Troye Sivan is hilariously speechless reading thirst tweets about himself

So funny, so embarrassing too | Photo: YouTube/BuzzFeed Singer Troye Sivan recently participated in BuzzFeed Video’s series of reading thirst tweets about yourself.

Stars like Oscar Isaac and John Boyega have done it before him, and it’s consistently hilarious. With a side of second-hand embarrassment.

For Sivan, he couldn’t even read some of the tweets aloud. And he also expressed relief that his mother didn’t join him for the shoot.

Yes, it’s all exactly as adorable as it sounds. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself. ‘Good morning, America, I am awake and I want Troye Sivan to spit on me,’ Sivan reads aloud.

‘I was about to say I’m into that but like whoa, whoa.’

It all began well and good, as Sivan said he loved the Shawn Mendes version of his video ‘because I wrote all of those tweets’.

Then when he reads a tweet about choking someone and hitting them with a truck, he takes it as a compliment. As he should.

As the singer keeps reading, however, he becomes more and more confused.

When one tweet talks about Sivan’s jawline cutting them into fries, Sivan understandably reacts with: ‘Like french fries?’

Or the one about Sivan licking honey off someone while singing Mary Had a Little Lamb, which he accurately identifies as ‘the most specific sexual fantasy’. Naturally, he then starts singing the nursery rhyme.

Some tweets he can’t even finish, and another, which identifies him as a bottom, he has a quick response to: ‘Not true, but whatever.’ More from Gay Star News

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