The community of 2,000 people with 151 cases of sex crime

Norwegian police have documented 151 cases of sexual abuse, including child rape, in one small community of 2,000 people, north of the Arctic circle. The offences occurred over decades – between the 1950s and 2017 – but were only recently uncovered. How could such serious sex crimes go unchecked for so long?

Nina Iversen says she has always been someone who talks – and has often talked about what happened to her when she was growing up in Tysfjord.

"I always spoke about it. From when I was 14 years old, I thought: ‘I’ll write a book about this abuse – I’m going to stop it.’ But of course, I wasn’t able to."

When she was growing up, young people confided in each other about the sexual abuse they had experienced, but adults would not listen.

"We were called whores and liars. There were many of us who were treated like that. And we were spat on if we tried to talk about it," she remembers.

Iversen’s abusers were her relatives, so as a child she lived family life in a perpetual state of terror.Now 49, she no longer lives in Tysfjord, but says she still doesn’t feel safe. A remote community dominated by […]