rippon. (ALEX HALADA/AFP/Getty Images) The event is planned for April 14 and will be the first of its kind to be hosted Columbus, a small city with under 50,000 people.Organiser Erin Bailey, a student of Columbus Signature Academy-New Tech, also said that as well as welcoming LGBT people to Columbus, the event could help distance the liberal-leaning town from the ultra-conservative Veep.The 18-year-old said: “We are […]

LGBT harassment in the era of #MeToo

The new politics of gender and sexuality in Philadelphia and beyond

“So much risky behavior is just the norm,” Andrew Mars says. “Most of what I’ve experienced on Grindr is what I’d call harassment. There is a lot of peer pressure to be hyper-sexed and there are a lot of older men who exclusively go after younger men….” Photo courtesy/Andrew Mars

When Jeffrey Sidelsky was in his early 20s, he worked at a popular record store and gay nightclub in Philly. It was around the time that Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” was topping the music charts and virtually nobody was out at work. Nobody. In fact, being gay was still widely associated with AIDS, the disease that was claiming the lives of so many young men in the Philly community.

Sidelsky, who admits that he was never really “in” the closet, says most people at the record store knew he worked at the popular gay bar Kurt’s, but it wasn’t something anyone ever really discussed. “The manager loved Cher and Donna Summer, and I thought he might be gay,” he says. But because everything pretty much stayed in the closet, it never prepared Sidelsky for what happened one night after closing.


BFI Flare: Love, Scott — a compassionate call to arms against hate crime ★★★★

(BFI) A moving documentary about a man’s life in the aftermath of a homophobic attack might just be the surprise hit of LGBT cinema this year.

Love, Scott is the true story of Scott Jones, a gay man who was left paralysed after an attack which he firmly believes was motivated by homophobia.

The documentary, which premiered at BFI Flare, is a sensitive exploration of Jones’ life in the three years after the attack and the relationship between strength and fear.

The documentary has a clear message attached, in the fact that while Jones’ attacker pled guilty to attempted murder, the attack was not treated as a hate crime by the Canadian courts or the media.

Love, Scott does not focus on the specific events of the attack, instead focusing more broadly on a fully fleshed picture of Jones and his rallying cry for legal reform.

What follows is an emotionally deep and reflective documentary which is both sensitive and rousing. (Photo by Ian Willms/Getty Images) Although the piece occasionally feels like it loses its focus, almost every part of it serves to round out the experience of Scott Jones. Related — BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival transforms the capital into the ‘best […]

BFI Flare: They — a film haunted by what it should have been ★

(BFI) A story billed as being about a non-binary teen forced to make an important choice about their transition spends the bulk of the film ignoring its main character.

The idea of ‘They’ is an attractive one — a story about a non-binary teenager who has medically delayed their puberty is very topical as debates about trans children rage on.

Fourteen-year-old J (Rhys Fehrenbacher) is pushed into making decisions about whether to transition after health issues prevent their continued use of puberty blockers.

But what could have been an intimate look into the experiences of a non-binary teen quickly loses focus, spending its bulk entangled in uninteresting side plots that unfairly dominate the story. (BFI) Rather than looking at J’s conflict or personality in any depth, They chooses to devote most of the short 80-minute runtime towards the relationship between J’s sister, her boyfriend and his family.

The most we see of J’s turmoil is a clichéd blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment when they are forced to decide which gendered toilet to use, as all other issues are cast aside.

There are echoes of this film’s potential when They finally shifts its full focus onto J in the last 10 minutes, which gives a tantalising glimpse into […]

Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Bell and other stars are buying out Love, Simon screenings – for you

(Getty) Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Bell and other celebrities have bought out their local screenings of Love, Simon so members of the public can go for free.

The coming-of-age coming out tale has received rave reviews since its release in the US last week – and has already made a profit of more than $6 million, according to Box Office Mojo .

And, it seems, the film has also entranced stars of TV and film across the country. (Getty) Harris said that when he and his husband David Burtka went to see the film on Thursday, it had a huge effect on the couple.

“I saw the movie Love, Simon last night and was utterly enchanted, moved to tears, and deeply proud of everyone who helped create it,” he wrote on Instagram.

“How I wish something this brave, powerful, and confident existed when I was struggling with my identity – but how super awesome that a new generation will get to lead by this example. (Instagram/nph) “In being so simple, straightforward, and kind, @gberlanti has created something courageous, empowering and important. I encourage everyone to see this wonderful film,” he added.

But there was more to come.Not long after his initial post, the 44-year-old […]

Celebrities are buying out Love, Simon screenings and giving free tickets to LGBTI people

Matt Bomer, Kristen Bell, Neil Patrick Harris. | NBC Universal press, Gage Skidmore, vagueonthehow / Flickr Celebrities are buying out movie theatre screenings of Love, Simon and giving the tickets away for free to LGBTI people.

Love, Simon is a coming of age film about a young gay man realizing his sexuality. It came out in theatres in the US on 16 March.

And now Actors Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer and Kristen Bell are among a slew of celebrities feeling so impacted by the movie, they want as many people to see it as possible.

Taking to Instagram, Neil Patrick Harris said : ‘So my husband David ( @dbelicious ) and I enjoyed @lovesimonmovie so much, we wanted to pay it forward. Others are doing this, and I’m so on board.’

Matt Bomer also wrote : ‘This is an important movie, and a really good one. I know you’ll love it so come watch for free this Sunday!’ #LoveSimon is a movie i would have needed when i was growing up. so i want to make sure queer kids in my hometown have a chance to see it. go enjoy michigan kiddos, your ticket is on me!! pic.twitter.com/Jbh56cGK79 — tyler oakley (@tyleroakley) […]

London to get new 750-capacity gay club in heart of city

Hungerford House is set to become a gay club (Photo: Circa Soho) The owner of popular gay bar Circa in London, UK, has announced the brand’s expansion. In addition to Circa Soho on Frith Street, a new late-night club will throw open its doors later this spring. The original Circa opened in May 2011.

The forthcoming opening bucks the recent trend in the UK capital, which has seen dozens of LGBTI venues close. Approximately 50% of its venues have disappeared over the last decade. This reflects a wider trend in other major metropolitan hotspots with established club and bar scenes. Hungerford House taken over by Circa

Circa will be opening the doors to Hungerford House, next door to Embankment tube station. The 750-capacity venue has previously operated as Opal Bar. It will revert to the name Hungerford House. The building dates back to 1900. It was initially a power station serving the local area with electricity.

Owner and founder of Circa Alan Winter said in a statement, ‘After working on the London gay scene for over a decade and witnessing its slow decline I am very proud and excited that Circa is here to say that the London LGBTQ+ scene […]

Matt Bomer buys out Love, Simon movie screenings for fans

The movie everyone’s talking about | Photo: IMDB/20th Century Fox Love, Simon is the gay teen rom-com winning over hearts everywhere. It’s been open in the United States nearly a week and has made almost $15 million.

The movie, about a high school teen’s coming out, which also operates as a genuinely fun teen film, is earning rave reviews . It boasts an impressive 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Thanks to a couple of big names, seeing the movie will be even easier in select towns this weekend.

Out actor Matt Bomer bought out a screening of the film in his hometown of Spring, Texas. The screening’s at 4 pm on Sunday (25 March). Bomer’s theater buy-out | Photo: Instagram @mattbomer About his decision to buy out a screening, Bomer wrote: ‘This is an important movie, and a really good one. I know you’ll love it so come watch for free this Sunday!’

He wasn’t the only one, either.

The movie’s director Greg Berlanti and his husband, former soccer player , Robbie Rogers, also bought out screenings.They bought out screenings this weekend in Mississippi and Kentucky.Saturday’s screening is in Flowood, Mississippi at 7:15 pm. Sunday’s screening is in Louisville, Kentucky at 1:10 pm. Berlanti’s buy-out […]

When Doctors’ ‘Morality’ Leads to Dead LGBT People

Trump is trying to give anyone working in health care a free pass to discriminate against patients. Think they won’t? Ever heard of Ben Carson? It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s White House is hostile to women and the LGBTQ community, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Department of Health and Human Services proposed a rule that would put both groups at risk by letting health care workers refuse people care based on health workers’ “religious beliefs or moral convictions.” Yet few realize HHS’s proposal was written so broadly that it would affect everyone’s access to health care, and even fewer know that the public has the right to voice their concerns. But, time is running out, the 60-day public comment period on the matter ends March 27.

The regulation was modeled after a George W. Bush-era rule that granted health care providers the ability to opt out of performing medical procedures based upon their personal objections. This new proposal would go even further, allowing providers to discriminate against specific people, even entire groups of people, if a provider claimed they held a personal moral objection to treating them.

“It is outrageous that I could be denied care if […]

How can Indian Companies Encourage LGBT Workplace Inclusion

Educating employees about the gender equality is an important aspect of HR practices You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

They get ignored, mistreated and thrashed by people, for their sexual preference.

The discourse over the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) has been going on across the world from a long time. While a few countries have legalized homosexuality, some are still struggling to understand it. According to the Article 377 under Indian Penal Code (IPC), the sexual activities of homosexuals are a criminal offence. But, does that take away the right to work from them?

Recently, a reputed daily, The Indian Express reported an incident of a teacher being fired for exposing his sexuality, which raised the question about the inclusion of LGBT community in the workplaces.

Although, a few companies have made LGBTQ inclusion a priority in their hiring process, but gender diversity in the workplaces is still a far cry in India.

Entrepreneur India talked to the gender diversity consultants and entrepreneurs on how businesses around the world can practice the no-discrimination policy for LGBT community.Here are the four strategies that can help companies to maintain gender diversity and a better LGBT workplace inclusion: Educate […]