Travel Tales: Beaux Banks

Photo: Robel Atklit. Image courtesy of Beaux Banks Beaux Banks is known for his work with gay porn studios Cockyboys and, but he got his start in the entertainment industry as a dancer in the gay bars of Washington D.C. I caught up with Beaux Banks to swap travel stories and get some insights into his life on stage and screen. Have you always lived in Washington D.C.? One of the coolest things about D.C. is that it’s right in the middle of Maryland and Virginia — it sort of intersects in between those two states, and us locals call it the DMV. I’m actually originally from Annapolis in Maryland, so I live about 30 Minutes outside of D.C. What’s the gay scene like in D.C.? It’s a beautiful thing — there’s a little bit of everything for everybody. We have a very inclusive community that’s very out and proud and accepted by the public at large, including government and businesses. What are some tips that you’d give to someone who was visiting D.C.? I love the bars and clubs, but before you have a crazy fun night with your people, I always recommend you visit the sites. […]