Why I got naked and threw rainbow paint over myself

Gay dancer Samuel Cole was inspired by the rainbow flag | Photo: Samuel Cole / Mark Lister Your body is a temple – but have you ever made it the center of a piece of rainbow inspired art? Many gay and bi men will not be adverse to someone squirting liquid over their body. But artist Samuel Cole has taken this to new levels. He’s the gay dancer and performer that is proudly expressing himself, undefined by gender, in a series of new portraits. In an interview with Gay Star News, he tells us why he got naked and used his body as a canvas. Throwing paint over himself in art inspired by the rainbow flag, this is the motive behind his new series: The act of throwing paint over himself, is about expressing emotion | Photo: Samuel Cole / Mark Lister What is the meaning behind the art? The meaning for me is a sense of expression and the whole process can be very spontaneous as to how I’m feeling on that day. The LGBTI community is very important to me so I’m constantly thinking of ways to express that through my work. But I like to give […]